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Preliminary Task

Preliminary TaskAbbie Edwards

SynopsisThe short scene is about two friends Imogen and Jacklyn. Imogen receives a text from Jacklyn asking to meet her at the local caf. When she arrives Jacklyn tells her boyfriend was flirting with her at a party at the weekend.


Imogen sits at desk[Phone beeps]

Imogen takes phone out her pocket and reads the message

Message from Jacklyn reads Come to the cafe ASAP I need to talk to you

Imogen stands up, scene cuts

Imogen walks through door and sits down opposite Girl B

Jacklyn: Hi you alright?

Imogen: Yeah Im good, what did you need to talk to me about?

Jacklyn: Basically when you left Jennys party Sam was flirting with me.

Imogen: What? Are you serious? What did you do?

Jacklyn: Well I was drunk and one thing led to another

Imogen: What just tell me?

Jacklyn: and then, and then we huggedScene Cuts