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  • UnpluggedRoulet Report

    December 7, 2012

    I know a lot of employees believe WFEC goes through a significant process for project approvals, authorizations for spending money, and generally more complexity in every day business. There is no question that is true. Those things happen for a number of reasons though.

    First of all, WFEC is a federal borrower and the recipient of a Federal Power Allocation of Energy through the Southwestern Power Administration. The regulations of both entities are different. Neither set of regulations are simple or easy. Each process is spelled out in the Federal Register and allows little deviance.

    WFEC generates revenue over $500 million and has a value well in excess of a billion dollars. WFEC is a large, not a small business. WFEC owners, external auditors, lenders, ratings agencies, and others we do business with require extraordinary oversight and transparency in the way we do business. NERC, FERC, SPP, ERCOT, and the States of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas

    and New Mexico have many legal requirements that need to be met to continue in business.

    There are many justification, approval, and authorization requirements, which are meant to protect employees.

    With Enron, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes Oxley, 9-11, and a host of other events that have occurred over the past 15 years, the world is clearly more complex and, whether good or bad, has much more outside regulatory oversight and involvement than ever existed in the past.

    My guess is this complicated structure will continue to get harder instead of easier as we move further into this decade.

  • Video Challenge to Focus on Geothermal Technology

    Scholarship dollars and educational grants are up for grabs for high school juniors and seniors through the Go Go Geo Scholarship Video Challenge that will officially be launched to schools on Jan. 7, 2013. Through the use of video and social media, students have this unique opportunity to showcase creativity and compete for close to $60,000 in scholarship dollars, as well as educational grants for their respective school.

    Even though the official launch is in January 2013, students can get a jump start on their ideas, with information available on Dec. 1 via the contest website http://www.GoGoGeoChallenge.com/.

    The Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are the title sponsor for this event, with geothermal manufacturers, including ClimateMaster, Bosch and WaterFurnace, as co-sponsors.

    Eligible students will be challenged to use their creativity in the production of a one to three minute video. Information on the contest website will offer participants a general understanding of what is involved for the video competition.

    NOTE: A major difference between this contest and others developed by WFEC sons and daughters/other relatives of WFEC employees ARE eligible and encouraged to participate. The contest is being judged by outside sources, as well as through online views.

    The Challenge will consist of a Regional Competition, which will divide contestants into five regions, based on zip code. The top winner from each region will advance to the Final Competition to compete for even more scholarship dollars. At the regional level, scholarship amounts (in each region) include: first place - $3,000; second place $2,000 and third place - $1,000. In addition, the respective school of each of the first place winners will be awarded a $2,500 educational grant.

    As for the final level of competition, the five winners will meet with judges in Oklahoma City for the final scoring and winner announcement. At this level, 10257 scholarship amounts include: first place - $7,000; second place - $3,500 and third place - $2,000. Again, the school of the first place winner will be awarded a $2,500 educational grant.

    Any high school junior or senior residing in Oklahoma or within the service territory of the four New Mexico cooperatives served by Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is eligible to participate. A list of eligible zip codes will be posted on the contest website.

  • Energy Efficiency TipDuring the winter months, turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees. For

    every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range,

    youll save up to 5 percent on heating costs. Set the thermostat back to 55

    degrees or off at night or when leaving home for an extended time, saving

    5-20 percent of your heating costs. (Note, if you use a heat pump, check

    with your HVAC service professional about setting back the temperature.

    Some older thermostats should only be set back 2 degrees to prevent

    unneeded use of backup strip heating).

    Quintin Rogers wishes everyone a MERRY CHICK-MAS!

  • CECU Can Help You This Holiday Season...

    Christmas Loan Special

    $2,000 Maximum12 months

    9.0%, as low as 5%*Starting November 26, 2012Ending December 31, 2012

    *Use CECU Debit Card for loan proceeds and get an extra 1% off the stated rate.

    For additional information, call or come byCooperative Employees Credit Union

    A total of all unsecured loans can notbe over $6,000 to any one member.

    Unsecured loans consist of:Signature, Christmas & Student

    Members who have less than 30% debt-to-income ratio, no collections

    and no late payments within the past 2 years; no bankruptcy;

    and no judgements qualify for a 3% less than stated rate.

    First payment must be made on or before January 4, 2013

    AT&T is offering WFECs employees who use their wireless services a 12% discount from their current

    rates. This applies to both existing AT&T customers and those starting a new service. To determine if you

    are currently getting the discount, check the foundation account, which appears on your next bill. If this

    number is FAN 2418436 you are already getting the discount. If it is not, you are eligible for an additional

    12% off your bill each month. Contact Howard Fleshman at extension 4379 for more details.

    AT&T Offers Discountsfor WFEC Employees

  • Its the Most Financial Time of the Year

    December is here, and that means the holiday season is in full swing. While shopping, travelling and cooking may be at the top of the list for most people, personal finances are working behind the scenes through it all. True, you cannot put a price on spending time with loved ones, yet, you can put a price on the gifts, food and travel expenses. Here are a few ideas to help minimize the financial stress this holiday season.

    Dont let money rule. Its wonderful to want to have the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but dont let the spirit of giving get you into financial trouble. There are plenty of ways to save during the holidays, so make sure money doesnt hinder your holiday merriment.

    Take time for you. Although it is the time of giving, it is important to set aside some time for yourself during the holidays, even if its just a few minutes a day to sit and unwind with your favorite book or walk around the block. Spending time with those you love is one of the main focuses of the holidays, and you wont be able to spend the quality time you want if you run yourself ragged with stress.

    Know what matters. Prioritization is an important piece of any budget, and its also essential to remember around the holidays. Often people get so swept up in the stress of having the right gift, creating the perfect meal and making it to every party that they forget to enjoy the true nature of the season. As a reminder for yourself, make a list of the things that make you happiest and matter most to you this time of year--maybe its getting to see family and friends that you only see a few times a year, or watching 08096 the snow fall while wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa. Hang it somewhere you see it often as a reminder of all the things that kindle the holiday cheer in your heart.

    Source: feedthepig.org

  • A crew from WFEC and Northwest Crane met

    Wednesday to move a transformer out of the

    Anadarko Switch yard adjacent to the plant.

    The transformer was lifted onto a WFEC truck

    and moved to the OU Switch where upgrade

    work is under way. Lead Heavy Equipment

    Operator Ica Bost, Light Equipment Operator

    Kris Bradford, Heavy Equipment Operator

    George Stafford and Lead Station Technician

    Benny Smith were the WFEC team on

    location taking part in the job.

    Moving On!

    Remember to use your service days and floating holiday by December 31, 2012. You can check your balance by signing in to People Soft Human Resources > self

    service > payroll and compensation > view paycheck > click on the hyperlink of your last paycheck and scroll down to the bottom left, where you will see your leave balances.

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  • Upcoming Brown Bag Lunch Schedule

    Monday, Dec. 10 - Anadarko Plant - 11