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Spring 2014 FCAT CBT FCAT Test Administrator Training. April 2, 2014. Agenda. Important Dates What’s New & Reminders Test Security Who is Tested Accommodations ePAT Test Administrator Responsibiliesties Invalidations Questions. Read Me!. Administration Dates. Materials and Forms. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Spring 2014FCAT CBT FCAT Test Administrator TrainingApril 2, 2014

AgendaImportant DatesWhats New & RemindersTest SecurityWho is TestedAccommodationsePATTest Administrator ResponsibiliestiesInvalidationsQuestions

2Read Me!2Administration DatesEVENTDATESCOMMENTSGrade 6 MathGrades 6, 7 Reading Grade 8 ReadingApril 1415April 21-24 April 28-29Tests consist of 2 sessions thatare 70 minutes each.Make up sessions will be scheduled between test dates.

3Materials and FormsFor each student:Student Authorization Ticket (secure item)Reference Sheet and Work Folder for Math (FCAT 6th grade)Worksheet for Reading new one each sessionPencilForms (Appendix D of manual)Security FormsClassroom SignsTest Administrator ChecklistMath Reference SheetCBT Worksheet (Reading)Required Administration Information Forms (Roster will be provided.)Group Code (Will be provided.)Seating Chart Form (Copy provided.)Whats New?CBT Test Administrator Quick Reference Guide is no longer in the Test Administration Manual Test administrators should use this reference document for addressing TestNav and TestHear errors during testingOne provided to each lab during testing (included with hand outs)

5Whats New?District Decision: Math Reference Sheet must be given to each student for math CBT. Reference sheets are to be returned and considered as secure materials.

District Decision: CBT Worksheets must be given to students taking Reading sessions. A new sheet must be provided for session 2. Used worksheets are secure materials.

6RemindersAll test administrators MUST be certified educators or licensed professionalsincludes temporary certifications for new teachers and certified substitute teachersAll test administrators and proctors must sign the Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Form as well as the Security Agreement Form prior to testing Students may not have any electronic or recording devices at their desks, in their pockets, or anywhere they can reach them during testing, including during breaks, even if the devices are turned off or the students do not use themIf a student is found to be in possession of ANY electronic device(s) during testing, his or her test MUST be invalidated

7RemindersStudents taking the CBT must check a box indicating they understand the test rules read (in script) and that if they do not adhere to the rules their test will not be scoredThe last portion of the testing rules read to students before they affirm the Testing Rules Acknowledgment reads, After the test, you may not discuss the test items with anyone. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, or posting online, for example, on websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you are found sharing information about test items, even without the intent to cheat, your test will be invalidated.If a student refuses to check the box, test administrator should contact test coordinator and reschedule student into another session.8RemindersA Group Code must be assigned to each group of students testing. 6001,6002, etc. You will be assigned a group code and students will be instructed to enter the code.The same group code must be used for session 1 and session 2 for that group of students.Each student must complete session 1 before starting session 2.Students will use the same Student Authorization Ticket for both sessions of FCAT 2.0.

9RemindersStudents participating in FCAT 2.0 Reading and 6 FCAT 2.0 Math must enter a Seal Code to open Session 2.Seal Code is a 4-digit number that will be provided to you. all students in a test session will use the same seal codeDo Not confuse Seal Code with Group CodeReading the script verbatim will direct the students to enter these codes at the appropriate time.10RemindersA Florida Computer-Based Testing Work Folder is provided for FCAT 2.0 Math (6th grade) in which students may work their problems. Students may have more than one folder if needed. Used folders are secure items. All folders must be returned used or unused.

11Test Security and Forms12Security Agreement FormAppendix C (FCAT) Must be signed bySchool PrincipalSchool Test CoordinatorTest AdministratorsProctorsAnyone handling test materials

Test AdministratorProhibited Activities AgreementAppendix C (FCAT) Must be signed prior to testing byTest AdministratorsProctorsMust include teacher certificate or professional license number for Test AdministratorsSecurity LogAppendix CMust be completed by everyone who enters room for purpose of administering or monitoring test

