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Presentation tips for startups


<ul><li> PRESENTATION TIPS FOR STARTUPS 2014 by JiYoung MOON </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON A Presentation is a Show You Plan, Develop and Deliver Yourself </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Are You Confident to Compete with Smartphones of the Audience? </li> <li> Why Are Most Presentations So Boring? </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON MISUNDERSTANDINGS BORING PRESENTATION! </li> <li> You should deliver as much information as possible during your presentation. </li> <li> The shorter a presentation is, the better. So you should minimize the number of slides. </li> <li> A presentation should be fun. The more the audience laugh, the more content they will remember. </li> <li> So what to do for a winning presentation (Not boring your audience to death) ??? </li> <li> THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS OF WINNING PRESENTATION </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON COMMANDMENT I. Be Short &amp; Sweet Guy Kawasakis 10-20-30 Rule 10 slides 20 minutes 30 point font FYR only Be flexible! </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Be a Storyteller COMMANDMENT II. </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Simplify &amp; Visualize Your Ideas COMMANDMENT III. </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Be in the Moment &amp; Engage COMMANDMENT IV. </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON COMMANDMENT V. Close with Call to Action </li> <li> PRESENTATION PLANNING </li> <li> What a Venture Capitalist Expects from Your Presentation? </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON A Venture Capitalist Wants to See: PROFITABILITY &amp; GROWTH POTENTIAL VISION &amp; PASSION PEOPLE </li> <li> SOURCE: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint by Guy Kawasaki 1. Problem 2. Your solution 3. Business model 4. Underlying magic/technology 5. Marketing and sales 6. Competition 7. Team 8. Projections and milestones 9. Status and timeline 10. Summary and call to action Ten Topics a Venture Capitalist Cares about Grab attention through storytelling </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON How to Craft a Story for Your Presentation? Create a Plot First! And for a Perfect Plot </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON CONTRAST IS THE KEY </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON SOLUTION FUTURE FULFILLMENT SPECIAL WE PROBLEM PAST / PRESENT NEED ORDINARY THEY Examples of Contrast V S </li> <li> Adopt the Plot of Hero Myths and Legends </li> <li> RISING HERO (BRAVE NEW ERA) INCOMPETENT KING (DARK PAST) V S </li> <li> HERO (WE) ENEMY (THEY) V S </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON What is Your Weapon of Choice? Linear Narrative vs Spatial Narrative </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Presentation Development Process 1ST REHEARSAL SET THE STRUCTURE &amp; FLOW OF YOUR STORY CHOOSE RIGHT SOFTWARE &amp; TOOLS DEVELOP SPEECH NOTES DEVELOP CONTENT (SLIDES &amp; VISUAL) MODIFY THE CONTENT 2ND, 3RD REHEARSALS (INCLUDING TECHNICAL PART) FINAL REHEARSAL SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATION REPEAT ! </li> <li> PRESENTATION VISUALS </li> <li> THE FIVE PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION VISUAL </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Slides Should NOT Upstage Your Presentation </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Do NOT Make Slideuments </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Use Colors Effectively &amp; Sparingly </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Pay Attention to the Font Text in typeface is also a part of visual Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Plan Your Appearance as Part of Presentation Visual Source: </li> <li> SLIDE MAKEOVER CLINIC </li> <li> HOW TO SIMPLIFY &amp; VISUALIZE TEXT </li> <li> 3 Dos of Blog Writing First of all, a blog writer should be human. Nobody likes talking to a machine. So the writer should offer perspective and have a distinct voice. Personality, emotional message, empathy are also important. It is very important to engage with your audience. In order to do that, add hyperlinks to third-party sources in your text and make your blog accessible through social media. Finally, you need to visualize. Not just visuals but compelling, curiosity- provoking visuals work. Infographic could be an effective option which is both fun-looking and informative. SAMPLE SLIDE </li> <li> 3 Dos of Blog Writing Be Human Nobody likes talking to a machine Should offer perspective and have a distinct voice Personality, emotional message, empathy Engage Hyperlinks to third-party sources Make blog accessible through social media Visualize Compelling, curiosity-provoking visuals Infographic : effective option both fun-looking and informative SAMPLE SLIDE </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON 3 Dos of Blog Writing BE HUMAN Nobody likes talking to a machine Offer perspective and have distinct voice Personality, emotional message, empathy ENGAGE Hyperlink to third-party sources Make blog accessible through social media VISUALIZE Compelling, curiosity-provoking visuals Infographic: fun-looking and informative SAMPLE SLIDE </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON BE HUMAN 3 Dos of Blog Writing ENGAGE VISUALIZE SAMPLE SLIDE </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Dos of Blog Writing #3 VISUALIZE SAMPLE SLIDE </li> <li> CHARTS &amp; DATA VISUALIZATION </li> <li> Mobile OS Global Market Share SAMPLE SLIDE As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON 61% 7% 5% 6% 21% As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps SAMPLE SLIDE Others Mobile OS Global Market Share </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON As of 1Q 2013 Source: Mobile Apps SAMPLE SLIDE 61% 7% 5% 6% 21% Android Others iOS BlackBerry Windows Mobile OS Global Market Share </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Tailor an existing chart to a specific focus Separating signal from noise is the key </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOONSource: Mashable (August 27, 2013) Smartphone Penetration by Country SAMPLE SLIDE 62.2% 62.8% 71.7% 73.0% 10. Denmark 9. UK 8. Hong Kong 7. Sweden 6. Australia 5. Norway 4. Singapore 3. Saudi Arabia 2. South Korea 1. UAE 56.4% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 13. USA </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Remember! Slides are for the audience NOT your prompter Visual is about presenting your ideas NOT for the sake of beauty itself Balance consistency and variation </li> <li> PRESENTATION DELIVERY </li> <li> HOW TO ENGAGE WITH THE AUDIENCE </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Understand Your Audience </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON Use the Power of Emotional Appeal Did Kennedy really outwit Nixon in the debate? </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON RELEVANT QUOTE Open Your Presentation with: CURIOSITY- PROVOKING IMAGE PERSONAL STORY </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON SUMMARY OF THE KEY POINTS CALL TO ACTION Close Your Presentation with: </li> <li> Effective Presentation Closing Why Our Company? Inspire your potential clients and partners to choose you </li> <li> ONSTAGE </li> <li> Source: Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are Open Your Arms to the Audience NEVER EVER Read Your Slides </li> <li> Tune Your Voice Practice is important </li> <li> And Most Importantly BE IN THE MOMENT </li> <li> JIYOUNGMOON CHECKLIST Make sure the flow is smooth from the opening to the closing Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Check the venue and equipment in advance Prepare for the worst-case scenario Prepare Q&amp;A List </li> <li> ONE MORE THING </li> <li> Photo by betacontinua - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck Refer to the keynotes of Steve Jobs And forget about them! </li> <li> SHOWTIME! Engage &amp; Inspire the Audience in Your Own Style JiYoung Moon Account Director The Hoffman Agency / Twitter @MoonJiYoung </li> </ul>