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Opening Sequence ConventionsThe film starts with the production company name and producers name.

Genre ConventionsThe extreme close up of the book shows the antagonist is clever as he is planning things out. It can also start to build on the mystery of the film as we don't know what is being read or written.

Genre Conventions A few shots after the close up of the book someone is shown to be writing in it. This again shows that the antagonist is clever because he is well planned and thinks things through. It also shows he is a natural character as he could be writing about anything which is seen as normal

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe film title is shown in-between the action, the black back ground and white font makes it stand out showing that it is important to the audience

Genre ConventionsThis bold writing signifies danger which is a major theme in thrillers, it also could suggest a police theme because if it wasnt broken and sketchy it would look very official.

Opening Sequence Conventions The abrupt changes from one scene to a title and back to scene creates tension and suspense as the audience are wondering what is going to happen after the next title.

Genre Conventions By using a red filter in the shot it establishes the idea of death, red signifies danger, blood and evil which are major conventions in thriller films. The photo used could also suggest the antagonist is a stalker, this is a popular type of character to use in thrillers as they can put people in danger and provide mental challenges.

Genre Conventions More photos are used through out the opening sequence this could suggest how the antagonist is planned out or that they're a stalker. The images used connote violence and murder which are also key themes, it goes with the main general storyline of a quest pr dangerous character.

Genre Conventions The use of a child in the opening shows the innocence amongst the danger and the innocent characters which are usually associated with thrillers. It also suggests the antagonist is psychotic as they are prepared to bring a child into the situation.

Genre Conventions This screenshot ties together a lot of the previous suggested themes. When the writing showing he is planned out, the red which signifies danger and the photo suggesting he is a stalker all comes together it shows he could be dangerous stalker that is planning an attack on someone.

Opening sequence conventions The main crew and cast are shown throughout the scene, most films have this to give them recognition for their involvement in the film.Genre conventions The shaky typed font can show the mental instability of the antagonist, the rough, un joined hand writing shows that it was written in a rush.

Opening Sequence Conventions Music is normally used in openings to build tension and establish the narrative.Genre Convention: The music throughout the opening is dramatic drone with a slow beat and no words.There is also scratchy high pitched parts as different images are show, this successfully builds tension and creates a feeling of unease. At the end the only words are said 'you get me closer to god' as the image above is shown. This can connote that the antagonist is a religious psychopath with a desire for religious justice which is a key theme.

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe film opens with the Dream Works animation and the Production company to give them recognition for theirinvolvement in the film. There is then no other credits or titlesused in the opening.


Opening Sequence ConventionsSpeech starts straight away, before anything comes on the screen to make the audience use their imagination to guess what is going on. It also builds enigmaas the audience are left wondering.

Genre ConventionsThe first sound effect is bubbles, in the context of a thriller it connotes thatthey're in a dangerous situation, possibly drowning. It is then followed by speech 'you think he sees us?' suggests this character is afraid of the situation and isworried that someone might know what is happening. The next character then says 'He cant see us, trust me he can feel us watching' this immediately builds tension as the audience have no idea what is happening. This could show thischaracter is the antagonist that is clever and strong as he knows what ishappening and can hold his own.

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe camera then slowly pans up to show the reflection of two people in water, this starts to reveal the narrative without giving too much awayso the audience is still left waiting

Genre ConventionsThis shot continues on the idea of drowning as it shows they could betypical thriller characters like murders.

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe whole shot is then revealed showing the audience what is actually happening and starting to tell the story

Genre ConventionsBy showing the men doing a normal activity it shows they are realistic characters which is an important thriller convention. It also makes the audience feel safe and comfortable watching the film as nothing dangerous is happening, by having no danger it goes against typical thriller conventions.

Genre ConventionsDanger is re-introduced when the fish starts to thrash when it is being caught. It also establishes thecharacters as killers even though it is just a fish.

Opening Sequence ConventionsAn establishing shot is used to set the scene and to show the area the characters are in, this gives the audience time to thinkabout what might happen next as there is no action happening.

Genre ConventionsBy using the establishing shot the audience can begin to see all the possible dangers the characters could face.

Opening Sequence ConventionsWe start to learn more about the character as their personal life startsto be revealed as their family home is shown.

Genre ConventionsBy showing the men to have a normal home sticks with their realisticrepresentation. It also shows the innocence in any possible situation to follow as the audience now know they are a family. These two things aretypical thriller conventions, they make the audience empathise with thecharacters and relate to them

Genre ConventionsThere is an abrupt transition from the possibility of danger to it actuallyhappening, the typical theme of death is immediately introduced assoon as the car in front swerves to reveal the other car. During the few seconds this happens the characters in the car are being dragged into danger and could now be involved in a physical battle, these are more typical thriller convention.

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe use of establishing shot followed by a close up of the back of thiscar focuses the audiences attention to certain aspects of thescene rather than the whole thing. This makes them realise thingsthat could be crucial to the story but would otherwise miss.

Genre ConventionsThe theme of death is now more obviously shown than at any othertime in the opening, it also contradicts the earlier establishment of the characters fishing being killers as they're the ones in danger. It also now includes the convention of a mystery that needs to be solvedas the audience are going to want to know the details of the crash.

Opening Sequence and Genre ConventionsThe use of close ups on a characters face shows the characters emotion and fear, showing this lets us learn more about theirpersonality. By being scared the man is shown as weak which couldsuggest he is a conventional protagonist or just an innocent victim.

The Blair Witch Project Opening Sequence ConventionsThe film starts with the Lionsgate animation and haxan filmslogo showing the films production companies.

Genre ConventionsWhen the haxan films logo is show it is shaky, this can connotephysical or mental instability which is a key thriller convention.

Opening Sequence ConventionsThe title of the film is in simple, bold white writing on a contrasting black Background, this draws the audiences attention to the title showing it isimportant. There is a slow transition to the next shot which builds enigma andtension, the next shot is a paragraph setting the narrative. This gives theaudience an idea of the story so they know from the start what is happeningwithout getting confused.

Genre ConventionsThe black background can show the darkness of the film whilst the white writing signifies innocence, both these things are key conventionsfor thrillers. By having the final sentence in the paragraph on a separate line it draws the audiences attention to it showing how important it is. Like the haxan film logo these two pieces of writing are also shaky, this continues on the key concept of mental or physical instability.

Genre ConventionsAfter another fade to black a series of colours are shown,the first is a dull brown colour. The shot looks like it has a pulse as it slightly moves in and out, this signifies a heart and life. This shows the convention of death in theopening sequence or possibly a medical situation.

Opening Sequence ConventionsTension is build by having a short period of silence and quickmovements of the camera.

Genre ConventionsAlthough this part of the opening lasts for a few seconds it establishes some more conventions. It could suggest a chaseor sudden movements which goes with the idea of an escapedconvict, alternatively it could be showing something from theprotagonist's point of view for example being trapped and trying to get out.

Opening Sequence ConventionsCharacters start to be introduced in order to establish the storyline and get straight into to story. Using a blurry image builds tensionand makes the audience wonder what is going to happen.

Genre ConventionsBy showing