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This is my Summitive Assessment for the governance unit.


  • 1. GOVERNANCE OF CDNIS By: Abbie Chow Class: 5DTuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 2. CONTENTS What is the system of Governance? Explain how it works. What positive impacts does the system of governance have on the individuals? What are the peoples roles in the system of governance? What are the peoples rights in the system of governance?Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 3. WHAT IS THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE? EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS. CDNIS uses board of governors, Principals, and teachers. Board of Governors - They make the decisions and tell the principals. Principals - They sometimes correct the decisions thentell the teachers the decisions that the board of governors said. Teachers - The teachers have to teach the students.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 4. WHAT POSITIVE IMPACT DOES THIS SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE HAVE ON INDIVIDUALS? Teachers - They work really hard and they think that it is the best job they have ever had in a career. Students - Have a great school, fantastic resources, and have great school.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 5. WHAT ARE THE PEOPLES ROLES IN THIS SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE? Teachers - the role of teachers are to provide quality, and learning for the students. Students - To be the best learner that they could be. To put forward your best effort.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 6. WHAT ARE THE PEOPLES RIGHTS IN THIS SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE? Teachers - To be in a safe caring environment. To have a voice. Both - To have a right to ask everybody. Students - To learn in a beautiful school and to learn what they need to learn Principals - The principal make some decisionsTuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 7. Principals/Head of School Head of school LS Principal Mr. Mc Master Mr. Hughes LS Vice Principal Ms. Parnsalu US Principal Mr. JalsevacTuesday, 22 January, 13
  • 8. SOURCES Ms. Parnsalu Also credits from my OWN Knowledge and Mr.Hansens AWESOME knowledge!!!Tuesday, 22 January, 13