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  1. 1. Moving the Filipino within global reach. The World Citi educational system is superior in academic trainingwith graduates rising above the throng in their passion for excellence and zeal for social responsibility.
  2. 2. The World Citi Colleges is committed to develop World Citizens who contribute to the academic advancement of humanity by providing excellent and holistic education with a firm Christian foundation that is: Relevant, responsive, and research-driven in curriculum Global in scope Nationalistic in perspective Culturally diverse in orientation
  3. 3. THE BE-ATTITUDES OF A WORLD CITIZEN Christ-centered. In my heart and mind, Christ's love and sacrifice is treasured. In words and in deeds, the love that was given to me through the cross is shown to my fellowmen. The truth that has set me free remains the light that guides me in my walk. Servant-leader. Inspired by the words of Christ, "I came not to be served but to serve," I help the community through an excellent, competent, humble and righteous direction. Marked by my deep desire to look after those who are in need, as a World Citizen, I plant the seed of my youth to the fertile soil of authentic Christian leadership. Excellent. In all toil and labor, I give my best effort. Where there is a need for sacrifice, I am always ready to offer that extra-mile. I shun off mediocrity but rejoice in the success of my pursuits. Compassionate. I am a person of strength, yet my heart remains broken before Jesus. I realize that God-given might shall be for those who need it the most. I am always ready to give a helping hand, no matter how costly the sacrifice maybe. I am gentle in spirit, an epitome of unconditional love and tenderness. Person of Integrity. The love of God has made me a complete person. Being such, I cherish a life that shows the virtues of Christianity. In home and school, in every work or play, wherever and in whatever circumstances I am in, I become the salt and light that Christ commands everyone to be. I set the example of a Godly attitude
  4. 4. WCC's evolution is both a tribute and inspiration to its leaders, personnel, alumni, students, and friends who continue to contribute in achieving the school's mission of moving the Filipinos toward global reach. September 1969. Holy Trinity School is a long-established institution in basic education aspiring to venture in tertiary education. It was founded by Mrs. Virginia Datiles Vda. de Lizardo in 1969. The school was orphaned when President Datiles died in 1995. The Board of Directors turned over the management and ownership of the school to the Guico family in 1997 and since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds under the leadership of President Ramon V. Guico III. June 15, 1971. The Securities and Exchange Commission issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the Medical Center for Quezon City (MCQC). In the same year, the Bureau of Medical Service of the Department of Health issued a permit to the center to operate as a 50-bed capacity hospital. 1978. The liberal arts program in Psychology was offered. The course will later comprise one of the three programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. June 1979. MCQC changed its corporate name to Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges, Inc. (QCMCC). The School of Nursing was established as QCMCC's first college offering the General Nursing program a two-year preparatory nursing course.
  5. 5. Marketing Manager Sales Market Analyst
  6. 6. Teacher School Principal Division Superviso r School Super in- ten dent
  7. 7. Tax Specialist Credit,Financi al,Budget Analyst Comptroller Auditor
  8. 8. Flight Attendant Travel Agent Front Desk Cruise Ship Manager
  9. 9. Network Administrat or Game Developer Mobile App Developer Web Based Developer
  10. 10. Multimedia Reporter Broadcastin g Journalist Press Release Writer