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American Punk vs. British Punk an early punk scene by Nguyen Tran (Moon)

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  • 1. American Punk vs. British Punk an early punk scene by Nguyen Tran (Moon)

2. Punk Timeline PROTOPUNK 1976 1980s1974 EARLY PUNK PUNK ROCK POST-PUNK The Sonics Iggy Pop MC5 The Monks The Stooges The Velvet Underground Television New York Dolls Blondie Patti Smith Group The Ramones Talking Head The Sex Pistols Buzzcocks X-Ray Spex Generation X Black Flag The Misfits The Clash The Damned Dead Kennedys Joy Division Siouxsie & the Banshees The Cure Gang of Four Bauhaus The Smiths Sonic Youth 3. What The Punk? 4. NOISE What The Punk? 5. The Sex Pistols God Save The Queen 6. ! Music movement & Style ! Timeframe: 1974 1980 ! Style: fast, hard-edged music ! Structure: short songs, stripped-down instrumentation ! Lyrics: political, anti-establishment, shouted ! Recording: self-produced, informally distributed (DIY ethic) What The Punk? 7. Who Play Punk? punk is rock and roll by people who didn't have very much skills as musicians but still felt the need to express themselves through music John Holmstrom (editor of Punk magazine) 1 vocalist + 1 or 2 electric guitarists + 1 bassist + 1 drummer (hostile slogan) (white noise) (texture) 8. The Ramones (live at CBGB, 1977) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 9. The Bands/Solos New York City ! Iggy Pop ! Patti Smith ! The Ramones ! New York Dolls ! The Velvet Underground ! The Dead Kennedys London ! The Sex Pistols ! The Clash ! The Slits ! Siouxsie & the Banshees ! Generation X ! X-Ray Spex 10. US Punk vs. UK Punk New York City ! 1st concrete punk rock scene mid 70s ! Underground ! Poetic ! By poets, artists, musicians ! More melodic & experimental ! Turn into hardcore London ! Emerged soon afterwards, separate creation story ! Mainstream ! Rebellious, political ! By angry youth ! More raw & honest ! Turn into ska/reggage 11. New York City CBGB Club 12. London The Street 13. Patti Smith (live at CBGB) Land/Gloria/Elegie 14. Thank You!