Seating ChartsA seating chart must be maintained for each test session. If student seating changes during or between sessions, a new seating chart must be made. Use forms provided or create own forms.Seating Charts must include:Test Subject and Session NumberTest date and test start timeRoom number Test Group Code numberTest Administrator and Proctor names/location in roomStudent names/locations Front and back of roomDirection students are facing Required Administration Information FormsTrack students, materials, attendance, accommodationsUse the Session Roster :RAI is used for each test session, including make-up sessions, orMust be signed by Test Administrator and School Coordinator

Student Authorization TicketsStudent Authorization TicketsSession/Test/LocationStudent NameDate of BirthStudent IDStudent Signature LineURLLogin IDTest Code (password)For FCAT 2.0 students will use the same ticket for both days of the testStudents need a pencil or pen to sign their tickets18

Who Can Proctor?Proctor is the person assisting in the room but does not read script, answer student questions, etc.School PersonnelCan handle and assist with test materials and can monitor test sessionNon-School PersonnelVIPs or other non-paid volunteersCannot handle test materials but can help monitor student activity during test sessionAll Test Administrators and Proctors must be trained in both security guidelines and testing protocol, and must sign Security Agreement and Prohibited Activities formsTest administrators and Proctors cannot be in test room with students related to themUCF Interns cannot be used in any capacity for FCAT or EOC TestingTest Security ProceduresKeep test materials in locked storage when not in use before and after testing.May not be left in classroom during breaks or overnightReport Missing Materials, Breaches of Test Security, Testing Irregularities to Mary Chavers or Brent Ougel immediately.Mary Chavers 31430Brent Ougel 31315

Secure MaterialsStudent Authorization Tickets and Session RostersCBT WorksheetsCBT Work FolderMath Reference Sheets21Who is tested?22Who is testedAll students are expected to take FCAT 2.0 except FAAFLVSFLVS FT will enter students into PearsonAccess, set up test sessions, provide district with session rosters, authorization tickets, seal codes, and will monitor testingHospital/Homebound Students:Most Hospital/Homebound students will test with paper tests - to be provided to schoolsIf a student wants to test via computer, they will receive permission through Hospital/Homebound, and their test designtion in PearsonAccess will be changed by H/H. School administering test will be given access to H/H site in PearsonAccess to set up test sessions, print session rosters and authorization tickets, seal codes, and monitor testingHome Ed or McKay Students:School administering test will be given access to Home Ed and McKay school sites in PearsonAccess to set up test sessions, print authorization tickets, session rosters, seal codes, and monitor testingHome Ed students will be hand-entered into PearsonAccess by Home Ed DepartmentMcKay will be hand-entered into PearsonAccess by ColleenAccommodations for ESE/504/ELL24Accommodations (Page 191)Please mark only accommodations used by the student on the roster.Review these on pages 192 - 199ESE/504 AccommodationsFP - Flexible PresentationFR Flexible RespondingFSC Flexible Scheduling ( ex. extended time)FSE Flexible SettingAD Assistive DevicesELL AccommodationsFSC Flexible Scheduling ( ex. Extended time)FSE Flexible SettingAHL Assistance in Heritage LanguageADI Approved DictionaryQuestions for ESE students please contact Ms. Callovi 31316Questions for 504 please contact Mr. Ougel 31315 (6th grade A-L and all 8th)Questions for 504 please contact Mrs. Durand 31314 (6th grade M-Z and all 7th)Questions for ELL contact Ms. Ramos or Ms. Gonzalez 31317ePAT26 Practice TestPRACTICE TESTSStudents are required to participate in a practice test at the school using the script provided in the CBT and/or EOC test administration manualPractice test is delivered using an ePAT and must be administered at the schoolePAT is available for students to practice on their own if given URLPurpose is to familiarize students with layout of test and using toolsMay be used until day prior to test


CBT Online Tools28

Test Administrator Responsibilities

29 Before TestingTest Administratprs Responsibilities before testing (Pages 19 25)Prep room for testingHave required forms ready (RAI, Seating Chart, Authorization Tickets, etc.)Computers ready for students (screens opened to student login this is crucial)Have materials ready for students (reference sheets, worksheets, work folders, pencils)Manuals (review before testing)Group code, seal code (4-digits used to open session 2)Turn in security agreement forms prior to testingPlease take the time to review and become familiar with the contents of the manual.Note: Test administrators (TA) are responsible for picking up and returning test materials each day of testing.


During Testing Test Administrators resp. during testing (pages 26-28)Distribute materialsRead scripts verbatim Keep accurate timeMonitor testing and maintain tes