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School Test Administrator Training Spring 2012 FCAT/FCAT 2.0 Computer-Based Testing FCAT 2.0 Reading - Grades 6 & 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake FCAT Reading and Mathematics Retakes School Test Coordinator Name ___________________ 1 Slide 2 Overview These training materials are designed to highlight important information for computer-based test administrations. Not all information from the test administration manual is included in this presentation, so it is imperative that district and school staff read and familiarize themselves with all information in the manual in addition to using these training materials. 2 Slide 3 Overview These training materials are based on the Spring 2012 Computer-Based Test Administration Manual. There are separate training materials for FCAT Writing and the paper-based Spring 2012 Reading, Mathematics, and Science assessments. Training materials are available in PearsonAccess under the Support tab. These training materials should be used in conjunction with the Spring 2012 Reading, Mathematics, and Science training materials to ensure that all general information regarding test administration policies and procedures is covered. 3 Slide 4 Glossary of Terms ePAT Electronic Practice Assessment Tool Provides students an opportunity to practice using the computer-based platform prior to testing Available at all student stations Download ePAT launcher separately from test content. Accommodated ePATs are also available. Launcher is bundled with the practice test content for accommodated forms. Scripts for ePATs are under the Resources tab. 4 Slide 5 Computer-Based Test Schedule April 9-20 FCAT 2.0 Reading RetakeTwo half-day sessions over two days* FCAT Mathematics RetakeUntimedup to one school day FCAT Reading Retake**Untimedup to one school day April 16-27 Grade 6 FCAT 2.0 Reading***Two 70-minute sessions over two days Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 ReadingTwo 70-minute sessions over two days 5 * Each FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake session may last no longer than half the length (3 hours) of a typical school day. ** The FCAT Reading Retake is offered in paper-based and CBT formats; for 2012 only, Lake will use paper-based. *** Grade 6 FCAT 2.0 Reading tests may begin on Day 2 of the testing window, April 17. Slide 6 CBT Daily Administration Schedule FCAT Reading Retake FCAT Reading Retake offered in paper-based format for 2012. Students may have up to the length of a typical school day to complete the test but must complete the test in one day. 6 Slide 7 CBT Daily Administration Schedule Grade 6 FCAT 2.0 Reading Grade 6 FCAT 2.0 Reading is a CBT and will be administered in two 70-minute sessions over two days. The FCAT 2.0 testing window is April 16 27. Districts may begin scheduling Grade 6 FCAT 2.0 Reading sessions on April 17 (Day 2) and may schedule sessions each day for the remainder of the testing window, if needed. Paper-based tests (accommodations only) should be administered on April 17 & 18 (Day 2 & 3) of the testing window, with make-up testing administered through April 27 (Day 10), as needed. 7 Slide 8 8 Slide 9 9 Slide 10 10 Slide 11 Whats New for Spring 2012 STUDENT PLEDGE Prior to testing, students are required to read and sign a student pledge on the page after the welcome screen. Students taking a CBT must read and check a box indicating that they agree to adhere to the pledge. Students who do not check the I agree box will not be able to proceed into the test. If a student refuses to check the box, the TA should check the box for the student and note this in the record of required administration information, but the student should be allowed to test. 11 Slide 12 Whats New for Spring 2012 SEATING CHARTS TAs are required to maintain an accurate seating chart for each group of students in their rooms during testing. All seating charts must indicate the front and back of the room, as well as the direction the students are facing. If students are moved to a different location during testing, a new seating chart must be created and maintained for this location. 12 Slide 13 Whats New for Spring 2012 TEST ADMINISTRATORS ALL TAs must be certified educators. TAs are required to sign a Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement in addition to a Security Agreement. Certification numbers must be recorded on this document. The FCAT/FCAT 2.0 CBT Administration and Security Agreement has been revised to emphasize the importance of proper training and the possible consequences of test administration irregularities. 13 Slide 14 Whats New for Spring 2012 SEAL CODES Students participating in Grade 6 or 10 Reading or FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake using TestNav must enter a seal code to open Session 2 on Day 2 of testing. Students are not able to return to Session 1 once they have logged in to Session 2. Students will log in using the same Student Authorization Tickets for both test sessions. TestHear accommodated forms do not require a seal code to begin testing on Day 2. 14 Slide 15 Whats New for Spring 2012 TestHear Accommodated CBT forms (large print, color contrast, zoom, screen reader, assistive devices) are available for eligible students who have such accommodations identified in their individual educational plans (IEPs) or Section 504 plans. These forms will be accessed using the TestHear software, which is similar to the TestNav 6.9 software but provides accommodations and allows the use of assistive devices. Students who require accommodated forms must practice using the accommodated ePAT for the specific accommodated form or form combination that they will use during testing. 15 Slide 16 Whats New for Spring 2012 REFERENCE SHEETS For this administration, hardcopy reference sheets will be provided for ALL students taking the FCAT Mathematics Retake, not just for students with a paper- based accommodation. Reference sheets for CBTs will be included in test administration manual shipments. 16 Slide 17 Whats New for Spring 2012 HAND-HELD CALCULATORS After participating in an FCAT Mathematics Retake practice test, a student may request an approved four-function calculator on the day of testing. Test administrators should have a supply of approved calculators for these students. 17 Slide 18 Reminders Inappropriate actions by school or district personnel before, during, or after test administration may result in consequences such as test invalidations and/or loss of teaching certification. District Coordinators must ensure that all school administrators, STCs, TAs, and proctors receive adequate training prior to test administration. All personnel involved in test administration must read and sign an FCAT/FCAT 2.0 Administration and Security Agreement, provided in Appendix C, and test administrators must sign a Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement, also provided in Appendix C. 18 Slide 19 Reminders Students may not have any electronic or recording devices including, but not limited to, cell phones and smart phones, at their desks, in their pockets, or anywhere they can reach them during testing, even if the devices are turned off or the students do not use them. If a student is found to be in possession of ANY electronic device(s) during testing, his or her test must be invalidated in order to successfully enforce this policy. Students and parents must be made aware of this policy prior to testing. 19 Slide 20 Reminders If a student begins a session and leaves campus without finishing (due to an appointment, illness, etc.), he or she will NOT be allowed to complete that session. No exceptions will be made once the student leaves the schools campus, so parents and students must be made aware of this policy. If you have concerns about a student, you should not allow the student to begin. Instead, arrange to administer the test to that student on a make-up day. 20 Slide 21 Reminders The following resources for this administration can be found at Test administration manuals Forms to report test irregularities/security breaches and missing materials Training materials Comment forms Blank Administration Record/Security Checklist Security log Reference sheet 21 Slide 22 Reminders Schools must administer an ePAT using the appropriate script provided in the Spring 2012 CBT Manual to all students to be tested to ensure that students have enough time to become familiar with the item types and features of the testing platform. ePATs can be used at any time up to the day of the test. The ePAT is also available for students to practice with on their own. 22 Slide 23 Students to be Tested Grades 6 and 10 Reading In general, all students currently enrolled in grades 6 and 10 will take the FCAT 2.0 Reading test. Retakes Students who entered Grade 9 prior to Fall 2009 and have not yet passed the Reading portion of the Grade 10 FCAT participate in the FCAT Reading Retake. (The CBT manual incorrectly states prior to Fall 2010) Students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2009 or earlier and have not yet passed the Mathematics portion of the Grade 10 FCAT participate in the FCAT Mathematics Retake. Students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2009 and did not pass Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading participate in the FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake. 23 Slide 24 Students to be Tested Grades 10Adult (AD) Students Students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2009 and beyond participate in Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading/FCAT 2.0 Reading Retake. First-time Grade 10 students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2010 and beyond do NOT take an FCAT/FCAT 2.0 Mathematics test. Students enrolled in Grade 10 participate in FCAT 2.0 Reading regardless of any ACT or SAT concordant scores on file. 24 Slide 25 Students to be Tested English Language Learners (ELLs) All ELLs are expected to participate in statewide assessments (per the FDOEs Office of Student Academic Achievement through Language Acquisition). If an ELL has been receiving services in an E


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