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WCC Voice #5.5


  • Feb 2013

    Issue 5.5

    Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. - Habakkuk 2:2-3

















  • Discover Who You Were

    Born To Be...

    ...I Know what I am doing, I have it

    all planned out Plans to take care

    of you, not abandon you, plans to

    give you the future you hoped for.

    Jeremiah 29:11 (MSG)

  • OUR


    To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice; to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge. The same Spirit

    gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing. He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and an-other the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit. Still an-other person is given the ability to speak in unknown languages, while an-

    other is given the ability to interpret what is being said. It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each

    person should have.

    In His grace, God has given

    us different gifts for doing certain things well.

    So if God has given you the abil-

    ity to prophesy, speak out with

    as much faith as God has given


    If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If

    you are a teacher, teach well. If your gift is to en-

    courage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give

    generously. If God has given you leadership ability,

    take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a

    gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.

    There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. ..God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us. A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help

    each other.



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    h u w h u a h w o j d n u e o w n n c I 2 h I 2 n d j t y s h g I p e m n z x e n d h d e w

    q s d o f e w c c q d s n c b y u s a k I n g d o m t h I n k I n g 7 9

    w e I j o y f a I t h h a p p I n e s s 9 l n z z e o l e x f l v w q m c j

    k w q a 1 6 d v t d e s s e b e l m y r o c k b u y e f d h q m 3 t d 8 p r a I s e w 1 a z v

    w f t h 9 g d r y m h d s v e u k h v r s x w f g w s n j k 0 r d s v s p I r I t a n d m e c g

    f t w x r 4 g e q a p k h j v x d f s t e a d y 8 l

    1 a l m I g h t y x w v j t e g l f w v 3 5 x m y

    u 5 e t g v I u g q r v t p n f I t s d o n e z

    X y 4 f n f p k j b y r c q s z f v c 5 t g d y e s h a l l e l u j a h n o t o f t h I s w o r l d !

  • Gift Pastor's


    WCC Nugget

    Flu Season is here!

    But this year instead of gearing up

    with vitamin C tablets, tissues,

    and warm clothing, invest in a few

    bottles of hand soap, hand sanitiz-

    er and hand wipes!

    Surely you wash your

    hands after using the bathroom,

    coughing, and sneezing, but did

    you know most viruses are found

    on surfaces frequented by your

    hands, Such as door handles,

    knobs, and switches. Be mindful

    of this and make sure you always

    keep sanitizer and wipes ready!

    Get in the habit of teach-

    ing your children good hand hy-

    giene and it will make you and

    them healthier this wintertime.

    - Dr. Pam Simms-Mackey

    What happens if you pur-chase a new computer with old software installed? Or when you have an old computer that still operates on a modem rather than Wi-Fi? You know what hap-pens. Your computer is slug-gish. It runs slow. It takes for-ever to respond to commands. Sometimes it even crashes and has to be completely rebooted in order to work. What happens to us in these situations? We be-come impatient, irritated, frus-trated and angry that we cant accomplish the goal we are try-ing to accomplish with the out-dated equipment. Sometimes we completely give up and quit. I recently shared with some of our WCC leaders that there are many of us, probably most of us, operating at the next level of our lives, but with old software. We need an up-grade! Our old software in-cludes the hurts, habits and hang

    -ups that keep us bound and yoked when Christ told us, For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:30 NIV) Our old software especially includes our old way of thinking that reflects worldly thinking rather than kingdom thinking and if we dont activate what weve learned about how to be Kingdom Thinkers then we will walk in impatience, irri-tation, frustration and anger throughout our lives. We might even give up. Please know that this is not Gods will for our lives. It is not Gods best! So you might ask, Pastor, how do I download my up-grade, so that I have new software operating at my new level? Well, Im glad you asked, because the Holy Spirit has done an amazing

  • and The Kingdom Review. Make a commitment to review the wisdom and princi-ples taught through the 2012 sermon notes. For those ser-mons that you need to hear again, please stop by the Mag-nification Table after service and order a copy. If we are serious about our walk with Christand we should be; if we are ready to make life changes that are last-ing and not fleetingand we need to be; if we are already at or approaching our next level and need an upgrade, we must commit to this assignment. Let us not be like our old, clunky computers that take forever to respond to commands. Let us be obedient to this instruc-tion. Let us respond to Gods commands. And let us shout, Hallelujah! as we upgrade our spiritual software to state-of-the-art software that enables us to walk in our anointing as Kingdom Thinkers who are daughters and sons of the Most High God!

