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    Abbie Gregg, Inc.Engineering Architecture ConsultingCleanrooms Labs Imaging Nano Bio

    Helping the world turn technology into products.

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    AGI Background / Firm Overview

    Started in 1985

    Advanced Technology Focus

    Over 850 Projects Completed

    Based in Phoenix, AZ

    Worldwide Presence:

    North America

    South America



    Middle East


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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    AGI can assist

    at every stage. Start Up Consulting

    Research & Development Manufacturing

    Technology Evaluation- Validation: Process / Product Analysis

    - Intellectual Property Strategy

    - Fair Market Valuation

    - Market Analysis

    R&D Options Manufacturing Options

    CollaborationDedicated Lab

    - Site Selection

    - Facility Design

    - Equipment Evaluation / Procurement

    - Cost Modeling

    - Tool Installation / Accommodation

    - Locate Funding Partners


    - Site Selection

    - Plant Design

    - Tool Evaluation

    - Cost / Capacity Modeling

    - Technology Transfer

    - Tool Installation

    - Process Start Up

    - Yield Improvement

    - Partner Search

    - Procurement Specification

    - Cost Modeling

    - Technology Transfer


    = Client Needs

    = AGI Services

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Abbie Gregg, Inc.




    Flat Panel Display

    Flexible Electronics



    Medical Devices / Imaging




    Additive Manufacturing


    Additive Bio Nano

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Feasibility Study

    Site Selection

    Master Planning

    Conceptual Design / Programming

    Schematic Design

    Design Development

    Construction Documents

    Building Permit

    Construction Administration

    Project Closeout

    Architecture and Engineering Services

    Project Types: Base build, fit out, tool hook-up

    Provided for all phases of Design and Construction

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Feasibility and Site Selection Studies

    1. Site Search, Evaluation and Selection

    Vibration, EMI, Acoustical, Geotechnical Analysis

    Tax and Incentive Analysis

    New Build vs. Renovation

    2. Cleanrooms, Labs, Characterization Area Studies

    Architecture, Structural Engineering

    Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Process Engineering

    Utility Matrix: FabTech Software

    Hazardous Materials Analysis: Chemicals / Gases

    Code Analysis

    3. Benchmarking

    Benchmark Costs

    Benchmark Performance

    Photograph Studies

    Tour, Touch, Feel, See

    4. Manage Process, Tool, Workflow Changes

    Continue to evaluate user group needs refine requirements observe work


    Refine and align Cost Estimate with Expectations of Client

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    AGIs Programming Approach

    Workshops, Tours, and Data Collection Discussion with users:

    Tour Existing Labs, Cleanrooms, and Factories Find out how current facilities limit results. List products or research to be generated Examine clients newest and future requirements List the constraints (Budget, Schedule, etc.)

    Review the clients tool list. Current? Future? Suggestions

    AGI creates a bridge between user process needs and the design team Develop layout Develop utility matrix Develop room conditions matrix

    Lists the rooms temperature and humidity requirements Lists the square footage of each room Lists the vibration requirements Lists light and noise levels Lists the EMI requirements

    Studies on EMI/Vibration abatement customized for site/tool/user requirements.

    Analyze Chemical/Gas Usage HPM code issues, storage and operational plans.

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    AGIs Design Approach


    Lab Planning

    Industrial Engineering

    Specialty systems (Gas cabinets, specialty gases, abatement)

    DI Water, Waste Treatment, Specialty Liquid/Drain Systems

    Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering and Design

    Fixtures, furnishings, wet process stations design

    PVAC,CDA, PCW, SCHW Design

    Tool install design

    Construction Visits, Construction Administration

    Coordinate with Design Team Mobilize specialty sub-


    Value engineering/difficult designs

    Provide fully coordinated documents

    Interface with Owner Ongoing Discuss tool changes

    Discuss process / work flow changes

    Explain Impact on design

    Discuss User Desired Changes

    Live CAD Edits in Revit

    Explain Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Architectural, Structural Systems

