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Elements of Fashion Design. CTEF Fashion Design Unit. Fundamentals of Design. Lines - these act as a border between ideas, concepts or steps in a sequence. Vertical Lines - can stop eye movement which will give volume to an area Horizontal Lines symbolize rest and relaxation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Elements of Fashion DesignCTEF Fashion Design Unit</p></li><li><p>Fundamentals of DesignLines- these act as a border between ideas, concepts or steps in a sequence. Vertical Lines- can stop eye movement which will give volume to an areaHorizontal Lines symbolize rest and relaxationDiagonal Lines dynamic and action-oriented</p></li><li><p>Fundamentals of DesignShapes- can suggest eye movement based on the direction of the lines. Shapes define figures and relate forms to each other. </p><p>Texture surface characteristics of a material that are experienced through the sense of touch</p><p>Value- the degree of lightness and darkness in a design element</p></li><li><p>Basic SilhouettesA silhouette refers to the outer shape of a garment.</p><p>A-Line the hem is larger than other measurements, therefore giving the outfit an A shape</p><p>Shift the chest, waist, and hem all have the same measurements, giving the outfit a cylindrical shape. This is very good for form fitting garments.</p></li><li><p>Basic SilhouettesTent- the garment is flared beginning under the arm hole, giving it a tent appearance </p><p>Empire Line a panel divides the garment into two parts, just above the waist</p><p>Asymmetrical this type of garment has no defined silhouette. It is achieved by varying hemlines, panels, and colors.</p></li><li><p>MotifsThe type of fabric that you use can give your outfit an entirely different feel, especially if you utilize motifs, or patterns and prints. Some commonly used motifs are:</p><p>Ethnic</p><p>Floral</p><p>Geometrical</p><p>Abstract</p><p>Stylized</p><p>Plaids and Checks</p></li><li><p>ColorsColor is one of the most important parts of designing. There are basic colors for the various seasons:</p><p>Summer bright and energetic</p><p>Earthy- gives a rustic feel</p><p>Pastels- light and soft colors</p><p>Neutrals classic and go with any season</p></li><li><p>Now you are going to design your own outfit!Using the design principles you have just learned, you will be designing an outfit using plastic bags</p><p>You will be using PowerPoint, Xara, or Microsoft Paint. Your teacher will let you know which one they prefer.</p></li></ul>