    job in last year of downloading messages to me that I have downloaded to you that include the formula for your up-grade. It was the year of King-dom Thinking and we now have a responsibility to activate the principles of Kingdom Think-ing that God has given us so that we can be fully prepared to be good stewards of all things that will be added unto us as we Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33) I dont normally give as-signments in the Pastors Cor-ner, but it is critically important for you not to miss the blessing of the messages from 2012. So, your assignment is to log on to www.worldconquerorschurch.org, click on His Word, and then click on 2012 Sermon Notes. You will be abundantly blessed to discover that the notes from every sermon that was preached in 2012 are avail-able for you to download and review. The Lord gave us sev-eral sermon series in 2012, in-cluding Governed by your Val-ues, Deliverance, Kingdom Thinking Dont Give Up, The Road to Re-Fresh, Kingdom Thinking Living Righteous, Kingdom Thinking Restoration, The Source: God is my Source

    Enjoy the upgrade!

    Pastor Daren L. Barron

  • Discover...

    Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp. Psalm 149:3 (NLT)

    WCC Nugget

    Ahh Contracts!!!

    Everyone will sign

    one at one point or anoth-

    er in their lifetime, but do

    you know what your sign-


    Always read

    through your contracts

    thoroughly. Make sure you

    are doing further research

    on terms and clauses you

    do not understand, and

    seek out the advice and/or

    help of experts in that field

    such as lawyers. Know

    what you are signing and

    seek legal counsel!

    -Katuri K.

    Involuntary rhythm, quick twitch and tip taps

    Instead of tears, kicking, and mishaps

    I came out of the womb dancing

    And by adolescence I moved swift , jumped with

    elegance and plied instead of squatting

    Dance was in my veins and music composed my


    The motion of my arms complimented the shift in

    my toes, and through the epiphany of praise, I

    danced to what Holy spirit showed

    Its not a hobby, its a lifestyle

    Being a lifelong student of the art is my smile

    And through the constant humbling of my spirit to

    Christ my craft is edified

    So that the God in my heart can be epitomized

    Day to Day I strive to thrust into my next level by

    the discipline and steadfastness

    So Prayer, Study, Worship is my schedule

    But until my bones are old and weak I will dance

    until my heart plays its last beat

    Katuri. K

  • Discover...

    A Young one is awakened

    from his womb and given


    Living day to day he grows in

    his environmental slum

    His conscience is awakened

    by the hum of the based flow-

    ing drum.

    Through his ears like a

    chainsaw slicing through his


    He grows, and his essence of

    passion for the love of music

    does the same. He feels the

    blues and is interested in an

    art that soothes his mind in

    the music Game

    -Daniel S

    How many people do you know that can rock a suit and tie while playing the drums without breaking a

    sweat? Michael McGee is a true definition of a modern day renaissance man in his prime. Through the spirit of

    Christ Jesus he has received not only musical gifts that are used to worship God through rhythm, he has also been

    given the gift of teaching others.

    How did you first identify your gift of teaching?

    Recently Ive realized a lot of the stuff I thought I knew, I really didn't understand. I noticed how I and so

    many others have gotten degrees but have not learned how to learn! I decided to slow down and learn how to be a

    student and gain understanding.

    What do you do continually to ensure you are using your gift to edify Christ in you?

    I always check my heart and evaluate my motives as Im using my gifts. There have been times Ive tried to

    operate my gifts with my own strength and the results are always suspect when that happens. I work to remind

    myself that the abilities I have are called gifts because they are to be given to others. As I remember that I am a

    gift, and have a gift to give to the world, Christ stays built up in me because I need him to do that!

    What are some things you do to help grow and manifest your gift?

    I do both spiritual and natural work to develop my gift. Spiritually I seek Gods wisdom to see and under-

    stand. So its important that I am at church every week to hear the sermon. Similarly, at home its important to

    spend personal time with God and His word. Naturally, I do practical things to develop my gift such as study, and

    educate myself about my gift. I try to connect with others who have great abilities in similar areas. Its great to be

    gifted but the abilities will fade away quick! It is our responsibility to grow Gods anointing in our spirits!

