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WCC VOICE July 2012: Issue 5 “Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” - Habakkuk 2:2-3 Build the People... Impact the Community... Reach the World...

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WCC Voice #5


  • WCC VOICE July 2012: Issue 5

    Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. - Habakkuk 2:2-3

    Build the People...

    Impact the Community...

    Reach the World...

  • July 2012


    8 years



    in this issue...

    Pastors Corner

    Women of Wisdom

    Mothers Day 2012

    Fathers Day 2012

    Ericka's Story

    Celebrating Dr. Pam

    Conquering the


  • I bless God that He is in the midst of refreshing us to not only discover who we were born to be, but to walk in the purpose for which He created us. As many of you know, World Con-querors Church has been in the midst of 7-Weeks of re-FRESH! Our services have been held at Redwood Community Center, which has given us the opportunity to be blessed, but al-so to be a blessing to the Center, to the local community and to our congregation and visitors. So, you might ask, How Pastor do we re-FRESH when we are facing challenging circumstances in life that seem to always hold us down? Im glad you asked. The road to re-FRESH involves five steps of faith:

    Faith Step #1: You must


    Faith Step #2: You must


    Faith Step #3: You must

    be redeemed!

    Faith Step #4: You must


    Faith Step #5: You will

    be refreshed!

    You might also ask, Why Pastor,

    are you calling these faith steps?

    Again, Im glad you

    asked. Hebrews 11:11 (KJV)

    says, Now faith is the substance

    of things hoped for, the evidence

    of things not seen. Notice that

    this scripture starts with the word

    now. It does not encourage us to

    wait until tomorrow or next week

    or when the time is right. We

    must have now faith to recognize

    where we are wrong; where we

    need to change. We must have

    now faith to repent of our sins and

    accept the forgiveness of

    Christ. We must have now faith

    to believe that we are redeemed

    by the blood of Jesus. We must

    have now faith to rejoice when we

    dont see what we are praying for;

    rejoice by faith that it is already

    done. We must have now faith to

    accept and receive the Holy Spirit

    who is the only one that can truly

    lead us to walk in the gift of a re-

    freshed life. Praise the Lord!

    So, I hear in my spirit one more

    question you might be asking,

    So, Pastor, what do I do after I

    am refreshed? Well, I am really

    glad you asked, because it is im-

    portant that your refreshed life be

    one that is exciting and challeng-

    ing and that gives God glory. I

    pray as you press to refresh that

    you will seek new ways of doing

    things. Make a decision to inno-

    vate even everyday things. Drive

    a different way to work. Take a

    walk at sunset and enjoy the

    beauty of Gods creation. Read a

    book with your child. Take your

    spouse out for ice cream. Get

    involved in ministry at church. In

    other words, walk in the freedom

    and beauty of the gift of life and

    dont forget to give God all the

    glory, all the praise and all the


    Celebrating your refreshing,

    Pastor Daren L. Barron





    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

    the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:11

  • Women Of Wisdom With First Lady Monnique

    When I read the book of Proverbs

    16, I noticed that there are 33 lessons that

    the Lord speaks to us that are very specific

    and very important. One of the lessons that

    might be familiar is in Proverbs 16:18 which

    says, Pride goes before destruction Its

    funny to me how we latch on to certain vers-

    es in the Bible and quote them when its

    convenient. We actually say them, many

    times, when we are judging the actions of

    others; which we know does not honor God.

    However, my Words of Wisdom for

    this edition of the WCC Voice, are grounded

    in Proverbs 16:20. I chose this verse, be-

    cause of the awesome, phenomenal, deep

    and life-changing Word that Pastor has

    been preaching every Sunday during our 7

    weeks of re-FRESH. This Proverb tells us

    clearly that if we give heed to the instruc-

    tion we are receiving we will prosper. It

    also reminds us that those who trust in the

    Lord are blessed.

