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  • User Experience (UX)


  • Welcome!

    Bernard Schokman Director & Principal Consultant, UX Training m. +61 414 486 876

  • The MulF-Screen World What is UX? Why UX is So SubjecFve! So Why Do UX? The Digital & UX Landscape Contemporary Vs Lean UX A UX Case Study, Amazon The Philosophy of UX, Nordstrom The Global & Local Future of UX, Capital One, Jared Spool CreaFng an In-House Capability, ROI

    Todays Agenda, UX or User Experience

  • The Mul?-Screen World


  • So What is UX?

    A focus on discovering the 5Rs (Monster Truck) Stu, Users, Devices, Environments, Metrics User Experience across a single touch point Customer Experience across all touch points UX is like life, its iteraFve. SomeEmes you achieve the result and someEmes you receive the lesson, but you always end up where youre supposed to be and its a journey of conFnuous improvement.

  • Why UX is Subjec?ve!

    UX PracFFoner Diversity Customer Culture & Diversity Best PracFces Design Tools, Research Methods Even you and your life and business experiences

  • So Why do UX? Opportunity!

    Have someone/the team have a focus on the 5Rs Right Stu, Users, Devices, Environments, Metrics

    Customer Discovery What they say they want and what they will actually use

    Business Metrics Money, Time, ConnecEon (Solve a problem, Add a Benet) Increase Usage, Conversion Rate, Average Order, $Net/Visitor, Pages Viewed Reduce Drop O, Incoming Calls, Training, Errors Save User Time, Development Time

    Design Shack Why does UX MaQer? It doesnt ma,er what your site or app looks like if people dont know how

    to interact with it.

  • The Digital Landscape

  • The 4 Pillars of UX (UX Landscape)

    Business Needs Business Metrics Goals Targets KPIs ROI Are they realisFc

    UX Research(Discovery) Anity Diagrams HeurisFc EvaluaFon QuanFtaFve Survey Usability TesFng(verify) Interviews Proles & Personas Customer Journey Interviews, Contextual Diary Study Card SorFng InformaFon Architecture Site Map Taxonomy Content Audit First-Click Test(usability) Tree-TesFng (usability) User Stories Task Flows, Task Analysis People

    UX Design Sketching Paper Prototyping Design Studio Balsamiq Mock-ups Axure RP Pro

    UX AnalyEcs Web AnalyFcs

    UX SoU Skills Agile Story Telling Workshops FacilitaFng PresenFng Copy & CuraFng CriFquing

  • Contemporary & Lean UX

    Contemporary UX

    Brief Business Goals Research Design Requirements Development In the Wild AnalyEcs

    Did it work?

    Lean UX (Startups or New Products)

    Brief Business Goals AssumpEons (Leaps of Faith) Hypothesis (Beliefs and Why) Research Design Studio User Experiments (MVP) Development (Build) Live TesFng (In the Wild) AnalyFcs (Measure) Is the AssumpFon T or F? (Learn)

    Pursue, Pivot

  • A Case Study, Amazonapproaches UX from two contrasEng standpoints

    - tradiEonal and lean. One to suit big business and budgets,

    the other to suit startup/small-medium business and budgets.

    Every 11.6 seconds pushes live bits to real customers Its small ideas, small experiments, small bites of risk that they push live 5 Fmes every minute to get a sense of where they should be spending more Fme. And the risk of doing that is Fny, because its a small release to a small subset of people that is judged objecFvely based on some kind of change in customer behaviour. Je Gothelf.

  • The Art of Listening

  • The Philosophy of UX

  • The Global Future of UX, 2015+

    AdapEve Path, a San Francisco-based design and user experience consultancy, has been acquired by nancial rm Capital One 2014/10/02

    AdapEve Path co-founder and Chief CreaEve Ocer Jesse James GarreQ said that aUer talking to a number of potenEal acquirers in the years since it was founded in 2001, Capital One was rst one to seem like a good t. What it wont be doing, however, is providing any more outside design consulEng

  • The Local Future of UX, 2015+

    Scaling UX Teams for 2015 and Beyond Emma Jones, Group Account Director, Mitchell Lake (February 2015)

    During 2014 a number of signicant shiss were felt in the UX world in Australia. And these shiss have led to a growing sense of unease within organisaFons as to whether they can hire sucient numbers of skilled designers to realise their innovaFon plans at the pace they need to. Every enterprise business is scaling up their experience design capabiliFes. All. Of. Them. My message is that all businesses need to have a focus on creaFng more Experience Designers.

  • Crea?ng the UX Capability

    Three Choices:- Engage a Consultancy Recruit Full Time or ContracEng Resources Build the Capability In-House

  • The In-House Capability Journey

    The Capability Journey UX Awareness PresentaEon

    3-4 Hour UX Workshop

    1-3 Day UX Training

    UX Capability Created

    UX Mentoring & Capability Building

  • The ROI of Crea?ng an In-House Capability

    Annual EsEmated Project Costs 8-30+ People; 12 Months; Salary: $80-250k

    Assume 30% UX Related AcEvity

    8 People x $80k Salary x 30% UX AcEvity= $640k x30% = $192k of UX

    Annual Capability Training = Workshops + Training + Mentoring 8 People = $3,000 + $8,000 + $48,000 = $59k of Training/Mentoring Value RaEo (CreaEng the Capability): $59k:192k or 1 : 3.25

    ADDITIONAL: Cost of UX Resource $100k$240k(1:2); Cost of Producing the Wrong Stu $640k(1:10); Losing the compeEEve edge (1:Priceless)

  • Thank You - Ques?ons?

    Bernard Schokman Director & Principal Consutant, UX Training m. +61 414 486 876