presentation unplugged

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Presentation unplugged

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Convince with your topic try to present analog!


  • 1. Presentation unplugged

2. Today every smallissue is packed into a presentation. 3. But the quality of the presentations is verydifferent. 4. Some consist of too muchtext or are simply too complicated. 5. Even good PowerPoint presentations have a problem. 6. They animate more toconsume than to interact. 7. There are ways for a more interactivestyle of presentation. 8. How will that work? 9. Forget PowerPoint! 10. Present analog! 11. What is the point of that? 12. Analog presentationsinspire to participate. 13. Arguments 14. Analog presentationssuggest not thateverything is ready. 15. Analog presentations are so flexible thatannotations can easily built in. 16. Analog presentations offer the potential for greater sustainability in theprovision of information. 17. Analog presentations canshow the expertise of thepresentator. 18. Analog presentations (well done) stand out from the monotony ofthe other presentations. 19. Attention 20. Analog presentations have nothing to do with fastflipchart graffiti. 21. A analog presentationmust be prepared verycarefully. 22. A analog Presentation is not suitable for everypurpose. 23. For an analogpresentation the group may not be too large. 24. Analog presentationsshould be used carefullyto prevent becoming uncool. 25. The impression of a lack of preparation (noPowerPoint presentation)must be avoided. 26. Requirements 27. The presenter must beabout 100% word-perfect. There are no films that guide him through hispresentation. 28. The preparation time foran analog presentation is much greater than for anormal PowerPoint presentation. 29. Present analog has to be practiced to keepeverything easy to read and recognizable. 30. At the start a PowerPointpresentation can help totransforme the story intoa analog presentation. 31. Organization 32. Prepare the room for theanalog presentation. Flipchart and pensshould be available. 33. Create opportunities,flipchart pages hang orstick etc. 34. Take a pictureprotocol of the presentation. 35. Finally 36. Ask yourself whether you have your goal with thiskind of presentation betterachieved. 37. Has the effortpaid off for you. 38. Get some Feedback at theend of presentation. 39. Do you needassistance withyour analog presentation? Bernd Hilgenberg Leipziger Str. 38 42859 Remscheid Germany Telefon: +49 2191 8427228 Mail: [email protected] us at: