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  • 1. Introduction to UX By Dallas De Zilva

2. Contains: What does UX (User Experience) really mean? UX and Donald Norman Why is UX becoming famous? Cognitive science Customer Decision Journey UX for Web Usability and User Interface Content Strategy Business Activities , Communication 3. What does UX (User Experience) really mean? ISO 9241-210 - defines user experience as "a person's views and reactions that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". 4. UX and Donald Norman UX widespread as a result of Donald Normans publications in the mid-1990s. Donald A. Norman has majored in Electrical Engineering and has a doctorate in Philosophy in Psychology. 5. Why is UX becoming famous? Recent advances in mobile, Tab device technologies. Increasing number of e-commerce sites 6. Main focus : Cognitive science Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind and its processes. 7. UX for Web 8. Usability and User Interface Usability really just means making sure that something works well: that a person of average (or even below average) ability and experience can use the thingwhether its a Web site, a fighter jet, or a revolving doorfor its intended purpose without getting hopelessly frustrated. The first rule of usability Dont make me think We dont read pages. We scan them. 9. Ultimate goal : get rid of the question marks. 10. Content Strategy Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content (UX Booth, 2014). 11. Business Activities , Communication Shipping Customer Care Call centers Payment Methods Mobile payment