    Insure design meets owners needs

    Insure tools will operate within designed facilities

    Align Design with Budget / Cost Estimates

    Design Services provided by AGI

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) Revit

    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Building design and documentation methodology

    Fully integrated with AutoDesk Revit software

    Enhanced real time coordination between all design


    Predicts appearance, performance and cost

    Identifies physical conflicts

    Critical for tightly packed spaces, like cleanrooms, labs,

    and factories

    Over 200 Revit Projects Completed Since 2007

    BIM tools in use since 1986 (AGI)

    FabTech Utility Matrix

    CAD Tool Library

    Precise Engineering Software integrated with BIM

    SKM, Pipe Flo, Elum

    AGI Revit Rendering of UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom

    Example of Physical Conflict

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Cleanroom MEP from Interstitial

    Copyright AGI 2013

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Imaging MEP from Above

    Copyright AGI 2013

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Leadership in Energy and

    Environmental Design


    Design for energy efficiency

    Challenges of HVAC

    intensive areas

    (cleanrooms, HPM areas)


    Testing, Adjusting and

    Balancing - HVAC

    Process Piping Purity

    TGM and Fire Alarm / EHS

    HPM Storage and Dispense


    Cleanroom Certification

    Vibration / EMI / Acoustics


    AGI LEED Projects:

    Arizona State University,

    Biodesign Institute, Phases I & II

    Building B, LEED Certified:


    King Abdullah University of

    Science and Technology,

    Advanced Fab Cleanroom,

    Photovoltaic Research Lab,

    Thin Films Lab

    LEED Certified: Platinum

    Lawrence Berkeley National

    Labs, Molecular Foundry

    LEED Certified: Gold

    Duke University, Fitzpatrick

    Center for Interdisciplinary

    Engineering, Medicine and

    Applied Sciences (FCIEMAS)

    LEED Certified: Silver

    A KAUST Solar Cooling Tower exterior

    view. The tower uses the sun and

    prevailing winds to create a passive

    pressure difference and continuous

    breeze along shaded courtyards.

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Construction Construction Administration Design Team / Owner


    Shop Drawing and Material Approval Submittals

    Site Observation

    Expedite and coordinate crating and shipping of all owner material to the site.

    General Contractor / Specialty Contractors: Turnkey

    Architectural, Structural, Iron Works



    High Purity Piping

    Tool Hook-up and Rigging

    Clean Build Protocol / GMP Protocol

    Cost Estimating

    Scheduling / Coordination / OAC Meetings

    Commissioning, Test Adjusting and Balancing, followed by Cleanroom or Lab Certification and Acceptance

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Construction Supervision

    Onsite Construction Coordination Clean build protocol- 3 stages

    Cleanroom slab, Vibration isolation, Trenches, and Cleanroom Flooring

    EMI Abatement Shielding, Rebar

    Specialty Lab Flooring / Ceiling Systems

    Cleanroom and Imaging Labs Air handling systems

    Imaging Labs Radiant Cooling Panels

    Cleanroom ceiling and walls

    Imaging Acoustical wall panels

    High purity piping (orbital welding and Teflon pipe fusion)

    Process systems coordination

    Cleanroom equipment and furnishings Coordination

    Personnel Coordination

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    AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc.

    Tool Installation

    1. Preparation Steps: Tool Hookup Design

    Use and Validate Utility Matrix for Each Tool

    Tool Research on latest models purchased

    Risk evaluation potential for tool damage

    Validate Tool Positioning on Layout

    Tool Source Inspection/Acceptance

    Facilities Research / Validation

    Safety Readiness (SEMI S-2, etc.)

    Prepare Tool Hookup Drawings

    Prepare Specs for Tool Hookup materials and procedures

    2. Tool Hookup Stages: Coordination

    Determine Trade Sequences

    PreFab Drops and Stands

    Demount Wall Partitions


    Ductwork and Exhaust

    Process Piping




    3. Tier 0, 1, 2, 3 Tool Start-Up

    Facilites Power On Baseline Process Owner Proce