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  • UnpluggedRoulet Report

    One of the discussions during the March 2012 NERC Audit centered around the ability of employees to anonymously report violations. This can be done in several ways. First, violations can be reported to WFECs Compliance Officer Caleb Muckala. And/or secondly, they can be reported directly to me via my confidential email address, gary_roulet@wfec.com, phone 405-247-5630, or arrange a confidential private visit or send a note marked confidential.

    While Caleb is directly responsible for NERC interaction, almost any type of information can be sent to me. It is always confidential.

    Between the compliance officer, compliance specialists, records coordinator, subject matter experts, and others, we find a significant portion of WFEC involved in day-to-

    day interaction with compliance issues. This interaction will continue and likely reach all parts of the company before too much longer. WFEC has a Board Policy (3-9) and a Board approved compliance plan that can help guide each of you in dealing with compliance issues.

    WFEC is committed to meet NERC, FERC and other compliance goals. Sometimes that does not happen, but the goal is to be compliant. Over time, these goals will become a part of each of our daily work lives and become routine in nature.

    In the meantime, if you need assistance or have any questions, please arrange a discussion with Caleb. Our goal is to improve as we go, but always try to get better and learn from our experiences.

    May 11, 2012

  • Recently, representatives from 15 Oklahoma Cooperatives along with OAEC, KAMO and WFEC came together and hosted a reception on April 30 in Washington DC during the NRECA Legislative Grassroots Conference. The reception was held to thank the OK congressional delegation along with their staffs for their efforts representing Oklahoma.

    This was the first reception that the combined OK Cooperatives have hosted in over 10 years. This years reception was held in the House Agriculture Hearing Room that is located on Capitol Hill in Washington. OK Congressman Lucas is the chairman of the House Ag Committee. There were close to 80 people in attendance at the event which included staffers from the Congressional offices, NRECA staff including Glenn English, and representatives from the Oklahoma and New Mexico Cooperatives.

    This years meeting focused on the Grassroots efforts and the effectiveness of the cooperatives when working with their Congressional staffs. Some issues that were addressed with staff during the visit were: coal combustion residuals benefits, electric cooperative financing and power marketing administrations.

    Reception Held in Washington

  • Earth Day-EveryDay Event Hosted by WFEC and Co-ops

    Close to 2,000 area school students recently had the opportunity to explore variables related to Earth Day, as well as energy and energy conservation, all in one location during the first Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Earth Day-Every Day event. WFEC and several of our member distribution cooperatives recently teamed up with select groups of individuals and industry-related vendors to offer this learning experience for area students at the Grady County Fairgrounds in Chickasha.

    Member co-ops invited 24 schools for a total of 90 classes from schools within their service territories to take part in this two-day event. These cooperatives include Cotton Electric Cooperative, Walters; Rural Electric Cooperative, Lindsay; Caddo Electric Cooperative, Binger; and Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Norman.

    Volunteers from participating distribution cooperatives and WFEC helped throughout both days of the event in various learning centers, as well as assisting with lunch, registration and with an assortment of other duties.

    WFEC has sponsored other Earth Day activities in years past, primarily at wind farm locations. This year marked the first for this type of expanded format.

    Scott Williams and Kalun Kelley help prepare CFL Charlie to meet and greet close to 2,000 students at Earth Day-Every Day event.

    Pam Hicks and Lorre Ervin help feed the children from area schools during the recent Earth Day event held at the Grady County Fairgrounds.

    Justin Soderberg and Clem Cassmeyer present information about WFEC and power generation and fossil fuels to the students attending the event.

  • Erika Stubbs, daughter of lead power line technician, Sammy Stubbs was a member of the Mooreland High School Girls Golf Team that recently competed in the State Championship. Erika is pictured, kneeling second from the left.

    The class 2A state championship was held at Trosper Park in Del City on May 2 and 3.

    This is Mooreland High Schools12th consecutive year to make it to state tournament, but the 10179 first time for this group of young women to make it, since last years team consisted of all seniors.

    Mooreland finished 6th and Hinton won 1st place in the competition.

    Mooreland High School Ladies Golf Team Competes in State Championship

    The smoker/grill pictured in the background of the photograph was designed and built by WFEC employees. Plant employees have collected scrap material for several years hoping to build a nice smoker/grill. Maintenance mechanics along with the help of apprentice mechanics fabricated and welded the smoker/grill. The apprentice mechanics used the fabrication and welding experience to help meet their apprenticeship training requirements for fitting and welding. The smoker/grill will be used by WFEC for special occasions and will be enjoyed for

    many years to come.

    Hugo employees named the smoker/grill Unit 2. The smoker/grill contains three grills for a total of 12 square feet of grilling surface for cooking burgers and hot dogs. 60 burgers can be cooked at a time and it has 36 square foot of smoking surface for smoking brisket, ribs, etc. Pictured: Gary Gilleland, David Sonntag, Jimmy Blakley Back Row (l to r): Willy Hubbard, Allan Ousley Photo by: Ron Cunningham

    Hugo Employees Ready for a Cookout


    ARLINGTON, TEXAS Hurricane Harbor.all tickets. ..$24.75 (Gate Price $32.39) Six Flags Over Texas (ages 3 and over)

    1-Day Regular Ticket... $34.48 (Gate Price $61.55)

    BRANSON, MISSOURI Silver Dollar City

    Adult Ticket. $55.81 (1-day Gate Price $60.19) Child Ticket (ages 4 11)... $45.06 (1-day Gate Price $49.44)

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Frontier City or White Water Bay..$20.00 (Gate Price $37.92 FC) (all ages over 2 years) (Gate Price $35.75 WW)

    All tickets available at Cooperative Employees Credit Union


  • Its Graduation TimeIts time once again to honor our graduates in the Summer edition of the EnerCom. If you have a son or daughter graduating from high school, college or technical school, please fill out the information below, attach the students photo and send to Sondra Boykin or Maria Crowder by June 1. Or, if you have a high quality digital photo, you can email that, plus the below information to s_boykin@wfec.com or m_crowder@wfec.com. Thanks.

    Name of Student: _____________________________________

    Parents & Employees Title: _______________________________

    Name of School: ______________________________________

    If College Degree Earned: _____________________________

    Future Plans: ___________________________________________




  • Congratulations to the Rattan High School Boys Baseball Team. They won the Class A State Baseball Championship 10211 on Saturday, May 6 in Oklahoma City. Tyler Anderson (back row, 6th from the left) is a member of the High School Baseball Team. He is the son of Rusty and Christie Weaver. Rusty is a Lead Mechanic at the Hugo Plant.

    Rattan Wins State

    Sunday, May 13

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