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  • Cutting Edge Campaigns for Blue Chip Clients

  • Track Record

  • Induction Immersions | Industrial Theatre | Corporate Video | Conference | Launches | Events | Snakes for SafetySports Metaphor Projects | The Captains Club | People as Brand Projects | Tailor-Made HSE Campaigns | Brand Activations

    Mass Brainstorms | Executive Road Shows | Strategic Interventions | Life Saving Behaviours Videos | Print Media | Immersions

    Where we play

  • What we aim to do To fundamentally influence mindset and behaviour through high impact awareness and reinforcement.

  • Murray & Roberts | STOP.THINK

    Murray & Roberts brief, called for a complete campaign proposal: Unplugged developed STOP.THINK

    Pre engagement in the Springbok dressing room brought middle management on side

    Video and Industrial Theatre drove the launch process

    Change rooms were repositioned to be places that are not only used to change clothes but also to change mindset

    Changing into the new team uniform symbolised the taking on of the ethos of the team

    A new visual language was invented to bridge communication gaps in the workplace

    Overalls on the backs of over 30,000 people world wide, are a moving billboard for the campaign Tactical interventions are used to keep the campaign alive

    Induction | Immersion

  • Pioneers of a medium

    Rick ans Sue Melvill brought Industrial Theatre to South Africa Di Kershaw has been a driving force in the industry

    Industrial Theatre is a core Unplugged offering

    Industrial Theatre

  • Sasol Synfuels | Demons & Angels Demons & Angels zeros in on the inner voices that influence our behaviour in life

    The 2010 Kick-off of this project involved a combination of live action and video in a dramatised revisit of the Secunda playing field hosted by the SA Team Coach

    The production of a series of life saving behaviour videos, is the current focus of the campaign

    Multi Media

  • PPC | New Vision | Paul Stuiver

    When Paul Stuiver took over as CEO at PPC, and was looking to galvanise his team around the prospect of an aggressive African expansion plan, he asked us to tell the story of that journey in an inspirational video

    Corporate Video

  • Standard Bank | BBEE | Jaco Maree

    We used the road that Jaco Maree has travelled to work for his entire Standard Bank career as a vehicle for him to reflect on the journey that both the bank and the countryhas taken as a precursor to the unveiling of Standard Banks black empowerment deal.

    Corporate Video

  • Murray & Roberts | Medupi | The Game Plan

    The sports metaphor was used to help construction workers on Eskoms Medupi Power Station project to understand the game plan, the rules of the game and the strategy behind the formation of the team.

    Corporate Video

  • Wesbank | As we sew, so we shall reap

    Crop farming is a great metaphor when planning a communication rollout; you need to understand the nature of the ground youre working with, you need prepare a seedbed, when ideas germinate they need nurturing , etc. So it was that 30 Wesbank managers planned a communication rollout (and farmed !) at the famous Prynnsberg estate.

    Corporate Video

  • The Loeries

    The problem: Sun City had become stale and predictable as the venue for SAs Premier Creative Awards Event

    The Creatives Choice: Unplugged was chosen to undertake the radical move to the Cannes of the North Coast, Margate!

    Unplugged Thinking: Host the event on the beach, make the event a product of the people of Margate

    The Result: 4 hours of multimedia production, manic left field entertainment with an all fall down creative event supposedly created by the people of Margate


  • Events

    Standard Bank | The Beat of One Internal Leadership Programme Drumming Session Road Show, spread out throughout Africa and ended in the UK.

  • VW Touareg | The Indigo People

    The Challenge: Launch the Touareg 4 x 4 to people jaded by car launches

    The Solution: A hand written invitation

    8 Anthropologists from the Sorbonne

    Intimate rooms at Melrose Arch

    A suprise reveal in the street

    A high speed chauffeur driven, night drive, through a deserted city

    A What would you like to do tonight? after party

    A 4 x 4 Experience the next day

    The reward: The Loerie for Best Car Launch of the Year


  • Events

    Massey Ferguson | Barloworld Equipment

    Unplugged has done the Annual Sales Conference for Barloworld Agric for more than 3 years running. The 3 day eventincluded:

    Team Building

    Story Telling



  • Anglo American | Welcome to the Arts Reunion 05

    International Eventing

    The Brief : Create a 3 day platform for a discussion on global leadership between our CEO and our 170 Top International Executives. Any European city, program up to you

    The event, executed in Barcelona, took the form of a roving discussion through the private palaces & non tourist gems

    The pre-conference ice-breaker involved a pitch by Barcelonas best guides in an Unplugged inspired non-tourist trap tour

    Conductors of the Orchestra are what CEOs are

    Legendary speaker and conductor of the Boston philharmonic, Benjamin Zander, conducted the first discussion on the stage of the Palais de la Musica


  • World Cup 2010 | Cape Town Stadium Construction | Team Green Point

    A cutting edge engineering and construction masterpiece. An immovable delivery date. A team of 5000 players who had never worked together before a soccer metaphor to help pull it all together. Unplugged handled the metaphor creation, the project ID, induction, team building, recognition and game plan communication.

