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  • There is certainly alot of discussion by utilities about energy efficiency and how it can reduce the need for additional generation. Both OG&E and AEP are projecting load growth for the next decade at less than percent due to energy efficient alternatives. WFEC and our members are promoting ground source heat pumps as an efficiency effort that would reduce consumer electric usage for heating and cooling. Insulation and weatherization programs have been around for many years.

    The Federal government is also considering efficiency standard improvements on numerous devices. Making refrigerators, clothes dryers, dish washers and other in-home appliances more efficient, over time, reduces electric consumption.

    Changing consumer usage patterns also helps and is a more efficient use of electricity considering the costs to produce that electricity change during any given day. Time of use electric rates incentivize changing those usage patterns. In Oklahoma, pilot programs change the cost from 10 cents a kWh to as high as 50 cents per kWh for high use, high cost hours. There are real savings by altering the times of day consumers use electricity.

    By educating yourself as a consumer and by paying attention to utility programs, rebates and methods to gain efficiency you can have a real impact on your future electric bills, provide a cleaner environment and provide good habits for future generations of electric consumers.

    Roulet Report

    November 9, 2012


  • Jim Nesbit, chemical systems technician at the Hugo

    Plant, announced his retirement after 30 years. He is

    pictured here receiving a photo of the Plant, signed

    by all Hugo employees and his retirement bonus from

    David Sonntag, plant manager (right). Jims last day

    was October 18.

    Jimmy Vanworth, senior electrician at the Hugo

    Plant, announced his retirement after 30 years. He

    is pictured receiving a photo of the plant, signed by

    all Hugo employees and his 03585 retirement bonus

    from Jimmy Blakley, maintenance superintendent

    (far left); Tim Hogan, electrical/I&C supervisor

    (second from right); and David Sonntag, plant

    manager (far right). Jimmys last day was October



    The key to retirement is to find joy in the little things. Susan Miller

    Hugo Plant Employees Retire

  • Mary Clifton, utility worker at the Hugo Plant, announced

    her retirement after 30 years. She received a photo of the

    plant, signed by all Hugo employees and her retirement

    bonus from Allan Ousley, mechanical maintenance

    supervisor. Marys last day was November 5.

    According to Hugo employees, Mary has always been

    a very giving person and has always put others before

    herself. So as a small token of their appreciation, the

    employees purchased her a recliner to enjoy in her


    Allan Ousley and David Sonntag presented

    Mary with a new recliner from the Hugo


    Energy Efficiency TipDim the brightness on your monitor.

    Turning down the brightness setting on your monitor is a very easy thing to do to save energy.

    The brightest setting on a monitor consumes twice the power used by the dimmest setting. By

    dropping the brightness level from the from the typical 100% level down to around 65%-75% it

    is possible to drop the power intake by around 10-watts.

    These savings add up, especially for large organizations. If 5,000 people make this small

    change, that is a savings of $7,300 per year!

  • Superbaby Hunter Pulis spends his first Halloween trick-or-treating with mom Amanda. Proud grandparents are Compensation Sepcialist Mechele Perry and husband Gary, and and Wayne and Sonja Pulis.

    Cute little cat Madison, 6 year old daughter of Jared Talbert went trick-or-treating with little brother (Tin Man) Barrett, 19 months. Jared is a mechanic helper in Distribution Services.

    Ilee Grace was a cute little cupcake for her first Halloween. Ilee is the granddaughter of Information Specialist Maria Crowder, and daughter of Wade and Miranda Crowder.

    Halloween 2012 Pics

  • Kalan Hicks was on the prowl for treats this Hallloween. Proud parents are Marketing Coordinator Brittany Hicks and husband Kyle.

    Fleet Supervisor Lewis Gillette and wife Andrea dressed as Popeye and Olive Oil this Halloween, and obviously they are strong to the finitch because they eat their spinach!

    Accountant II Radley Stevens wife Sarah and daughter Faith got into the Halloween spirit with these great costumes.

  • CECU Can Help You This Holiday Season...

    Christmas Loan Special

    December Skip-a-Pay

    $2,000 Maximum12 months

    9.0%, as low as 5%*

    Starting November 26, 2012Ending December 31, 2012

    *Use CECU debit card for loan proceeds and get an extra 1% off the stated rate.

    A total of all unsecured loans can not be over $6,000 to any one member. Unsecured loans consist of: Signature, Christmas & Student

    *Members who have less than 30% debt-to-income ratio, no collections and no late payments within the past 2 years; no bankruptcy; and no judgements qualify for a 3% less than stated rate.

    First payment must be made on or before January 4, 2013.

    Now is the time to take advantage of this members only program just in time to spread some holiday cheer.

    The Skip-a-Pay feature allows members in good standing to defer Credit Union loan payments for 1 month. Once approved, enjoy the extra cash for whatever you may need. Its an easy and simple process.

    The following conditions apply:

    A $10 fee applies per loan, up to a maximum of $40 for 4 or more loans

    Interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance

    The next minimum payment will be due as usual the following month.

    This option is not available for Christmas or interest only loans.

    Deadline for signing up is December 1, 2012.

    For additional information, call or come byCooperative Employees Credit Union

  • Please submit your child/childrens photo for the Winter Quarter (Christmas Edition) of the WFEC EnerCom. We would like to include them in this special holiday publication for all to enjoy.

    Please turn a high quality photo in to Sondra Boykin or Maria Crowder (Communications Dept. second floor headquarters) by Wednesday, Nov. 21.All photos will be returned after printing in late December.

    Please do not write their names on the back of the actual photo because when photos are stacked, the ink may come off onto the photo underneath. Please use a sticky note or similar item for names.

    If you have a high quality digital photo, you may send that to: s_boykin@wfec.comor m_crowder@wfec.com.

    Please include the following information:

    Child/Childrens Names: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Job Title/Location of WFEC Employee:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Christmas EnerCom PhotosDue By Nov. 21

  • The outdoor units that run your air conditioning system, heat pump and standby generator need plenty of breathing room.

    So if yours are covered with leftover leaves from autumn, piles of snow from last weekends storm or debris that blew around during a heavy winter rainfall, pull on your boots and go outdoors to clean them off.

    When snow or debris accumulate on your outdoor appliances, they might not operate properly. For the air to circulate well through the appliances, outdoor air needs a clear pathway in and out.

    Look around your yard for electric and gas devices, like meters, valves and piping. Regularly clear leaves, ice and snow away from them so theyre easy to see. Someone in your familyor even 10149 a utility crew memberwho cant see an obstructed device could accidentally strike it, which could interrupt your service.

    Use a broom, not a shovel, to clear snow and ice from any machine to avoid damaging it.

    Likewise, keep outdoor vents for water heaters, gas fireplaces and clothes dryers clear all year round. Look inside the vent for birds nests and critters as well as for leaves, lint and anything else that could interrupt the fresh air supply or block the exhaust path.

    Keep outdoor electrical devices clear of snow, debris

  • WFEC Member Cooperatives from Oklahoma

    and New Mexico participated in their semi-

    annual Key Account Training this week at the

    WFEC headquarters.

    This bi-annual meeting is attended by key

    account managers from WFECs co-ops. This

    meeting enables them to strengthen their

    communication and interaction skills with their

    large power customers.

    Chief Executive Officer Gary Roulet presented

    valuable information to the key account managers regarding the growth WFEC is experiencing. Manager

    of Rates & Revenue Brian Coker elaborated on how that growth will affect our rates in the future.

    Other topics at the meeting included the Nuts and Bolts on HVAC, an update on the WFEC Energy

    Efficiency Rebate Program and a session on how working with Key Account customers is Not Just