    Isnt it interesting that after the Lord

    tells us to give heed that He tells us to

    trust? Please know that this is not a coin-

    cidence. When we give heed to the in-

    struction that our Pastor is giving us from

    the pulpit, we have to trust that Gods got

    us, because some of the things he is telling

    us to do might be foreign or even frightening

    to us. For instance, the first step to re-

    FRESH is to recognize, which is a very

    scary thing to do if we take it seriously. I

    mean if we take a good look at ourselves in

    the mirror and take away all of the blame on

    others and all of the faults of others. If we

    are the only one left in the reflection, it is a

    scary thing to recognize then admit then

    deal with the issues and/or challenges that

    surface in this moment of self-reflection and

    then to repent.

    What I want us all to do is to give

    heed to the instructions so that we can all

    prosper; individually and collectively. My

    word of wisdom is to step out of your com-

    fort zone and take heed even if its scary,

    because the promises of God are true. You

    can trust in the Lord with all of your heart

    and lean not to your own understanding

    (Proverbs 3:5). Lets not quote familiar

    scriptures in the moment just so we can be

    a part of a conversation. Lets listen and

    learn and implement all of the steps of faith

    that the Lord is giving us through Pastor


    Wont you commit to give heed and trust

    today? I will!

    I love you all more than you know,

    Lady Monnique Barron

    Proverbs 16:20 (NIV) says, Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who

    trusts in the Lord.

  • Mothers




    On Saturday, May 12, 2012,

    World Conquerors Church hosted its 2nd

    Annual Mother Daughter Luncheon at

    the Sequoia Country Club. There were

    over 60 beautiful mothers and daughters

    in attendance at this years event which

    was a glorious affair. The room was

    wonderfully decorated with round tables

    donned with sparkling white table cloths

    and colorful sprays of flowers as center

    pieces. The ladies arrived and were

    warmly greeted by young hostesses in

    the form of Nia Webber Myla Booth and

    and Yazmyne Webber.

    This years event again offered

    the unique opportunity for the ladies to

    fellowship, network, enjoy good food and

    shop from vendors selling jewelry, art

    work, purses and other items that most

    women love. Each of the vendors donat-

    ed one item each for a raffle, so three of

    the women received a special, surprise


    Our own First Lady Monnique

    Barron shared words of wisdom with the

    ladies and encouraged everyone to make

    sure that they knew the answer to the

    question, Who am I? and to be able to

    answer the question based on what the

    Word of the Lord says about who we are

    and not allow ourselves to be defined by

    the roles we play as mothers, grand-

    mothers, daughters, wives, etc.

    Prior to First Lady Monniques

    presentation, an icebreaker was distrib-

    uted entitled, Mama used to

    say. Instructions were for each partici-

    pant to think back to one thing that your

    Mom or your Grandma or your Surrogate

    Mom used to say that has become part of

    your philosophy in life. After completing

    the forms individually, each table was

    asked to talk about what Mama used to

    say. We even had a couple of mothers

    come to the mike to share encourage-

    ment and words of wisdom that every-

    one enjoyed.

    This icebreaker offered the

    chance for all to share in the wisdom of

    mothers and grandmothers, some of

    which have already gone on to heaven,

    but whose words resound in our hearts

    today. Fortunately, those in attendance

    agreed to share what Mama used to say

    with the WCC Voice. Listen for the

    words of your Mom as you read the

    words of wisdom captured be-

    low. Thanks Moms !for sharing and we

    hope you had a phenomenal Mothers


    - Written By Kelley D. Gulley










    Friends are like leaves on a tree, they fall. The ones that stay are few and need to be taken well care of.


    If your head wasnt attached to your neck, youd lose that too!

    The only gift I can give you is the gift of love, education and Holy Spirit!


    Im going to give you a just in case whooping.

    Youll be a kid for a moment, but be an adult for a lifetime.



    Theres nothing new under the sun

    If you get in trouble, I am not coming to get you, because I am here for you.

  • Annual






    Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be

    strong. Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

    On Saturday July 16th, boys

    and men of all ages gathered at our

    very own Elder Hatchellss home for

    WCCs annual boys to men pancake

    Breakfast. This was a great time of

    fellowship and bonding. They en-

    joyed the pleasure of Bro farmer, and

    Elder Hatchells pancakes. After a

    God-felt prayer by Pastor Barron,

    they joked ,shared wisdom, and

    shared smiles . This event not only

    gives thanks to our men of God,

    but it allows the boys, and young

    men to see what it looks like to be-

    come one .It allows wisdom, in-

    struction and good times to be

    shared with one another. It was a

    great day , and we hope to see all

    those men and/or soon to be men

    at next years boys to men pan-

    cake Breakfast!


