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Spring 2013 CBT FCAT 2.0 Test Administrator Training. Wednesday, April 10. CBT Testing Agenda. Welcome Whats New & Reminders Test Security (Quick review) Test Administrators/Proctors Responsibilities Before During After Testing Invalidations Contacts Questions. Read Me!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Spring 2013CBT FCAT 2.0 Test Administrator TrainingWednesday, April 10</p> <p>CBT Testing AgendaWelcomeWhats New &amp; RemindersTest Security (Quick review)Test Administrators/Proctors ResponsibilitiesBeforeDuring After TestingInvalidationsContactsQuestions</p> <p>2</p> <p>Read Me!Administration DatesEVENTDATESCOMMENTSGrade 7 Reading 2.0</p> <p>Grades 6 Reading 2.0April 16-17 Tuesday and Wednesday</p> <p>April 22-23 Monday and Tuesday</p> <p>Day/Session 1: 70 minutesDay/Session 2: 70 minutesMake up daysApril 18,19,24,25,26 and 293Materials and FormsFor each student:Student Authorization Ticket (secure item)Must be signed by student Pick up and return each day Work Sheet for Reading (New)Forms (Appendix E)Security Forms (if submitted for paper pencil no need to re-submit)Classroom SignsTest Administrator ChecklistsCBT Worksheet (Reading)Forms Required Administration Information Forms (RAI) will be your test rosterSeating Chart (Copy provided-information needed on page 22)Security Log (to be completed by anyone supervising testing)Whats New?CBT Worksheets should be provided to students taking Reading sessions. A new sheet must be provided for session 2. All worksheets are secure materials and need to be signed.Copies will be provided to you to distribute to students.</p> <p>If student information is incorrect on the student ticket (name, or ID) the ticket cannot be used so please call Diane. 5Whats New?The same group code must be used for session 1 and session 2 for each set of students.All students must complete session 1 before starting session 2Students taking the CBT must check a box indicating they understand the test rules read (in script) and that if they do not adhere to the rules their test will not be scoredIf a student refuses to check the box, test administrator should contact test coordinator and reschedule student into another session. Call discipline so student is escorted to guidance.6RemindersStudents must enter a SEAL CODE to open Session 2 on Day 2 of testing.Seal Code is a 4-digit number that will be provided and all students in a test session will use the same seal code.Seal codes will not be given to test administrators until Day 2.Not the same as group code.7RemindersStudents may not have any electronic or recording devices at their desks, in their pockets, or anywhere they can reach them during testing, even if the devices are turned off or the students do not use them.If a student is found to be in possession of ANY electronic device(s) during testing, his or her test MUST be invalidated in order to successfully enforce this policy.8</p> <p>8Test Security and Forms9Security Agreement FormAppendix E of TAMMust be signed bySchool PrincipalSchool Test CoordinatorTest AdministratorsProctorsAnyone handling test materialsCollect and make copy for your file, return originals</p> <p>Test AdministratorProhibited Activities AgreementMust be signed prior to testing byTest AdministratorsProctorsCollect and make a copy for your files, return originalsMust include teacher certificate number for Test AdministratorsSecurity LogAppendix E of TAM or A&amp;A BlackboardMust be completed by everyone who enters room for purpose of administering or monitoring test</p> <p>Seating Chart Sample</p> <p>Session Roster/Administration Information (RAI) FormsTrack students and test sessions, materials, record attendance and accommodations usedUse one for each test session</p> <p>Student Authorization TicketsStudent Authorization Tickets (secure materials)Session/Test/LocationStudent Name (must be correct)Date of BirthStudent ID (must be correct)Student Signature LineURLLogin IDTest Code (password)Students need a Login ID and Test Code (password) to access a test sessionFor FCAT 2.0 Reading, students will use the same ticket both days of the test.Students need a pencil or pen to sign their tickets15</p> <p>Test AdministrationTest Administrator is the one overseeing testing process, reading scripts, etc.For each CBT site a test administrator has been assignedAll others are considered proctors and will monitor and assist with administration.Test Security ProceduresBe sure test room is properly prepared ahead of timeNo unauthorized helps visible to studentsPrivacy barriers in place around computersSign for receipt of materials and verify what you receivedDistribute authorization tickets or paper test materials according to scriptsBe sure test materials are secure during testing processAdministration will pick up materials. Please remain in testing site until materials are picked up.Report Missing Materials, Breaches of Test Security, Testing Irregularities to your school test coordinator immediately </p> <p>Secure MaterialsStudent Authorization TicketsSession RostersCBT WorksheetsBe safe and consider everything secure </p> <p>18ePAT Online Tools/Student are familiar19PointerAvailable for all SubjectsEliminate ChoiceAvailable for all SubjectsHighlighter Tool Available for all SubjectsEraser ToolAvailable for all SubjectsHelp ToolAvailable for all SubjectsCalculator ToolAvailable for Math Retake and EOCsStraightedge ToolAvailable for Math Retake and EOCsExhibit Tool (reference sheet)Available for Math Retake and EOCs</p> <p>Test Administrator and ProctorsBefore TestingDuring TestingAfter Testing</p> <p>Test Administrator Before TestingRead the Test Administration Manual (everyone should be familiar)Be very familiar with the script before testingSign the FCAT/FCAT 2.0 CBT Administration and Security Agreement and Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement if not already done.Collect test materials each morningSession Roster Test Group Code Student Authorization TicketsWork SheetsSeal code (day 2)Pencils for students to sign their authorization tickets and use with work sheets21Test Administrator/EveryoneBefore TestingMake sure students understand the following policies:Electronic Devices PolicyIf students are found with ANY electronic devices during testing, their tests will be invalidated. The best practice would be for students to leave devices at home or in their back packs and placed in a certain area of the room on the day of testing.Leaving CampusIf students leave campus before completing the test (for lunch, an appointment, or illness, etc.) they WILL NOT be allowed to complete the test.Student PledgeStudents will be asked to agree to a pledge by checking a box prior to testing indicating that they will not give or receive unauthorized help during the test.