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Slide 2 MyFloridaMarketPlace Florida Department of Management Services MyFloridaMarketPlace Information Sessions Slide 3 Introduction Overview of MyFloridaMarketPlace Part I - General Information Self Reporting Vendor Registration Overview of Tools Next Steps Agenda Slide 4 What is MyFloridaMarketPlace? nMyFloridaMarketPlace is an eProcurement (electronic procurement) system nMyFloridaMarketPlace covers the full life cycle of purchasing (from requisition to payment) nMyFloridaMarketPlace connects buyers and vendors through the electronic exchange of catalogs, quotes, bids, purchase orders, invoices, etc. nMyFloridaMarketPlace includes all purchases made with the State of Florida nMyFloridaMarketPlace includes a variety of tools for bids, quoting and invoicing Receive Order Source Request Pay Approval Slide 5 Vendor ToolsBuyer Tools MyFloridaMarketPlace Users Initial Users - Pilots Initial Users - Exec Agencies Eligible Users - Other State Agency State Term Contract Vendors Minority Businesses Agency/ Dept. Contract Vendors Eligible Users Univ, City, County General Public Small Businesses Vendor search State term contract items Requisitions/Purchase orders Online workflow approvals Informal solicitation (quotes < $25,000) Sealed bids (ITN, ITB, RFx > $25,000, auctions, reverse auctions) Receipt of Goods P-Card Contract development and administration Reports Self registration E-mail notification of formal and informal solicitations Online quoting on informal solicitations (< $25,000) Online submission of sealed bids (> $25,000) Electronic purchase order receipt Electronic submission of invoices Catalog creation and updates for State term contracts Business Support and Operations Buyer Help Desk Vendor Help Desk Strategic Sourcing Procurement Assistance Catalog Enablement Training and Education I want to buy I want to sell BuyersVendors What is included in MyFloridaMarketPlace? Slide 6 Initial Users - Pilot Agencies Department of Transportation Department of Children & Families Department of Health Department of Corrections Department of Juvenile Justice Department of Environmental Protection Department of Revenue Department of Lottery Agency for Health Care Administration Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles Department of Elder Affairs Department of Education Department of Citrus Department of Law Enforcement Department of Military Affairs Department of Business & Professional Reg. Agency for Workforce Innovation Department of Community Affairs Executive Office of the Governor Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Management Services Initial Users Executive Branch Agencies Other Eligible Users Other State Agencies Educational Institutions Other Governments (City, County, etc.) Legislature Judicial Who are the Buyers? State Technology Office Slide 7 What do vendors say about eProcurement? Here are a few quotes about eProcurement benefits realized by eProcurement vendors participating in other electronic markets We see significant benefits in being early adopters of eBusiness and believe it will give us a competitive advantage. We believe the greatest benefit comes from complete integration of orders into our back office system thereby reducing manual intervention. Alan Powell, Arco We have achieved a 20% savings on our order management costs. French Thornton Supplier Survey, Jan 21, 2002 We started off with manual order entry, but we now conduct 80% of our business electronically. Were not only reaping impressive time and cost-savings benefits, but also improving our customer relations. Nick Hermann, CIO at Organic Farm Foods We are in a low margin field and dont want to increase headcount. We see automation as a way of growing without the heads. French Thornton Supplier Survey, Jan 21, 2002 Slide 8 MyFloridaMarketPlace will help to streamline the processes for doing business with the State. Whats Different? Electronic purchase orders One face to the state Electronic quotes Vendor registration Ability for vendors to maintain company information online Whats the Same? Your relationship with agencies Use of contracts Subject to State purchasing rules Why MyFloridaMarketPlace ? Slide 9 Opportunity to generate additional business and increase sales Potential for selling a broader range of goods and services through increased visibility of products and/or services (vendor searches, catalog searches) Potential for finding additional customers through increased visibility across agencies (access to additional state agencies and local FL governments) Opportunity to streamline operations and decrease operating expenses Potential for increased order accuracy and order processing speed through receipt of electronic purchase orders Potential for decreased labor costs per order through use of electronic invoicing Potential for decreased shipping and handling costs that result from shipping wrong goods or wrong quantity of goods due to order errors Opportunity to shorten order-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow Potential to shorten invoice processing time through vendor automation of invoicing and State automation of matching Potential to shorten the payment approval process through electronic approvals Moving to advanced business technology benefits all vendors. The MyFloridaMarketPlace system provides: Vendor Benefits Slide 10 Single Point of Registration Access to Untapped Buyers State of the Art Tools Available Customer Support Enhanced Economic Development Opportunities for Small Business Reduced Administrative Burdens and Manual Processes All vendors, including MBE(Minority Business Enterprise) and CMBE(Certified Minority Business Enterprise) vendors, should receive benefits from using advanced business technology. Vendor Benefits Slide 11 Is there a fee? No cost to register for MyFloridaMarketPlace There is a 1% fee on all State purchases. This creates the opportunity for your business to: Gain access to new markets Have state of the art