    What are some challenges youve had while trying to manifest your gift?

    Humbling myself! Ive realized that if I don't always keep God at the center of why and how I use my gifts, I

    have more trust in myself than God and that stunts the growth of my gifts.

    Music has its own language

    that can be used to express

    what we don't have words for

    and then to share those expres-

    sions with others

    -Michael McGee

  • Discover...

    Today is the third week that I've dropped lunches off at Merritt to Dean Graham's Assistant, Virgin-

    ia. Although each week sincere appreciation is expressed, today when I handed Virginia 20 more lunches, she

    was brought to tears. She grabbed me and nearly squeezed the life out of me. There we stood for a few mo-

    ments embracing and all that needed to be said was "Praise the Lord!"

    Virginia shared how moved she was and what a blessing this is for students. She said, You have no

    idea how greatly this is impacting lives. Virginia is the one actually distributing the lunches and she sees

    firsthand evidence of how a young man receiving these lunches is also given HOPE again. It was just a beau-

    tiful moment and even more beautiful to hear about the impact of our gesture of love, especially since I initial-

    ly had no idea how any of this would happen.

    I keep reflecting back to the first meeting Pastor invited me to with

    Merritt at the beginning of the year and hearing Pastor tell them that WCC

    could serve 75-100 students a month. I felt that I was about to fall out of my

    chair when Pastor said it. After the meeting, I went as far as to prepare a long

    report to Pastor outlining a different approach and plan based upon the cur-

    rent circumstances and what I could see. These are moments when I am es-

    pecially thankful that we have a Pastor that follows what God says despite

    any other information coming at him. Of course, Pastor very kindly rejected

    my proposal (smiles) and told me to use all the facts I presented and mix

    some more faith in with it as he was trusting the God in me and this would

    come to fruition just as God said.

    Several months of obstacles, delays and closed doors followed

    and made this pantry seem impossible and it was frustrating. Now, I continue to remain in awe as I see God

    remove every obstacle that I saw blocking us for the past several months. When my temp assignment at the

    foundation was ending, the Lord told me that my family needed to sow the first lunches to Merritt, so we did

    even though my job situation was unsure. So, I reminded God that this was His plan and thanked Him in ad-

    vance that all of our needs would be met according to His riches in glory.

    In everything I have pointed out to you [by example] that, by working diligently in this manner, we ought to assist the weak, being mindful of the words of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said, It is more blessed (makes one happier and more to be envied) to give than to receive.

    ACTS 20 : 35 (Amplified)

    Sister Apryl Rhinehart - Missions Director


  • Within two days after my husband and I obediently sowed the first lunches, Jodi Ned emailed me and

    said that the Deacons and wives would be sowing into the pantry by preparing lunches. Gods timing was

    amazing! Jodi did not know that Daryl and I had sown the initial lunches. The Deacons and their wives

    brought 3 times the amount of lunches! And, just before my assignment was to end at the foundation, I was

    able to nominate The Kitchen Cabinet for a grant (and an exception was made for me to do so since I wasn't

    an permanent employee) and WCC was awarded a grant to serve 100 students (there's that same number

    again Pastor originally put out there). Hallelujah! I guess I shouldnt be surprised that I was offered anoth-

    er temp assignment by the same foundation for 6 months that began last week and it will double my income

    which I translate into sowing more! The Deacons and wives decided to sow $100 per month into the pantry

    and we are on our way to impacting the Merritt community above and beyond what we could have

    thought or imagined!

    So, I share this testimony to illustrate how incredibly overwhelmed and in awe of God that I am as how

    He has shown us His Hand in this. It's just scratching the surface I know, but I have to officially say, "Yes!

    The Kitchen Cabinet is up and running and we give ALL glory to God!!!!!!

    The Kitchen Cabinet is in full swing, and not only for those of Merritt college, but those who belong to

    WCC ! If youre in need of any food items feel free to contact Sister Apryl Rhinehart or Brother Anthony

    Farmer. We bless those who bless our ministry with food items and contributions.

    What has been shared is a letter, but more dynamically, a testimony to the effect that giving can

    have! Through the gift of giving and serving others our own Sister Rhinehart and the WCC family

    has helped build the people, impact the community, and reach the world!

