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This is a training that was develped to train young people in youth leadership development. The target audience is 13-16 year olds.


  • 1. (You)th Leadership NYC Prevention Resource Center Sarah Redfield

2. Who we are Established in 2009, the Prevention Resource Center is committed to decreasing the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, gambling and violence at the community level. The PRC serves as an information clearinghouse linking available resources to substance abuse prevention providers, local stakeholders, and community based organizations. 3. Leadership is not defined by age, gender, race, or financial class. Rather, it is defined by actions, vision, and passion. -Anonymous 4. Who are leaders? Name some people you consider leaders 5. Commonalities Vision Vision of changes they want to see in their community Vision for how the work can be done (Blueprint) Vision of resources needed to get the work done (Tools) 6. On an Index Card Write Personal Vision - what do you envision for yourself Community Vision - what do you envision for your community 7. Active in the Community Leaders know the community they are a part of Community leaders are plugged into the community Informed on issues affecting the community Community leaders are collaborators 8. Collaborators Teamwork Team Player Essentially, collaboration is a process where people with different interests, share knowledge to reach outcomes and/or make better decisions. 9. Leadership Styles Traditional Collaborative Based on belief that power is given to leader Lead with control and power Followed because of loyalty to position, not leader Focuses the decision making process of the group with keeping shared goals within reach Promotes effective communication* 10. Understand the best way to communicate with other people Communication matters Communicate effectively 11. Resolve Conflict 12. Share the Spotlight 13. Build Trust 14. Activity In your group think of a vision for your community (Keep in mind this vision should be realistic because you may actually do this in your community) Once you agree on a vision develop a road map for your vision Come up with 5 steps that are necessary to reach your vision 15. Thank You! Contact Info: Sarah Redfield Phone: (646) 841-3209 Email: