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<ul><li> 1. Moon Bracelet Moon Bracelet Its more than just a bracelet!</li></ul> <p> 2. Problem Teenagers like beauty Teenagers have little pocket money 3. Solution Make beautiful handmade bracelets Inexpensive Teenagers can customize the bracelets 4. Description of Product Handmade, elegant, suit for teenagers Inexpensive Bracelet with name of the customer on it 5. Business ModelDefinition of One Unit Process: One packaged bracelet1. Travel to wholesaleEconomics of One UnitstoresSelling Price $5.50 Cost of materials$0.582. Purchase materialsCost of labor 1.80 Other variable costs0.003. Make bracelets atTotal COGS/ COSS $2.38homeContribution Margin$2.624. Deliver bracelets to Monthly Break Even Unitsschool $0 =0 0 units$2.62 6. Market AnalysisMarket StatisticsIndustryAnnual IndustryName: Jewelry StoreSales:$3,000,000,000 Description of Target Consumer Target Market Size Demographics Geographic Total population oftargeted geographicTeenagers, 15-20 years In Brooklyn Internationalareaold. Mostly girls. HaveHigh School, Brooklyn,47746pocket money about $10 11201to 420 Population of target market 400Psychographics Buying PatternsLike to be fashionable.Buy with cash. Usually Market size(based onLike to show personality only buy once. Most are survey)and style. Prefer Internet impulsive shoppers 200 7. Promotion and Sales Advertising on Facebook Personal selling-sell to friends Poster advertisement-Put up posters Sales promotion-Buy 5 get 1 free Business card-Give out business card in school. 8. Competition Direct competitors: Online sellers: eBay, Amazon.Michael Indirect Competitors: Macys, Forever 21. Moon Bracelet: Customers ask for favorite design.Inexpensive. Handmade. Produced locally 9. Qualifications Tenzin Chotsok: Has experience of makingbracelets. Designer. Persistent Ziao Zhang: Come up with idea. Thinking flexiblyInvestigate the needs of customers. 10. Sales Projections Gross Total Units Net ProfitRevenue220$489.94 $1210Units Sold3530252015Units Sold1050 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 11. Startup Funds ItemWhy Needed CostStrings Needed to make bracelets$14.50Beads Needed to make bracelets 16.50WrappersNeeded to package bracelets 3.00Table Needed to put the bracelets on it0Price tagsNeeded to write the price of each 2.00bracelet Total Startup Expenditures $36.00 Emergency Fund18.00 Reserve for Fixed Expenses0 Total Startup Investment $54.00 12. Moon Bracelet Moon Bracelet Its more than just a bracelet! </p>