  • When Brother Dominic Gulley was a teenager, he hung out with a couple of guys who were highly intelligent and energetic. He shares that they used to make movies, take pictures, develop film and create memories for their friends and families. It was then that I discovered my love of photography. We were just playing around, having fun and trying to stay out of trouble, but God was up to something. I had no idea that I would fall in love with taking pic-tures and that God would allow me to turn this creative gift into income to support my fami-ly. I had the blessing of building my business and working as a full time photographer for about 2 years after I got laid off from United Airlines after September 11, 2001. There is something called an eye for photography and Brother Dominic has it. Many of us have been blessed by Brother Dominics photos that he blesses us with as gifts and as the basis of most of our slideshow presentations at WCC that sometimes bring us to tears. But we are not the only ones being blessed. Brother Dominic is very humble, so he doesnt really talk about it, but God has given him the opportunity to serve as the photogra-pher up close and personal with very well-known people like gospel greats Yolanda Adams, J. Moss, Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. Once he was also brought in as a lead photographer for a special fundraising event featuring Al Green. Although Picture That! Photography is not Brother Dominics full time job now, it is his lifelong passion and he has a vision for sharing his gift and bringing up young photogra-phers. He said, I have a vision to launch a photography camp where we will take a group of youth camping who are interested in photography. We will go to some awesome location that shows Gods great creation like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon and we will teach pho-tography skills, etiquette and expertise of taking scenic, portrait and event pho-tography. After the camp concludes, the youth will have a special photo-story event where they will display their imag-es which will tell the story of their expe-rience in the camp. Ive dreamed about doing this for a long time, so I know that the Lord will make provision for this camp to happen.

    Discover... A Picture Makes a Memorable Experience

    Take a lot of pictures. Dont just snap one picture of your subject, whether its people or a scenic view. The more pictures you snap, the better chance for you to have several to choose from that you will be proud of and want to share. Dont be shy about this, because in this age of digital photography, you can always delete those that you do not want to keep.

    Use your flash; even outside in the daytime. Dont believe the myth that you dont need a flash if the sun is shining outside or if its a clear day. Believe it or not, its most difficult to take a really good picture on a very bright and sunny day, because the light rays from the sun will play tricks with your camera. The

    flash helps to normalize the lighting for your image.

    Buy a good camera. If you are really interested in taking great pictures, invest in a good camera. With digital photography, you dont have to spend thousands of dollars on a camera, but you may have to in-vest a couple of hundred. Make sure the camera you purchase has at least 8 megapixels. Dont hesitate to come and talk to me if you have no clue what this means (smile).

    JOIN THE WCC PHOTOGRAPHY MINISTRY! We need people who are interested in learning to be a great photographer and have a passion for pictures. I know that God didnt give me this gift for me alone; He gave it to me to pass on to others. As our church grows, we need to track the history of our growth by having our photographers assigned to everything we do from Pastor speaking at other churches to special

    events at our church, as well as our missions outreach activities and others. Dont be shy! Come help us create memories!

    Doms Tips

  • Discover... WCC Nugget

    In the beginning there was the word...

    Poetically speaking, I'm not a poet! In fact the baseline of this pro-

    found prose has the potential to enlighten those who seek clarification. Meaning, if you listen close

    enough you might hear the seeds of Dubois, Frost, Hughes, and Angelou which arose from Psalms, Prov-

    erbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. Stories from the book of the almighty Yahweh, so it would be clich to call

    me great! Poetrys been in motion since the old testament was written, so through the elegance of my

    diction comes the friction between your conscience and your conviction. Poets paint pictures with

    words and have the power to disturb your state of bliss, and frisk your psyche until its unstable! My job

    is to illustrate the inward visions from the outward environment. And the magnification of Christ like

    illustrations are crystal clear to even those without the ability to see. So my gift now becomes my work

    and my job is to work it. With the help of the Holy spirit the poetic abstract is illuminated through my

    words, and with etymology concepts are created through my adjectives and verbs. I was created to

    magnify Christ through my gift, and my gift was created in the beginning. So if after this you feel con-

    fused or your understanding is blurred just remember In the beginning there was the Word...

    Next to praise and wor-

    ship, exercise is the most im-

    portant thing you can do for

    Gods temple (your body)!

    It is essential to your health

    and to your life to walk at

    least 40 minutes per day. By

    walking everyday you not

    only lose weight, but you can

    reduce disease chances,

    breathe clean non-stale air ,

    and put yourself in a better

    mood to finish out your task!

