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Piha, AUCKLAND 15-17 July 2016

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  • Piha, AUCKLAND 15-17 July 2016

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    Were excited to have you joining us this weekend. World Changers Auckland is a special conference for us for a whole range of reasons, and were glad to have a great bunch of new people joining us for it.

    This is the first World Changers Conference that weve run since 2013. Thats right. We took two years off. Some of you are returning for your second World Changers experience, even after two years off so, to you, welcome back! Believe it or not, that means youve got more World Changers experience than I do.

    But one of the things I wanted to do was make it a complete experience, so Im also really excited to welcome and thank Tim and Shasha, our chefs whore young entrepreneurs in their own right and our friends at Tart Bakery.

    Plus, were in beautiful Piha. This is one of my favourite parts of New Zealand, and its been incredible for me to realise that many of you have never been out there before. Welcome. This place has special memories for me two years ago, after being robbed outside the climate talks in Lima, Latin Americas most polluted city, it was where I went to rest up and recover and I know it will have special memories for you too.

    The lineup of speakers weve got this year is something special. Im excited about everyone whos speaking, but there are two I have to mention in particular: Dr Russel Norman and (medical doctor) Saom Namchu. Russel knows campaigning, and he has an incredible insight into the mental shifts we need for truly sustainable development. And Saom? Ive only met him once before, over four years ago, but the project he runs in Kalimpong is top class, and a treasured part in P3s organisational history and our kaupapa.

    Finally, this is the first time weve included high school students in World Changers. We hope you guys have a blast, and we have a few special side sessions set aside just for you.

    This is a big weekend, but, in a way, its over to you now. Were here to keep everything running smoothly and set the scene, but the one thing that will turn this from a good conference to a great conference to a life changing experience is what you put into it.

    Welcome to World Changers. Welcome to P3. Lets put poverty in the past together.

    David Tong CEO P3 Foundation

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    12 noon Welcome

    Our Auckland co-leads, Bhavya and Priya, will welcome you to the conference and, with our event coordinator, Lea, run through some ice breakers.

    1pm lunch

    2pm Privilege WORKSHOP

    We all have different walks in life. Its important to recognise this when we talk about poverty, so Vanessa Arapko and Ricardo Menndez March will be facilitating a session exploring privilege issues and identity politics.

    3pm Public narrative 1 story of self

    We all have a story. Storytelling is a powerful tool for organisers, social entrepreneurs and campaigners. Our CEO, David Tong, will share a bit of his story, and teach you techniques for telling yours, based on a model used in the 2008 Obama campaign.

    3:45pm afternoon tea

    4pm stories of poverty and injustice

    Facilitated by Will Watterson from St John, this session will give you a chance to explore why you are here and what is the injustice in the world that you want to change?

    5pm free time

    6:30pm dinner - wise boys Wise Boys' burgers have been selling out from their food truck all over Auckland for a while now. Inspired by sustainability, New Zealand vibes and - believe it or not - Prince Charles, these guys make a burger worth eating. Tim will cook for us, then talk about his experience starting his own burger business.

    7:30pm campfire and music

    Weve got Dan from Aucklands own Echo Children coming along with his guitars, and (if the weather allows) a spot set aside for you by the fire.

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    9am breakfast

    10am Campaigning & mindshifts - russel norman

    We won't get sustainable development with development work alone. We cant change the world without changing minds and Russel will be talking about exactly that.

    11am MORNING TEA

    11:15am rockenrol laura Oconnell rapira

    In 2014, Laura got home to NZ just in time for a general election. So, she started a social enterprise aiming to get young Kiwis to vote using live music. (via video link)

    12 noon public narrative 2 the story of us

    David will pick up where he left off on Friday, telling P3s story and talking about the next stage in building a public narrative: the story of your movement or organisation.

    1pm lunch

    2pm - on the backs of women Fiona millar

    Were excited to be able to specially screen this film from our friends at Borderless for you. It tells the story of participants in a project backed by the Aotoearoa Development Cooperative.

    Fiona Millar from the Aotearoa Development Cooperative will talk after the film.