    The sports metaphor at work

  • Snakes for Safety

    Its the most effective Safety Communication Intervention Ive seen in 24 years of mining Cemetation CEO

    Industrial Theatre sets up snakes as a metaphor for danger

    Venemous snakes are produced in a surprise reveal workshop

    The Puffadders, Cobras and Pythons in our work place workshop

    Snake boards for daily Hazard Identification

    Snakes for Safety puts the bite back into BBS Communications

    Strategic SHE Interventions

  • Exxaro | The Captains Club

    Middle Management are the sporting equivalent of the Captains on the field

    Marks Maponyane, Bakkies Botha and the Management of Exxaros Grootegeluk Colliery facilitated by Arnold Geedts share experiences and observations on how the lessons of sport and life can make for a better understanding of work at a Captains Club event

    Sporting icons bring impact to leadership

    Tools like Open Space brainstorms provide the vehicle for innovative ideas and constructive engagement

    The Captains Club for Middle Management

  • BOC | The Life & Soul of Gautrain The Bombela Operating Company (BOC) Induction covers not only HSE but also creates a powerful platform for the concept of people as a brand. A core part of their Induction being to engage new members on the brand personality of the organisation they will be driving.

    People as brands

  • Eskom Blue Flag

    Eskoms Blue Flag project is a classic example of tailor-made Unplugged SHE campaign

    A visual metaphor stands as a powerful symbol for an SHE journey of excellence

    The metaphor of the mountain

    Each base station reached represents another specific milestone of achievement

    The signing of Tibetan Prayer Flags is a symbolic point of departure for any team embarking on the journey

    Team members become the face of the campaign

    Unplugged trained Sherpas, guide the teams to the summit

    The prize that awaits....Blue Flag status

    Campaign mediums consisted of video, print and industrial theatre combined with workshopping, training and events

    Tailor-made SHE Campaigns

  • Cell C Flash Mob

    Cell C made a bold decision one summer

    They canned their above the line budget and opted only for live activations

    Activations that would get people talking

    In three weeks Unplugged staged 1237 events

    In the process over 1 million direct response cards were given out and millions more were reached

    Jeremy Maggs voted it the best of the summer campaigns and a Loerie award followed for brand activation

    Brand Activation

  • Open Space | Bottom- Up Engagement

    Harrison Owen invented Open Space Technology as an alternative to people sitting in rows looking at the backs of each others heads

    Theres no agenda for an Open Space brainstorm, only an outcome

    And a belief that (800) brains are better than one

    Everyone in the company is invited and everyone is regarded as an equal

    There are a few rules

    But the core focus is on ideas thatll help achieve the proposed outcome

    Each idea is given a maximum of one hour

    Only those enthused by the idea sign up for the brainstorm

    But all discussions on the day are recorded by scribes

    And submitted for consideration by an executive committee

    Open Space is the ultimate medium for any leader open to the ideas of the people

    Mass Brainstorms

  • The Hand Over | Alan Knott-Craig Farewell

    When Vodacoms iconic founding CEO handed over the baton, Unplugged produced the roadshow

    It was going to be emotional but we also wanted it to be light

    So it was that all the advertising characters that had been the face of Vodacom in the Alan Knott-Craig era found themselves in reception one day

    Crafted by Unpluggeds favoured comedy writer Steve Francis, it was a sitcom of note

    Executive Roadshows

  • Life Saving Behaviour Videos

    STOP.THINK Moments

    Ill allow you to make this video so that another mother may be spared of losing her son like I did

    A fatality or serious injury in the workplace is a shocking thing

    But, as with motor accident statistics, the impact is often lost on those divorced from the situation

    Famalies and companies associated with workplace tragedies have allowed us to restage some of these events as a way of ensuring they wont happen again

    These highly sensitive videos are then screened to the workforce as a precursor to facilitated discussions around incident prevention and behaviour change

    Along with facilitator notes they become a record for future generations and a moving and memorable awareness tool

  • Unplugged Design & Print

  • Immersions

    Standard Bank | Crossing the line

    Standard Bank wanted to get their management out of their offices and into the mass market so we immersed them in a township wedding

    They felt their middle aged execs were out of touch with the youth so we partnered each one of them with a radical kid for a day

    They were concerned that their salaried decision makers didnt truly understand the pressures of entrepreneurship so we partnered them with entrepreneurs for a day

    They were bothered that their well off team had no connection with the likes of a car guard or a wheel chair bound pensioner or single township working mother, so we made them wear those shoes for a day

    Each of these immersions ended with a solutions brainstorm

  • To fundamentally influence mindset and behaviour through high impact awareness and reinforcement.