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2. JIYOUNGMOON A Presentation is a Show You Plan, Develop and Deliver Yourself 3. JIYOUNGMOON Are You Confident to Compete with Smartphones of the Audience? 4. Why Are Most Presentations So Boring? 5. JIYOUNGMOON MISUNDERSTANDINGS BORING PRESENTATION! 6. You should deliver as much information as possible during your presentation. 7. The shorter a presentation is, the better. So you should minimize the number of slides. 8. A presentation should be fun. The more the audience laugh, the more content they will remember. 9. So What to Do for a Winning Presentation (Not Boring Your Audience) ??? 10. THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS OF WINNING PRESENTATION 11. JIYOUNGMOON COMMANDMENT I. Be Short & Sweet Guy Kawasakis 10-20-30 Rule 10 slides 20 minutes 30 point font FYR only Be flexible! 12. JIYOUNGMOON Be a Storyteller COMMANDMENT II. 13. JIYOUNGMOON Simplify & Visualize Your Ideas COMMANDMENT III. 14. JIYOUNGMOON Be in the Moment & Engage COMMANDMENT IV. 15. JIYOUNGMOON COMMANDMENT V. Close with Call to Action 16. PRESENTATION PLANNING 17. JIYOUNGMOON How to Craft a Story for Your Presentation? Create a Plot First! And for a Perfect Plot 18. JIYOUNGMOON CONTRAST IS THE KEY 19. JIYOUNGMOON SOLUTION FUTURE FULFILLMENT SPECIAL WE PROBLEM PAST / PRESENT NEED ORDINARY THEY Examples of Contrast V S 20. Adopt the Plot of Hero Myths and Legends 21. RISING HERO (BRAVE NEW ERA) INCOMPETENT KING (DARK PAST) V S 22. HERO (WE) ENEMY (THEY) V S 23. JIYOUNGMOON What is Your Weapon of Choice? Linear Narrative vs Spatial Narrative 24. JIYOUNGMOON Presentation Development Process 1ST REHEARSAL SET THE STRUCTURE & FLOW OF YOUR STORY CHOOSE RIGHT SOFTWARE & TOOLS DEVELOP SPEECH NOTES DEVELOP CONTENT (SLIDES & VISUAL) MODIFY THE CONTENT 2ND, 3RD REHEARSALS (INCLUDING TECHNICAL PART) FINAL REHEARSAL SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATION REPEAT ! 25. PRESENTATION VISUALS 26. THE FIVE PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION VISUAL 27. JIYOUNGMOON Slides Should NOT Upstage Your Presentation 28. JIYOUNGMOON Do NOT Make Slideuments 29. JIYOUNGMOON Use Colors Effectively & Sparingly 30. JIYOUNGMOON Pay Attention to the Font Text in typeface is also a part of visual Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation 31. JIYOUNGMOON Plan Your Appearance as Part of Presentation Visual Source: 32. SLIDE MAKEOVER CLINIC 33. HOW TO SIMPLIFY & VISUALIZE TEXT 34. 3 Dos of Blog Writing First of all, a blog writer should be human. Nobody likes talking to a machine. So the writer should offer perspective and have a distinct voice. Personality, emotional message, empathy are also important. It is very important to engage with your audience. In order to do that, add hyperlinks to third-party sources in your text and make your blog accessible through social media. Finally, you need to visualize. Not just visuals but compelling, curiosity- provoking visuals work. Infographic could be an effective option which is both fun-looking and informative. SAMPLE SLIDE 35. 3 Dos of Blog Writing Be Human Nobody likes talking to a machine Should offer perspective and have a distinct voice Personality, emotional message, empathy Engage Hyperlinks to third-party sources Make blog accessible through social media Visualize Compelling, curiosity-provoking visuals Infographic : effective option both fun-looking and informative SAMPLE SLIDE 36. JIYOUNGMOON 3 Dos of Blog Writing BE HUMAN Nobody likes talking to a machine Offer perspective and have distinct voice Personality, emotional message, empathy ENGAGE Hyperlink to third-party sources Make blog accessible through social media VISUALIZE Compelling, curiosity-provoking visuals Infographic: fun-looking and informative SAMPLE SLIDE 37. JIYOUNGMOON BE HUMAN 3 Dos of Blog Writing ENGAGE VISUALIZE SAMPLE SLIDE 38. JIYOUNGMOON Dos of Blog Writing #3 VISUALIZE SAMPLE SLIDE 39. CHARTS & DATA VISUALIZATION 40. Mobile OS Global Market Share SAMPLE SLIDE As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps 41. JIYOUNGMOON 61% 7% 5% 6% 21% As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps SAMPLE SLIDE Others Mobile OS Global Market Share 42. JIYOUNGMOON As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps SAMPLE SLIDE 61% 7% 5% 6% 21% Android Others iOS BlackBerry Windows Mobile OS Global Market Share 43. JIYOUNGMOON Tailor an existing chart to a specific focus Separating signal from noise is the key 44. JIYOUNGMOONSource: Mashable (August 27, 2013) Smartphone Penetration by Country SAMPLE SLIDE 62.2% 62.8% 71.7% 73.0% 10. Denmark 9. UK 8. Hong Kong 7. Sweden 6. Australia 5. Norway 4. Singapore 3. Saudi Arabia 2. South Korea 1. UAE 56.4% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 13. USA 45. JIYOUNGMOON Remember! Slides are for the audience NOT your prompter Visual is about presenting your ideas NOT for the sake of beauty itself Balance consistency and variation 46. PRESENTATION DELIVERY 47. HOW TO ENGAGE WITH THE AUDIENCE 48. JIYOUNGMOON Understand Your Audience 49. JIYOUNGMOON Use the Power of Emotional Appeal Did Kennedy really outwit Nixon in the debate? 50. JIYOUNGMOON RELEVANT QUOTE Open Your Presentation with: CURIOSITY- PROVOKING IMAGE PERSONAL STORY 51. JIYOUNGMOON SUMMARY OF THE KEY POINTS CALL TO ACTION Close Your Presentation with: 52. Effective Presentation Closing Why Our Company? Inspire your potential clients and partners to choose you 53. ONSTAGE 54. Source: Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are Open Your Arms to the Audience NEVER EVER Read Your Slides 55. Tune Your Voice Practice is important 56. And Most Importantly BE IN THE MOMENT 57. JIYOUNGMOON CHECKLIST Make sure the flow is smooth from the opening to the closing Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Check the venue and equipment in advance Prepare for the worst-case scenario Prepare Q&A List 58. ONE MORE THING 59. Photo by betacontinua - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck Refer to the keynotes of Steve Jobs And forget about them! 60. SHOWTIME! Engage & Inspire Your Audience in Your Own Style JiYoung Moon Account Director The Hoffman Agency /Twitter @MoonJiYoung