</p> <p>22</p> <p>Test AdministratorBefore testing Ensure that all software applications, including Internet browsers, are closed on all student workstations.Turn on computers and log on with the following credentials: Username: ssms-testing, Password: testStart TestNav on each student workstation to access student login screen. Do not log in for students! Students will be directed through script to login.</p> <p>Test Sessions have a unique six-digit test code (password) that will be printed on the Student Authorization Tickets and Session Roster used to access the test.Test code is not the same as the group code which identifies groups tested.23</p> <p>Test Administrator/proctorsChecklist During TestingMaintain seating chart and record of required administration information (Session Roster)Ensure that proctors and anyone who enters a testing room for the purpose of monitoring the test signs the Security LogAdminister the test according to the directions in the appropriate administration script and read the SAY boxes verbatim to studentsAssist students with accessing the student comment form, located at www.FLAssessments.com/SpringCBTStudentCommentForm at the end of session 2.An icon is on the desktop for the student to click and complete the Comment Form.</p> <p>24</p> <p>Test Administrator/proctorsSupervise Test AdministrationDuring testing, ensure that studentsClear the area around their workstations of all materials except for the following:Student Authorization TicketsPencils or pensWork SheetsCheck the Testing Rules Acknowledgement box and enter the correct test group codeDo not have books, notes, extra scratch paper, or electronic devices of any kind during testing, even if they do not use themDo not talk to other students or make any disturbanceWork independentlyWork in the correct test and session Check student name and test in the top left corner of the computer screen25Test Administrator/proctorsSupervise Test AdministrationTest administrators/proctors MAY NOT:Work on anything other than monitoring test sessionTalk with students about test itemsHelp students with their answersHave any desktop-viewing programs or similar software that would enable you to view test items and student responsesProvide students with any information that would allow them to infer the correct answer, such as suggesting that they might wan to check their work on specific items.Discuss test items or answers with students even after testing has been completed</p> <p>26Test AdministratorSupervise Test AdministrationIf a computer is disconnected from the test:Contact the technology coordinator to help diagnose any technical issues via DianeContact the school test coordinator to resume students test in PearsonAccess if exited intentionally or accidently.27</p> <p>Test Administrator Resuming a Students TestIf a student exits TestNav (either unintentionally or intentionally) before completing the test, a test School Test Coordinator must resume the test before student can continue(either Diane or Mary).For FCAT Reading tests, students will exit at the end of Session 1 and will need to be resumed prior to taking Session 2 of the test.On Session Details screen, click the check box next to the name of the student.Student cannot be resumed if he/she has a Ready, Submitted, or Marked Complete statusIf student is Active and unable to log in then refresh your browser window or click the Refresh button next to status (see image below)Click Resume Test (resumes the students test from the point at which the test was interrupted)System will upload any test responses that the student entered and that were savedOnce the connection to the testing server is reestablished and the student is in Resumed or Resumed-Upload status, the saved responses are transmitted to the testing server and added to the responses already stored there28Test AdministratorDuring Testing Monitoring Test SessionMonitor Session StatusReadyThe student has not started the testActiveThe student has logged in and started the testExitedThe student has exited the test but has not submitted his/her answers. (The student cannot resume the test unless authorized by the school assessment coordinator or the test administrator, if applicable.)ResumedThe student has been authorized to resume the testResumed-UploadThe student has been authorized to resume the test and any responses saved locally have been uploadedSubmittedThe student has finished testing and submitted his/her answersProcessingThe students test has been submitted and the system has begun processing the dataCompletedThe students submitted test data have been processedMarked CompleteThe student has exited the test and will not resume the same test. Click the Marked Complete icon to view the reason why the test was marked complete.29Test Administrators Session 2 Seal Code30Students must enter a SEAL CODE to open Session 2Seal Code is a 4-digit numberDo not confuse Group Code with Seal CodeStudents will be RESUMED after exiting Session 1 (Day 1) before they are able to get back in and enter the seal code for Session 2 (Day 2)If students are having trouble logging in on Day 2, check with school coordinator to be sure students have been resumedThe Seal Code will be provided on the day of Session 2Students will use the same Student Authorization Ticket for session 2Invalidations same as with paper/pencilElectronic deviceCheatingProvided an accommodation not allowedProvided an accommodation not on IEP, 504 or ELLNot provided with an allowable accommodation that is on IEP, etc.Student is disruptiveOthers on pages 18-19Contact Diane or Brent for any and all situations that may involve an invalidation.Test AdministratorReturning Test Materials to School Test CoordinatorNotify school test coordinator immediately if any of the following are missing, or of any testing irregularities:Student Authorization TicketsSession RostersWork Sheets</p> <p>Verify that you have collected all required administration informationEnsure that all accommodations used by each student are included ESE, 504. ELL onlyVerify that your Seating Chart and Security Log has been completed correctlyAdministration will collect materials from you32Test AdministratorPearsonAccess After TestingComplete Comment FormPlease provide feedback that will be meaningful to the FDOE and the test contractorGo to www.FLAssessments.com/SpringRMS Click the Spring 2013 CBT Test Administrator Comment Form and complete the form33ContactsDiane Taylor31305</p> <p>Mary Chavers31430</p> <p>Brent Ougel31315</p> <p>ContactsMrs. Leenen31358Mrs. Dean31354</p> <p>Questions?</p>


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