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In the beginning… “Hello Ellen, this is Barrack” “ Hello President Obama”

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  • 1. In the beginningHello Ellen, this is Barrack Hello President Obama

2. Wytheville Community College White House Summit onCommunity Colleges Oct. 2010 PRESENTED BY:JAMIE RASMUSSEN &SUE VOLKMAR 3. Community College SummitPresident Obamas Thoughts 4. Key Topics Researched at WCC WCC History, Demographics & Mission Governance Admissions Academics Student Life Finance Foundation Alumni Current Issues 5. WCC History & Demographics History of WCC Wytheville Community College is a two-year comprehensive community college Demographics Increased from 1,400 FTEs in the last 4 years. Many of the students are without High School diplomas or GEDs 2% African American population Growing Hispanic population 6. U.S Community College Comparison Wytheville Community U.S. Community CollegesCollege 1,177 total number of 1 of 26 in VirginiaU.S. community collegesCommunity College System 33% FT faculty, 66% PT 21% FT faculty, 79% PT 11.7M students enrolled, 2,477 FTEs, 32% FT, 68%40% FT, 60% PT PT Average age 29 Average age 28 58% women 64% women 36% minorities 5.2 % minorities 7. Mission Statements The mission of U.S. community colleges community is to identify and respond to the educational needs of adult learners within a specified service area (Cohen & Brawer, 1996; Vaughan, 1997; Gleazer, 1980). The mission of Wytheville Community College is to provide a quality, comprehensive education for the citizens of the counties of Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, and Wythe and the city of Galax. 8. GovernanceChancellor,Virginia WCC College BoardCommunity College SystemCollegePresident of WCCCommittees 9. Admissions Access #1 mission - on ramp to higher education Pre-testing in high school Dual enrollment Early advising Types of students Guaranteed admission selective programs Wytheville/Bland Foundation Federal Grants Tuition costs 10. Academics 3 campus locations Programs of Study Lack of self confidence Academic vs. personal support Remediation College success class requirement Success with a 2-yr. degree Certificates 11. Interesting Data about WCCStudent EnrollmentWCC Graduation Rate 34%33% VT Graduation Rate 55%67%Full Time Part Time 12. Student Life Like a family ARC Center Clubs and sports Faculty involvement 13. Finance Funding sources Tuition & Fees State Allocation - VCCS Board of Supervisors Financial Aid Effects of recent budget cuts Tuition compared to 4 year schools Grant opportunities 14. Sources of Revenue 15. Cost Comparison Virginia TechDescription CostVirginia Tech Tuition & Fees for 1 Year$9,589Wytheville Community College Tuition & Fees for 1 $3,270YearSavings for 1 Year$6,3194 Years at Virginia Tech$41,9482 Years at WCC + 2 Years at Virginia Tech $25,661Savings for a 4 Year Undergraduate Education$16,287 16. Cost Comparison Washington & LeeDescription CostWashington & Lee Tuition & Fees for 1 Year$31,175Wytheville Community College Tuition & Fees for 1 $3,270YearSavings for 1 Year$27,9054 Years at Washington & Lee $136,3792 Years at WCC + 2 Years at Washington & Lee$75,624Savings for a 4 Year Undergraduate Education$60,754 17. Foundation Foundation began in 1981 Worth $5.2 million now Capital campaign in 2001 raised $1.3 millionwhich funded the Snyder Auditorium Current fundraising efforts 18. Alumni Current involvement with Alumni Issues related to Alumni Transfer student loyalty Tracking Shortage of personnel 19. Current Issues Budget Cuts Tuition goals Faculty Recruitment Full time vs. Adjunct Faculty Buildings Possible restructuring Achieve 2015 First Lady Dr. Jill Biden speaks on the Community College summit 20. ReferencesHirt, J. B. (2006). Where you work matters. Where you work matters: Studentaffairs administration at different types of institutions (pp. 185-209).Lanham, MD: University Press of America.Virginia Community College System. (2010). Retrieved September 25, 2010, from http://vccs.edu/Virginia Education Wizard. (2010). College Cost Calculator. Retrieved December 1, 2010, from https://www.vawizard.org/vccs/Main.actionWytheville Community College. (2010). Wytheville Community College. RetrievedDecember 1, 2010, from http://www.wcc.vccs.edu/ 21. Questions??? Thank You!Jamie and Sue