    Most importantly it give you

    alone time to spend with

    God! Enjoy your walk!

    -Brother Daniel Summerhill

  • Discover...

    "Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Sing

    to Him a new

    song; play

    skillfully, and

    shout for


    Psalm 33:2-3


    WCC Nugget

    Label ! Label ! Label!

    When it comes to the

    inquisition of a 3 year old

    there's nothing withheld.

    And as a parent, your

    job is to be the worlds best

    teacher, and unleash that in-

    quisitive thinking .

    By labeling household

    items such as lamps, doors,

    pencils ect, your child will

    pick up on commonly used

    terms, words and phrases at

    your very home. Literacy is

    very key in the beginning

    stages of learning !

    - Sister Wanda Brooks

    The art of melody

    came about by age

    five , and through it I

    was astonished at the level of chemistry I had

    with the music so early on. During my high

    school years music became my comfort in times of adversity.

    The serene baselines, and calm rhythms soothed my soul, but

    there was a greater calling in my life for my gift of musicianship! I soon

    came to the realization that music could be used as a tool to draw people

    in , and since people wanted to gravitate toward my gift I decided to use it

    to bring souls closer to Christ! Through the lifestyle of worship and praise

    I turned in my own pedestal to embrace the calling that was put on my life

    through music. During my process of worship and serving Christ through

    my gift I found out quickly that without the Holy Spirits downloads into

    my music, my gifts were like empty wells. So Ive

    had to continually pray, fast, and stay focused

    in the midst of the worlds circumstances. I've

    learned not to blame circumstances for my lack

    of progression but instead embrace the wilder-

    ness and use it to thrust myself into my next lev-

    el! I keep myself under a continuous refreshing

    process in my element of music and I practice

    daily. I love my craft , and nothing brings God

    more joy then to hear me praise His name

    through song! Ive been dead to this world

    since I gave my life to Christ, but since then I

    have never been more alive in my Music.


    -Brother Douglas Barron

  • Discover... YOUR GIFT

    Dont Fret !

    Keep Seeking !

    You Are Special !

    Youre Needed !

    Be Patient !


    You Were Fearfully & Wonderfully Made ...

    Everyone in this world has gifts that I define as abilities and

    strengths that bless others and appear to be natural. Think about who comes

    to mind in the following categories: singers, actors, athletes, comedians,

    preachers, etc. In many cases, we tend to think about celebrities; people we see

    or hear about in the media and call them gifted, talented and we tend to be

    blessed by what may appear to be their natural abilities or gifts.

    What about the rest of us? The so called stars in their respective areas

    only represent a fraction of a percent of the 6.7B people who live on earth. The

    Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Rome that we all have different gifts, ac-

    cording to the grace given to us and we should all use them based on our


    In order to discover our gifts, we have to go to the source, our creator

    and originator. The maker of a thing has a purpose for that thing. The Bible

    states that we were all predestined before the foundation of the world. In Jere-

    miah God says he knows the plans he has for us. God told Jeremiah that he

    knew him in his mothers womb.

    Its critical that we understand our gifts are for the Kingdom of God

    because they were given to us by the King of Kings. Meaning God wants us

    to use our natural abilities to help build the people, impact the community

    and reach the world for Christ. Imagine if all the celebrities we see in the vari-

    ous areas used their gifts exclusively for the Kingdom of God. It would be

    something special, wouldnt it?

    The best way to discover your gifts is to apply Matthew 6:33, But

    you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (His way of doing

    things) and everything else will be added to you. The more we seek God and

    prioritize the things of God the more our Godly gifts will be manifest. It also

    takes a step of faith by being willing to try a variety of things that you have

    a natural interest but do it for the Kingdom.

    A few examples is to volunteer at WCC in some capacity. Start where

    you see a need. Ask any of the ministry leaders what you can do to help and

    do it to the best of your ability. God will bless and increase you.

    In the book of Proverbs it states that a mans gift will make room for

    him and put him before Kings (Very important and influential people) to

    give him favor.

    Not everyone has an obvious gift but we all do have gifts according to

    Romans 12. No gift if greater than another but we are all part of the body of

    Christ and need each other in order for us to be as effective as possible.

    Elder Jeffery Hatchell

  • Discover...