unplugged activities to engage kids outside ... unplugged activities to engage kids outside s i d e

Unplugged Activities to Engage Kids Outside ... Unplugged Activities to Engage Kids Outside S i d e
Download Unplugged Activities to Engage Kids Outside ... Unplugged Activities to Engage Kids Outside S i d e

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  • Unplugged Activities to Engage Kids Outside

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Chalk can brighten up your sidewalk as kids

    get creative with drawing artwork or writing

    letters, numbers, and words. The link here is

    an easy recipe to make sidewalk chalk if you do

    not have any on hand.

    Obstacle Course

    Get their bodies moving by setting up an

    obstacle course in your backyard. Use

    common household items for kids to run

    around, in, or under. Better yet, let them

    create one for themselves. Get a timer and see

    how fast they can run through the course.

    Examples of different obstacle courses can be

    seen in the link.

    Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Look around your backyard for things in

    nature. Create a list before heading outdoors.

    What can you find? Add a twist and see what

    you can hear or smell in your backyard. An

    example of an outdoor scavenger hunt is in

    this link.

    Field Games

    Dig out your water balloons, pool noodles,

    hula hoops, Solo cups, and more for these fun

    outdoor games and activities that will have the

    whole family enjoying the warmer weather and

    sunshine. The link includes many different

    ideas, but be creative and add some of your


    Outdoor Science Experiments Science can get messy so try the experiments

    outside for an easier clean up. This link

    includes 30 different outdoor science

    experiments that will keep kids learning and

    asking more questions.

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