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  • GUTS Youth Leadership Corps Leadership Know Yourself
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  • Are Mentors Leaders? A leader is not a Boss but a Guide - a person who guides others toward a common goal. A leader is a person that is committed to carrying out the mission of the group. MENTOR = LEADER
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  • Who Can Be A Leader Do you have to be born a leader? Do you have to have a certain personality?
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  • Qualities of a Leader Good Listener Knowledgeable Confident Self Belief Decisive
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  • Leaders have the 3 Rs Responsibility Respect themselves Right decisions
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  • Leadership Understand Yourself Why do you need to understand yourself to be a good leader? So you can be Confident Self Belief Decisive So you can have the 3 Rs Responsibility Respect themselves Right decisions
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  • Three Steps to Understand Yourself Step 1: Understand Your Values Step 2: Understand Your Personality Type Step 3: Understand Your Reactions
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  • Step 1: Understand Your Values Why do you need to understand what you value? Should govern your actions, responses, speech, motivation for doing things and decisions Makes you feel good about these things Understand why you feel good about some things and not about other things Helps you decide what is important in your life Clarity Focus
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  • Where do you get values? Nurture Family Friends Experiences Where you live Things you have seen or read Nature Some you may be born with
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  • Find out what you value Identify your values Use the Values list and online resources to identify a list of your values Narrow it down to a maximum of 10 What do they mean to you? Make it Graphic Mandala Activity Graphic Words Other Format You choose
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  • Why are Values Good Help you feel good about the things you do Help you know what you should do Help you know when you are doing a good job\
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  • Step 2: Understand Your Personality Type Why? Can tell you things about yourself Why you like certain things Why you dislike certain things Why you do certain things What motivates you Can tell you about how you interact With people With certain environments
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  • Personality Tests There are many different types. All have some value All have some problems personality
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  • Activity Take the test Take the DOPE Test Which Bird are You? D Dove (Amiable) O Owl (Analytical) P Peacock (Expressive) E Eagle (Assertive)
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  • Maureens DOPE Test
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  • Primary Personality Styles
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  • Primary/Secondary Personality Styles
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  • Half of being smart is knowing what your are not smart at
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  • Doves (Amiable) Possible Strengths Compassionate and peaceful Supportive Patient Diplomatic People-orientated Loyal Friendly Hard working Possible Weaknesses Avoid change Avoid confrontation Avoid risk-taking
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  • Owls (Analytical) Possible Strengths Wise Thorough Thinking Logical Mathematically minded Methodical Disciplined Love details Possible Weaknesses Perfectionist Can be slower to make decisions avoid risk and feelings Can be inflexible, rigid
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  • Peacocks (Expressive) Possible Strengths Enthusiastic Good communicator Being the centre of attention Imaginative Happy/ optimistic Possible Weaknesses Can talk too much/comes on strong Can be a dreamer/unrealistic Not good with time management/details
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  • Eagles (Drivers) Possible Strengths Bold Dominant Like being challenged Decisive Direct Possible Weaknesses Can be blunt Can be stubborn Can lose sight of the big-picture Can be insensitive to other peoples needs.
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  • Step 3: Understand Your Reactions You react the way you do because of What you value What type of person you are Can you control the way you react? YES Understand why Understand what to do
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  • Doves (Amiables) at Work Competent and steady Strong administrative abilities Mediates problems Resents being pushed Avoids conflict Wants to save relationships Would rather day dream than take action
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  • What can Doves (Amiables) do to spread their wings? Share your opinion talk more and listen less Be assertive Take a stand on issues - Take some risks Be on time Speed up Dont be so blas about things Dont be passive aggressive
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  • Motivate/Demotivate Doves (Amiables) Motivate Approval Attention Job Security Cooperation Demotivate Insensitivity Impatience Lack of Support
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  • Owls (Analytics) at Work Neat and tidy Schedule-oriented Detail conscious Not people-oriented Spends lots of time planning Standards often high Wants to save money Major stress over imperfections
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  • What can Owls (Analytics) do to spread their wings? Once you have the facts, make a decision Speak more Be sociable - Get more involved with people Show personal interest Share information Be Positive - Lighten up Smile more Dont look for ways to penny pinch everything!
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  • Motivate/Demotivate Doves (Analytics) Motivate Respect Activity Working Alone Demotivate Surprises Unpredictability Premature decision- making
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  • Peacocks (Expressives) at Work Inspires / charms others to join in Volunteers for jobs Thinks up new activities Wastes time talking Forgets obligations Wants to save energy Makes their job fun
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  • What can Peacocks (Expressives) do to spread their wings? Reserve your opinion more Dont interrupt listen more Slow Down Lower your voice Listen to other people Follow through on things Think BEFORE you act
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  • Motivate/Demotivate Peacocks (Expressives) Motivate Recognition Variety Creativity Demotivate Routine Boredom Inflexible Schedules
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  • Eagles (Drivers) at Work Stimulates activity Sees the whole picture Little tolerance for mistakes May make rash decisions Cracks the whip! Work may become God Doesnt care what others think "Wants to save time
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  • What can (Eagles) Drivers do to spread their wings? Dont correct and debate everyone Dont be so abrupt and brash Be patience Slow down Curb your sarcasm LISTEN to people Be sensitive to the feelings of others
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  • Motivate/Demotivate Peacocks (Drivers) Motivate Power Challenging Goals Control Demotivate Indecisiveness Inefficiency Lack of Resources


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