    3pm the learning collaborative jade leung

    The Learning Collaborative is an incredible social enterprise providing dedicated, targeted NCEA tutoring. Jade will be talking about her experience founding TLC in 2014.

    3:30pm afternoon tea tart bakery

    Tart Bakery is a small family owned business that prides itself on yummy, fresh food made from scratch. Philippa, a mother of five kids (who all help out at the bakery), founded Tart Bakery simply because she loved baking and the Tart family are kindly sponsoring our afternoon tea.

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    3:45pm the kalimpong project saom namchu

    Saom is a medical doctor turned community development leader. Since 2005, he has been leading a pioneering Village Development Project in Kalimpong, India. For the last decade, his project has provided sanitation, education, water and medical support to isolated hill country villages. Now, he is focusing on strengthening and maintaining three Village Education Centres in Kalimpong.

    P3 got to know Saom from 2011-2012, when we supported the Village Development Project. While you might not know his work, you'll definitely have seen photos of our volunteers helping to support it on our website (or in this booklet)!

    4:45pm plastic bottle kayak ajay ravindran

    In 2013, a group of friends and P3 alumni decided to make kayaks out of recycled plastic bottles. Ajay was one of them. Since then, Plastic Bottle Kayak has grown and grown, spreading its wings and going international.

    5:30pm free time

    6:30pm dinner Nusantara tea caf

    Nusantara is an incredible new Indonesian vegetarian food business that has been taking Auckland's street food scene by storm. Shasha will be cooking us dinner, and then sharing her journey as a social entrepreneur.

    7:30pm film screening

    Weve got one of our favourite documentaries lined up. Its got a bit of action, a bit of romance, and a lot of world changing. But, shhhh, its a secret.

    Were going to be a bit flexible We know this programme might change a bit during the weekend. Speakers might run short, or go over. And thats okay. (Plus, we have a couple of extra speakers waiting in the wings who might just sneak in...)

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    9am breakfast

    10am public narrative 3 the story of now

    The last step in any public narrative is the story of right this moment. David will close the series on public narrative with a snapshot of where the movement against extreme poverty sits now and what P3s doing.

    11am The lucy foundation ben scott

    Ben apart from being a participant like you is the co-founder of The Lucy Foundation a social enterprise aimed at increasing the social and economic inclusion of disabled people through environmentally, economically and socially sustainable trade.

    They are helping to create education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the coffee industry here in Aotearoa and in Mexico (where the coffee grows!). The goal is to create an entirely inclusive (and environmentally/economically sustainable) supply chain of specialty coffee - from seed to cup.

    12pm fairtrade vs direct trade?

    Coffee raises hard questions when it comes to trade. There are real benefits to FairTrade certification but what about the growth of direct trade?

    12:30pm camp activity

    1pm lunch

    2pm whats next?

    Our university and high school leads will run break out discussion sessions, helping plan both what youll do next and what we should here at P3.

    3pm closing

    Speaking of what to do next, our friends from TearFund will be introducing the 2016 Live Below the Line campaign, as we wrap up the conference.

    4pm finish

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    MEET the P3 foundation team

    David Tong | CEO

    David helped to co-found P3 Foundation in 2009. He has a background in law, but brings a wealth of experience from a range of roles in the charitable and campaigning sector. Currently, David is P3's only paid staff member.

    Lea Abuyan | Events Coordinator

    Lea is passionate about tackling poverty as a global issue. Her passion has led to her involvement with several organisations, including as Community Action Trust NZ, Greenpeace, the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute and TearFund.

    Bhavya Dhar | Auckland Co-Lead

    Bhavya is a passionate public health student at the University of Auckland. Her dream is to be involved with public policy on a global scale to tackle issues such as extreme poverty and health inequities both between and within countries.

    Priya Patel | Auckland Co-Lead

    Priya is a commerce and science student at the University of Auckland who one day hopes to use economic principles to resolve issues related to wealth disparities.

    Nicholl Oblitas-Costa | SEED Lead

    Nicholl describes herself as a puzzle solver who's always trying to think through the solution for everything - including extreme poverty. Nicholl holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Information Systems and works in market research.

    You? Were about to recruit a new bunch of volunteers. Want to join us? Stay tuned!

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