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By Ramez Ibrahim AL Fayez

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Focus on:

u  Employment Matching

u  Public Employment Services

u  Staffing

u  Corporate HR

u  Identity Matching

u  Border Security

u  Public safety

u  National ID & Entitlement

WCC Wins Top Tier Vendor Position at Mitre Multi-cultural Name Matching Challenge

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u  Designed to improve search results from databases.

u  Main implementations have been in matching resumes to job openings, and biometric identification.

u  Comes with application programming interfaces that make integration simple, including Java, .NET, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, more.

u  Replicates the data from your databases into its own optimized system for use by your match-enabled applications.

u  Data security can be configured by user level or password access.

u  Set up realtime synchronization, near-time synchronization (batch synchronization) or identify events that will trigger a synchronization process.

u  Scales from to millions of documents across multiple servers. Components can be distributed redundantly over multiple servers or data centers.

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u  Bi-directional searching adjusts queries to structured data.

u  Converts terms based on the domain vocabulary.

u  Weights criteria based on importance of the match.

u  Fuzzy search returns a ranked list of the relevant hits from best fit to least, even if there's no exact match.

u  Sub-second response times across databases containing millions of records.

u  Performance is linearly scalable.

u  Administrators can add, change, or remove properties without affecting system availability.

u  Includes trace manager and data analyzer tools that track most common queries, most-used features, more.

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ELISE solution overview

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Employment Matching

u  It can help job seeker to find the job that fits his qualification

u  It can help organization to find people who can fit a vacancy

u  Other features

u  help job seekers identify training that would advance their careers

u  help job seekers explore an alternative career

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u  Data are replicated to ELISE database allowing direct presentation of full result details from ELISE without the need of a separate database or separate database access

u  Parses unstructured information to extract data for focused matching

u  Support different languages (Arabic too)

u  Support unstructured data in biometric form

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u  Word Index

u  Phonetic Index

u  De-compound Index

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u  Data can be structured or unstructured

u  Matching in a bi-directional way

u  Use semantic and fuzzy search

u  Also support Boolean queries

u  Search for similar (Job, candidate, etc..)

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Ranking and Scoring

u  Searches are performed in ELISE by combining multiple matching algorithms with rankings and weightings to return the best result, referred to as Proximity Matching

u  It explains how a certain match result so user can tweak the match configuration at real-time. The matching scores can be viewed and readjusted through the detail-match function of ELISE

u  Intelligent Fusion: Combine two algorithms in a single search, so that the fastest algorithm narrows the possible results and then the more accurate algorithm is applied to the shorter result set. The end result being both a fast and accurate result set.

u  Weighted Criteria - Importance can be pre-defined or set at query time

u  Gliding Scales - Flexible numeric ranges to find perfect fit and near fit values

u  Word/Concept Affinities - Scores defined for synonyms, related concepts, nicknames, etc.

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u  Has full set of API’s that allow other system to:

u  Search

u  guided navigation

u  content spotlighting

u  analytics and security filters

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u  can perform millions of matches per second

u  Uses a grid techniques which helps companies leverage their industry standard hardware and enhances scalability.

u  Can be redundant over multiple servers or data centers

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