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Presentation unplugged

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Convince with your topic - try to present analog!


  • Presentation unplugged

  • Today every small issue is packed into a


  • But the quality of the presentations is very


  • Some consist of too much text or are simply too


  • Even good PowerPoint presentations have a


  • They animate more to consume than to interact.

  • There are ways for

    a more interactive

    style of presentation.

  • How will that work?

  • Forget PowerPoint!

  • Present analog!

  • What is the point of that?

  • Analog presentations inspire to participate.

  • Arguments

  • Analog presentations suggest not that

    everything is ready.

  • Analog presentations are so flexible that annotations can easily built in.

  • Analog presentations offer the potential for greater sustainability in the

    provision of information.

  • Analog presentations can show the expertise of the


  • Analog presentations (well done) stand out from the monotony of

    the other presentations.

  • Attention

  • Analog presentations have nothing to do with fast

    flipchart graffiti.

  • A analog presentation must be prepared very


  • A analog Presentation is not suitable for every


  • For an analog presentation the group may not be too large.

  • Analog presentations should be used carefully

    to prevent becoming uncool.

  • The impression of a lack of preparation (no

    PowerPoint presentation) must be avoided.

  • Requirements

  • The presenter must be about 100% word-perfect. There are no films that guide him through his


  • The preparation time for an analog presentation is much greater than for a

    normal PowerPoint presentation.

  • Present analog has to be practiced to keep

    everything easy to read and recognizable.

  • At the start a PowerPoint presentation can help to transforme the story into a analog presentation.

  • Organization

  • Prepare the room for the analog presentation. Flipchart and pens should be available.

  • Create opportunities, flipchart pages hang or

    stick etc.

  • Take a picture protocol of the presentation.

  • Finally

  • Ask yourself whether you have your goal with this

    kind of presentation better achieved.

  • Has the effort

    paid off for you.

  • Get some Feedback at the end of presentation.

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