procurement tools Do business with the State Vendors must be registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace in order to respond to solicitations or enter into new agreements These guidelines are established as part of rule language that helps to clarify Florida Statute 287- a link to this rule language will be included in the "I Accept Language" Slide 12 How is the fee collected? Automatic Assignment 1 % automatically withheld at time of payment by the State Agencies on MyFloridaMarketPlace Agencies not on MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor tracks volume of business and submits 1% fee based on the total (less any that has been assigned) by check along with report for the period Self Reporting Slide 13 Self Reporting Self Reporting is keeping track of the invoices you send to the state and then quarterly, sending a check to the state for 1% of the total. Currently, State Term Contract vendors self report fees from their State Term Contract State agencies will be begin using MyFloridaMarketPlace in a phased approach. For agencies that are not on MyFloridaMarketPlace yet, vendors will self-report the 1% fee to the State For agencies that are on MyFloridaMarketPlace, automatic assignment will take place prior to payment Quarterly, Vendors will be notified on the amount of money their business put through the system. They can take Total Spend with State and subtract this number to find their self reporting amount. Self reporting will be done on a quarterly basis during the transition period between July 1 and when the final agency you do business with is on MyFloridaMarketPlace Forms and instructions for completing the self-reporting process will be available on- line on the MyFloridaMarketPlace website prior to the pilot agencies going live with the system Slide 14 To find this form: 1)Go to 2)Click on MyFloridaMarketPlace under Hot Topics 3)Under Related Topics, click on Proposed Rule 4)Click on Transaction Fee Report Form to download the form To find this form: 1)Go to 2)Click on MyFloridaMarketPlace under Hot Topics 3)Under Related Topics, click on Proposed Rule 4)Click on Transaction Fee Report Form to download the form Slide 15 Myths and Misperceptions about eProcurement Perception/ConcernApproach to Resolve Concern My business is not technologically advanced, so I cant participate in eProcurement Help Desk to assist vendors in using new technology Basic internet connectivity needed I need to purchase a computer to do business with the State Other options available to access equipment (Public Library, Small Business Development Centers, etc.) The 1% fee is unfair to small businesses No registration fee, only pay if they get orders from the State Flat rate applied to all equally Ive heard that the registration process is too complicated Registration screens walk the vendor through step by step processes Help Desk Assistance is available I will have limited contact with Purchasing Agents Current contacts not eliminated MyFloridaMarketPlace is streamlining the manual processes associated with Procurement Slide 16 Vendor Registration Vendor Registration Slide 17 Registration What You Need Company name Tax ID type and number Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) Tax filing information Including the business name on your 1099 tax form (where applicable) Location information: A business name for each company location (if different from the company name) A complete address for each location (including details for sending purchase orders, payments, and bills to each location A contact person for each of your locations Commodity codes that describe the Formal Biddings and/or services your company provides Your CMBE (Certified Minority Business Enterprises) information State-issued sequence number and PINavailable from DMS by faxing a request on company letterhead to 850-488-5498 Vendor Registration Slide 18 Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Invoicing (The PO flip) Slide 23 Invoicing Purchase Order Flip - Vendor can select purchase order upon receipt and use the line items from the purchase order to create an invoice and submit electronically Supports electronic invoice reconciliation within Ariba Buyer (purchase order, receipt, and invoice are needed for payment process) Required for State Term Contract vendors Internet connectivity required Slide 24 eQuote (Informal Bidding) Slide 25 eQuote Used for requests for informal quotes Replaces more manual quoting processes (phone, fax, paper catalogs) Vendors are invited to respond by buyers By Name By Commodity Responses (quotes) are submitted electronically Option to participate in nationwide electronic quotations (separate agreement) Optional for all vendors Internet connectivity required Slide 26 Sourcing (Formal Bidding) Slide 27 The process by which the buyer decides who to buy from, at what price, in what quantities, and under which terms A formal bid response tool for vendors Used for formal bids only. Formal Bids are over $25,000 Supports several types of RFXs - RFI (request for information), RFQ (request for quote), and RFP (request for proposal) Internet connectivity required Sourcing Slide 28 Learn more about MyFloridaMarketPlace at, look under Hot Topics and click on the MyFloridaMarketPlace/ePro link Download Training Materials (coming soon) E-mail specific questions to: [email protected] Make sure we are not in your SPAM filter. Please put an exception in your e-mail filters for and for For More Information Slide 29 nVendor Forums (Term Contract)February 2003 ongoing nVendor Information SessionsApril 2003 ongoing nVendor RegistrationMarch 2003 ongoing nOnline TrainingJune 2003 nFlorida Government Expo 2003September 24-26, 2003 Upcoming Vendor Participation Opportunities Upcoming Participation Opportunities Slide 30 Part II More detailed discussion Invoicing eQuote (Informal Bidding) Sourcing (Formal Bidding) Registration on Ariba and Vendor Bid System Open Discussion Questions and Answers Registration Assistance Agenda