    My prayer daily is for God

    to use me as He sees fit in

    my profession, which I tru-

    ly believe is my purpose ...

    From the time Pamela Simms-Mackey was a young girl she knew she wanted to impact

    the world in a tremendous way . By the seeds

    planted in her through her parents professions ,

    she became the epitome of a medical trailblaz-

    er .Her mother worked in child development , and

    father worked as a urologist . Simms-Mackey is

    now a product of the harvest and has now been a

    veteran in the medical field for over 18 years.

    She now serves as the associate medical educa-

    tion director at Oakland's Children's Hospital.

    Working at Children's has been an aspiration of

    hers since she used to drive by the campus and

    speak into existence that she would be a part of

    Childrens Hospital one day. Now after 18 years

    in the field Dr. Pam is being recognized as one of

    the best in the profession. Back in 2010 , she

    made the Best Doctors list for the first time.

    Best Doctors Incorporated has been selecting Doctors

    to form this list since 1989. Since then it has become

    the largest peer to peer survey taken. The Doctors are

    chosen through a series of factors such as published

    work, surveys, special research, certifications, licenses,

    patient skills and number of malpractice incidents (if

    any). Doctors are chosen from a wide range of different

    medical fields spanning all the way from dermatology to

    neurology. Simms Mackey was chosen as the Best

    Pediatrician in the East Bay, and this particular year

    (2012) , she was chosen to be spotlighted in the List.

    When she asked the person who notified her of this in-

    formation why she was chosen , they promptly re-

    sponded your great! In an interview with Dr. Simms by

    the Oakland Magazine, she explained how the greatest

    joy she gets from her line of work comes through

    watching her patients grow into adults and mature from

    just toddlers to mature young men and women. She

    gets to impact lives daily in this way. Because Dr. Pam

    loves the youth so much , I asked her to give some ad-

    vice to those who might be interested in working in the

    medical field some day, and this is how she responded.

    Its a long road , so make little goals along the way

    she explained how it is important to set smaller goals

    and work your way through each one in order to arrive

    at your destination. In school, take it semester by se-

    mester, and never be discouraged she exclaimed

    there will even be people who will try and discourage

    you, but don't be dismayed

    Dr. Pamela Simms-Mackey is the epitome of a

    vision come true . She chased her dreams and has

    risen to the top of the field . WCC would like to congrat-

    ulate Dr. Pamela Simms Mackey on her wonderful

    contributions to the Bay Area, and the world. She has

    become a role model to young people everywhere on

    how to impact her community . Congratulations !

    (Reprinted with permission from Alameda Publishing Group )


    -Kelley D. Gulley

    I pray that mothers who have lost chil-

    dren will gain strength from my journey

    and make a decision to live a full life

    even after the painful death of a child,

    states the author. And that people

    that read Ericka's Story that do not

    know Christ, will come to know Him as

    they see God's Hand actively working in

    the lives of the Gulley Family.

    Within the pages of Kelley D. Gulley's new

    book, Ericka's Story is the tragic yet trium-

    phant story of a little girl that lived valiantly

    for three years and left a special impact on

    everyone that crossed her path. The au-

    thor's objective is to reach the many hurting

    families that have lost children to illness,

    accidents or violence. She expounds on

    how difficult a time like this could be for

    those family members who are expected to

    live life as if nothing changed.

    -Xulon Press

    What is the mission statement or essence statement for your book? Erickas Story is the tragic yet triumphant story of a little girl that lived valiantly for 3 years and left a special impact on everyone that crossed her path. Erickas Story is living proof of Jeremiah 29:11. God knows the plans He has for us. The Hand of God is ever-present in Erickas life and the lives of the friends and family that surrounded and supported her through this journey. What is the single most important thing we can say about your book?

