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Recognitio n Unplugged Jessica Curry Residence Life Coordinator Towson University & Brittany Tasch Student Life Coordinator/ Assistant for Residential Education Lycoming College

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Recognition Unplugged. Jessica Curry Residence Life Coordinator Towson University & Brittany Tasch Student Life Coordinator/ Assistant for Residential Education Lycoming College. Learning Outcomes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Recognition UnpluggedJessica CurryResidence Life CoordinatorTowson University&Brittany TaschStudent Life Coordinator/Assistant for Residential EducationLycoming College

  • Learning OutcomesUnderstand and analyze how recognition can develop self worth, team effectiveness and morale and encourage leadership involvement.

    Discuss the theory behind recognition and how recognizing applies to student development, the community and future career experiences.

    Develop recognition tools that will applaud, appreciate and reward your staff or department.

  • What is TRUE positive reinforcement?The Little Frog

  • Doing Happiness!GET PRAISE! GIVE PRAISE!

  • So what IS recognition?Being acknowledgedFeeling valued and acceptedBeing approved of

    We all possess the need to be recognized as individuals and to feel a sense of accomplishment. -First Break All the Rules

  • Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

  • Maslow tells us thatNeeds drive motivationWe are driven to fulfill our needsOur need for recognition can be the most difficult to achieve

  • So, why recognize others?Recognition impacts cultureRecognition improves team moraleRecognition creates camaraderie

  • So youve done a good job,SO WHAT?

  • Recognition is your secret weapon toApathyPoor performance and involvementLow motivation and prideStressLack of loyalty and ownershipComplaints

  • Brainstorm!Pair & Share

    Brainstorm a new way to recognize or praise student staff, graduate assistants, coworkers, or even your supervisor that you have not currently implemented.

  • Recognition and Student DevelopmentRecognition increases self-worthHigher self-worth can alleviate painful emotionsStress and negativity add to low self-worthSocial support can be a buffer for high stress levels and increase self-worthDecreasing stress through social support increases self-worth

  • Closing the LoopChickerings 7 Vectors of College Student Development

    Our students are evolving, and the possibilities are limitless. -Jeanne L. Higbee The University of Georgia

  • Enhance Your Future with RecognitionBuilds positive relationshipsA powerful communication toolPre-establish any recognition opportunitiesIncreases productivity in future job placementsRelevant in the diverse and evolving workforce

  • Case Study Fun!Your senior RA has been overwhelmed with academic and last year obligations. It is the second week of October and you realize that she is not performing like she was in the previous year. You overheard a staff member say that she has been complaining about her job and does not understand why she needs to invest in her first year residents when she is about to graduate. This is not her normal behavior and you believe a boost will help.

  • Case Study Fun!You have been working at your institution for 2 3 years. This year you are a mentor to a new professional on staff. Your colleague has jumped feet first into your department and institution, taking on numerous initiatives that have recently come to surface for the department. In your conversations, you have noticed that his/her enthusiasm is high and they are doing happiness for the department and students.

  • A Simple Recipe1. Thank the person by name2. State what the person did to earn the recognition3. Explain how you felt about the persons behavior or actions4. State how said behavior/ action added value to the team, community or institution5. Thank the person again by name.

  • Electronic ToolsFree E-Praise by Baudville

    Free Certificate Templates and Ideas for any time any day!

    Celebrate Bizarre & National Holidays

    Free E-Cards

    Funny Recognition (to purchase or to inspire for personal creations)

  • Caught Up in Recognizing...the same people?What about those who do not make the recognition cut?the same things?too much?

  • Random Recognition Time!

  • Questions? Jessica Curry [email protected]

    Brittany Tasch [email protected]

  • ReferencesIntrinsic Motivation.

    Higbee, Jeanne L. Defining Developmental Education: ACommentary. Ohio Association for DevelopmentalEducation: Empowering Learners. Retrieved October2011from

    Grazier, Peter B. (1995) Starving for Recognition: UnderstandingRecognition and the SevenRecognition Dos and Donts. Retrieved November 2010.

    Mitchel, Katie, Smith, Stephanie, & Simpson, Jenny. Self-Esteem and Class Standing in Liberal Arts Undergraduate College Students. Huntington Univesrity: URJHS Volume 7.

  • Thank you for coming!

    What types of positive reinforcement occurred in this clip?

    OR maybe we could watch a SpiritClip called The Little Frogvery inspirational. Would set a different tonenot as funny, more inspirational. OR maybe we could play both. Link for The Little Frog is

    *Index card activityIf we give everyone a card, they are all going to be looking for someone else. so maybe we should pair people up?

    OR we could

    Try one: Praise one No Direction! (majority of this praise will be general and less descriptive)Try two: Praise two With Directions! make sure the praise given is contingent (tied to the desired performance or behavior)

    Then we can ask the How did it make you feel? question after each one. Then wrap up the slide with which one felt more genuine and fully appreciated.

    DID WELLS:Participation in the session, choice of seating, interaction with other people, attitude towards the day, attitude towards the session, attitude towards the activity, help on a project, help with door tags & bulletin boards, help with a resident, listening to a personal problem, listening to a job related issue, covering an hour for duty/ at work, accomplishing a task, good grade on a paper, good grade on a test, did well at a sporting event, approaching a tough situation, smile, organizing their work load, office assignment, etc.

    *Give each team a Tool: (hammer, screwdriver, wrench) and ask them to write the tool they come up with on it.

    While we move on we can put the tools in a tool box! (I can then make a virtual tool box list with everything created and we can email it to everyone who attends)

    *Notes :3: allows you to see, identify or realize an opportunity to praise someone, hardest thing for most employers to do.5: One fundamental fact remains unchanged, however: people desire to be recognized for their hard work and applauded for their successes.

    ***Handout distributed here! 50 Reasons to Recognize (created)

    *Music, Candy, Streamers/Silly StringWhat song do you think we should use? We can download it and link it to this slide so it pops on when we turn to this slide.