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National Youth Leadership Training. A 3-Tier World Class Youth Leadership Training. Troop Leadership Training replaced Scoutmaster Training Kit 2005 (prequel to NYLT) Councils began using NYLT in 2005 NYLT syllabus Available thru National Supply - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


National Youth Leadership TrainingA 3-Tier World Class Youth Leadership TrainingTroop Leadership Training replaced Scoutmaster Training Kit 2005 (prequel to NYLT)Councils began using NYLT in 2005NYLT syllabus Available thru National SupplyDVD supplies video support and some PPT slides, if neededNational Advanced Youth Leadership Experience a huge success in 2006 (sequel to NYLT)3 Tiers unparalleled Youth Leadership TrainingNYLT Presentation OutlineModels life of a troop in a monthThree troop meetingsOuting (overnight)Patrols put on Quest for the Meaning of LeadershipIdea is to not only explain leadership but give participants a tool box of skills.Skills TaughtDay One Communicating Well, Part I Finding Your Vision, Part IDay Two Setting Your Goals Preparing Your PlansSkills TaughtDay Three Forming Your Team Problem Solving Leading EDGEDay Four Teaching EDGE Resolving Conflicts Making Ethical DecisionsSkills TaughtDay Five Leading Yourself Valuing PeopleDay 6 Finding Your Vision, Part II Communicating Well, Part II Creating A FutureVision, Planning, GoalsVision first a team vision for the patrols, later a personal vision to bring back skills to troopPlanning How to make the vision come to lifeGoals Steps in making plan workTeam DevelopmentTeams go through four stages:FormingStormingNormingPerformingYouth UNDERSTAND the termsThe EDGELeadership BehaviorsFormingStormingNormingPerformingExplain (Directing)Direct (Coaching)Guide (Supporting)Enable (Delegating)EDGE works in leading a team,a person, yourselfNYLT ToolboxLeading EDGE: Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, EnableConflict Resolution Tool: EARExpress, Address, ResolveEthical Decisions: Right vs. Wrong, Right vs. Right, TrivialValuing People: ROPEReach out, Organize, Practice, ExperienceCommunication: MaSeRMessage, Sender, ReceiverNYLT ToolboxVisionGoalsPlanning: Creating a Positive Future SuccessSMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, TimelyPlanning and Problem-Solving Tool: What, How, When, WhoAssessment Tool: SSCStart, Stop, ContinueTeaching EDGE: Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, EnableNYLT NAYLE ConnectionThe idea of servant leadership is woven throughout the NYLT course. (focal point of NAYLE)Leader serves the needs of those he leads, he helps them realize their visions and goals.Both youth programs equip leaders to think ethically, helps them deal with conflict and communicate better.


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