    The single most important thing that you can say about my book is that Erickas Story is a story of trial and triumph. It is not to be seen as a sad book about the death of a little 3-year old girl, but of her life, her energy, her knowledge of Christ, her strength and the lessons that she left behind for all of us to stand on as she went to live with the Lord in Heaven (Portion of Kelley Gulleys Interview with Xulon Press)

  • Conquering the World

    Build (educate, equip, empower and encourage people to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ so they in turn can become disciples and lead others to Christ)

    By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any

    foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will

    test the quality of each mans work. 1 Corinthians 10-13 (NIV)

    Impact (Are we as the body of Christ a viable and relevant community of peo-ple that can lead by the example of Jesus Christ so that lives would be changed)

    Reach (reach 1 billion souls for Christ; the great commission)

    Matthew 28:16-20 (New Living Translation) Then the eleven disciples left for Galilee, going to the mountain where Jesus had told them to

    go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped himbut some of them doubted! Jesus came and told his

    disciples, I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. 19 Therefore, go and make disci-

    ples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy

    Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of

    this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

    R e a c h I n g a b i l l i o n

    As a part of the Body of Christ , we are mandated to share the Gospel

    of our Father Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. As parts of the

    Body of World Conquerors Church , we are mandated to uphold,

    support, and live out the Mission and Vision of Gods House.

  • My name Edgar Whipps Jr and I am a member of the life changing World

    Conquering Church. When i first heard the phrase "life changing" didn't

    understand it and didn't buy into it. A year ago (to the date) I needed change,

    I was Fatherless or so I thought. I was friendless or so I thought. But Pastor

    Daren Barron and the Men of WCC, presented themselves to me and I accept-

    ed. I humbled my self (which wasn't easy) but it was change I needed.

    You see what I have learned in order to receive a friend you have to present

    yourself friendly. In order to have a Father figure in your life, you must

    humble yourself to receive fatherly love. I have them both right here at WCC,

    don't get me wrong it doesn't happen over night but change is a committed

    process. I am witness to the LORD'S power that works at WCC and thru

    Pastor Barron.

    To the men of WCC thank you for being an example of fatherhood, and ex-

    ample of Integrity, an example of Change. Thanks for being a friend.

    To Pastor Barron, thank you for honesty, thank you for allowing GOD to use

    you for Change, thank you for bold to enough implement change.

    Thank you for letting our FATHER use you as a FATHER to those of us who

    need a FATHER.


    Hello WCC Family!

    As most of you are aware, WCC recently served at CityTeam Min-

    istries in Oakland and what a blessing it was!!! We prepared bags

    of canned foods to be given to 125 people in need, prepped food for

    dinner for about 50 people, and served lunch to about 40 people in

    need that day. We hope that more and more WCC members are

    lead to join us in this great service. Please let other members know

    that WCC will be serving at CityTeam as a group on the first Sat-

    urday of each month and the next opportunity is August 4th. At-

    tached is all the information you will need to sign up as well as per-

    tinent details. Please forward this email and attachment to others.

    Hope to see you there!!

    Blessings, April Rhinehart

  • T W M J O S H U A A Q S N X S

    R S M E Z Z F O W T Q R O O O

    B U Z F S D A R E N I E U E M

    W C W P N O Z Z A P X B M U A

    Y I D Z O H E G T S E M G C S

    X T S E I U U O Z A L U E M N

    H I B H T Q Q D B L E N N W V

    Y V R B A M I Q H M I V I V E

    Z E E X T Q N P I S N O S B C

    W L V A N G N C V N A H I V S

    M E O C E B O S Z Z D P S Z O

    E K R V M O M U X K R A M I N

    T U P B A J I M A L A C H I G

    C L M C L B U X O B M M R O S

    D N P C D D P T H H P B D P S

    How well do you know your Bible?

    How well do you know your Bible?

    There are 14 books of the bible

    listed to the right which are also

    jumbled into this word-search!

    There are also 2 bonus books that

    are not listed to the right , but are in

    the word-search . See how many

    you can find listed , as well as the

    bonus words not listed! Race a

    friend! Have fun!

    amos luke

    daniel malachi

    daren mark

    genisis monnique

    job numbers

    joshua proverbs

    lamentations psalms

    ? ?



  • The VOICE team,


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