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  1. 1. Imperceivable Whatever happened to patient 050?Group050 Abbie Harry Becky
  2. 2. SynopsisBackgroundIts set in an asylum. Its about a man in the asylumwho goes missing, hes in the asylum for creating anumerous amount of murders, hes killed familymembers and children.The film focuses on the man that has gone missingnot on his past. His past creates tension as heneeds to be found. He refuses to take his pillstherefore he believes everyone is against him.
  3. 3. Themes Missing person Mental institution
  4. 4. Setting Set in a mental institution as well ashis own home. In London.
  5. 5. CostumeCostume:White coats/ t-shirts identification numbers. 050446752 795
  6. 6. Props Props: Files Missing poster Medication
  7. 7. Lighting Low key lighting Artificial lighting
  8. 8. Sound Sound effects Thunder Loud bangs Foot steps Heavy breathing Heartbeat
  9. 9. Shots Candid Extreme close up Close up Long shots
  10. 10. What are we linking it to? Shutter Island Set in an Institution
  11. 11. Target Audience 15+ because teenagers are most likely to goand watch it. It may be inappropriate foryounger viewers.
  12. 12. Production Example