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Presentation for our advance wireless device assignment


  • 1. Abbie Menard New Media IV

2. This is Rebecca: 3. This is Rebeccas best friend: 4.

  • Theis a mobile device with features tailored to
  • - fashionistas
  • shopaholics
  • trendsetters
  • bargain hunters.

5. Rebecca is a fashionista, shopaholic, trendsetter, and a bargain hunter. 6. features include:

  • - cell phone
  • text messaging
  • pic/video messaging
  • store updates
  • shoppers maps ofmajor cities
  • sale tracking

7. On her way back to work at Macys, Rebecca turns on her best friend-device, the 8. Next, Rebecca decides to check whats new at her favorite shops 9. Suddenly, Rebeccas boss suddenly calls her to ask if she got the new shoes repaired. 10. Uh oh! Rebecca completely forgot! Now she wont be able to stop by her favorite stores. 11. Rebecca quickly looks up her shoppers map of midtown Manhattan. Oh good, theres a shoe repair shop just a few blocks away from all her favorite places! 12. Rebecca is so relieved, she can drop of the shoes and then go shopping while she waits! 13. Rebecca texts her boss to let him know shes on her way to get the shoes. Of course, Ill bring the shoes right to you, when Im back from lunch! 14. Yay! Rebecca gets to keep her job and partake in her favorite pastime of shopping! ALL thanks to her best friend, the