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<ul><li> 1. Student Governancein Social Media<br />The Xavier University Central Student GovernmentExperience and Modelfor pro-active communication <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What is Social Media<br />Social mediaaremediaforsocial interaction, using highly accessible and scalablepublishingtechniques.<br /> 3. USER GENERATED GENERATION<br /> 4. Millions of people in one platform <br /> 5. DEMOCRATIZING COMMUNICATION<br /> 6. The Filipino and Social Media<br /></p> <ul><li>More than 600,000 Filipinos logon to facebook daily</li></ul> <p> 7. Majority of that are women at 353,000. Majority of that are in the age group - 18 to 34 years old (around 260,000). Dominant are college students or yuppies at 18-24 years old (around 150,000++). 8. Spends 44 minutes in the internet 9. 14 Million Facebook users 10. As of 2010, 30% or 30 Million Filipinos access the internet<br /> 11. CHALLENGE <br />With this Technology, with this new power, what can we do to maximize the common good? <br /> 12. Best Practices of the XU-CSG: Online Communication <br /> 13. Formation of the Student Government <br />Formed the core group via facebook invitation and personal message<br />Gathered the date for direction setting via facebook Note <br /> 14. Transparency<br />All Department and Financial are uploaded and published online <br />All minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board are published online<br />All attendance of the officers are revealed even their excuseswith picture <br /> 15. Consultation <br />A week prior to meetings with administration, we open the line for direct student input<br />A new building in campus was named after a suggestion from FB<br /> 16. People Mobilization <br />Programs that require larger student participation, the CSG utilize the FB event, chat, video upload and profile pic adoption to invite and mobilize people <br /> 17. Updates on Policy and Events <br />Each Department has its own presence in facebook which disseminates their programs<br /> policy statements and updates are regularly posted in facebook <br />Regular update to 821 group members and 2,228 fans<br />Specific events fan page are created such as X-SOS (Alternative Class Program) and the Intramurals<br /> 18. Complaints and Grievances <br />Numerous cases were raised via facebook Personal Message and through status comments <br /> 19. Opinion Polling <br />The CSGs blog regularly conducts an online poll on certain campus and national issues using the blogger poll application <br /> 20. Multimedia <br />The CSG maintains a YouTube channel with our basic videos<br />Individual departments also have their own video banks <br /> 21. STAY CONNECTED.<br /> 22. OUTCOMES <br /> 23. OUTCOMES<br /> 24. OUTCOMES<br /> 25. Tips on Social Media Marketing <br />Conduct a rough study on internet and social media usage in your student body<br />Set up presence in all major social networking sites <br />Consistent messaging with consistent branding ( prefer to use message posters) <br />Post Relevant Messages <br />Consistently expand your fan/follower base through referrals and invites <br />Do not forget to participate <br />Delete free riders in your page <br />Install Google Analyitics or analyze through FB insights the status of your page/blog<br /> 26. TIPS in a personal level<br />1. Considerwho you add<br />2. Review privacysettings<br />3. Why do you join Facebook?<br />4. Manage your passwordsmartly<br />5. Be aware of publiccomputers<br />6. Dont tell everything<br />7. Identify phishingattacks<br />8. Take quickactions<br />9. Protect your mobile device<br />10. Observe suspicious activity<br /> 27. A clip. . .<br /></p>