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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace Purchasing Opportunities
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  • Doing Business with Florida Register with MFMP State Term Contracts Transparency Resources Page - 2 Agenda
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  • Doing Business with the State Register with IRS DOR DOS DFS Register with Florida agencies Register with MFMP DBPR DOACS DFS DOH Obtain correct Licensing/Insurance To conduct business in Florida a vendor must register/obtain licenses with some State agencies Information about the specific registration requirements can be found on the MFMP Vendor website MFMP Vendor website Page - 3 Getting Started
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  • Doing Business with Florida Register with MFMP Business Opportunities with the State Transparency Resources Page - 4 Agenda
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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the states online purchasing system, connecting state agencies with registered vendors 30+ state agencies and more than 130,000 vendors use MFMP MFMP offers tools to help do business with the state: Solicitation notification Customer Service Desk (CSD) eInvoicing (electronic invoicing) Vendors doing business with the state are required to register with MFMP Register online at Page - 5 MyFloridaMarketPlace
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  • Information required: Company Name FEIN Business Designation Tax filing information Address Contact person Commodity codes that describe your products and/or services CBE information (Certified Business Enterprise) designation Page - 6 MyFloridaMarketPlace: Registration Requirements
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  • Commodity Code Search in VIP Vendors can search / add / update commodity codes within VIP While public notification / posting continues to be available, it is to a vendors advantage to register for applicable commodity codes Registration for commodity codes facilitates notification of available bid opportunities for vendors Page - 7 Commodity Code Search
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  • 8 Account Registration / Account Maintenance Vendors also have the opportunity to complete registration for additional State Solicitation Tools If a vendor elects to participate in a State Solicitation tool the vendor will receive notifications of bids: eQuote Sourcing Vendor Bid System (VBS)
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  • 9 Solicitation Notification Tools The following table displays VBS advertisements that trigger vendor notifications: YesNo Single source X Agency decisions X Grant opportunities X Competitive solicitations X Public Meeting Notices X
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  • Doing Business with Florida Register with MFMP State Term Contracts Transparency Resources Page - 10 Agenda
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  • The Division of State Purchasing strives to develop and implement sound procurement practices throughout the state Dedicated to building strong relationships with all state agencies, local governments and vendors State Purchasing also promotes fair and open competition in the state's procurement process Division of State Purchasing maintains and develops State Term Contracts (STC), state purchasing agreements (SPA) and alternate contract sources (ACS) - Florida Statute Chapter 287.056 Mandatory for state agencies Optional for other eligible users (OEUs) -Universities, cities, counties, water management districts, etc. 11 State Purchasing Overview
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  • PRIDE / RESPECT of FloridaState Term Contracts (STC)Alternate Contract Sources (ACS)State Purchasing Agreements (SPA) 12 Currently State Purchasing administers several different types of agreements; today well address the following types: Division of State Purchasing
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  • There are more than 60 STC, covering multiple categories including: Energy & Transportation Institutional Furnishings &Supplies Law Enforcement Supplies Facility Services & Supplies Information Technology Communications Office Equipment &Services Insurance Consulting &Staffing Services Emergency Operations Supplies & Services All contracts are listed online 13 State Term Contracts/Agreements
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  • Lets take a look at the contracts online: Some information you might want to review: Contract manager contact information Expiration date Vendor information Page - 14 State Term Contracts/Agreements
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  • Page - 15 State Term Contracts/Agreements You can search for active and closed advertisements (State Term Contract Opportunities, agency contract opportunities, etc.) and agency decisions through VBS
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  • Now, lets punch-out to VBS and perform a search. Well review: Open DMS Division State Purchasing solicitations Event Timeline Event Contact DMS Division of State Purchasing Agency decisions Intent to Award Bid Tabulation 16 State Term Contracts/Agreements
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  • Business Opportunities with the State Many agencies rely on MFMP as a source for vendors when issuing competitive solicitations/informal quotes Commodity codes selected in your MFMP account identify the products/services you provide Contact an agency purchasing officer Through the portal you can find every state agencys website An agency purchasing officer list is available at: Page - 17 Business Opportunities with the State
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  • Doing Business with Florida Register with MFMP Business Opportunities with the State Transparency Resources Page - 18 Agenda
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  • Transparency Transparency is important to Florida Governor Charlie Crist issued Executive Order 07-01, which created the Office of Open Government and promotes transparencyExecutive Order 07-01 Each agency has identified an Open Government contact An Open Government Contact will be able to assist you in conducting public records requests Page - 19 Transparency
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  • SPURSView is an online transparency resource to locate purchase orders issued by state agencies SPURSView can be located at /spurs/SPURS.po_search.crite ria /spurs/SPURS.po_search.crite ria Enter in the appropriate search criteria and execute your search Page - 20 Transparency: SPURSView
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  • Department of Financial Services DFS has an online tool which allows provides transparency into payments issued by the state: Page - 21 Transparency: Floridas Checkbook
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  • Doing Business with Florida Register with MFMP Business Opportunities with the State Transparency Resources Page - 22 Agenda
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  • Resources Page - 23 Resources: Contact Information For technical questions concerning MFMP or the registration process, contact the MFMP CSD [email protected] [email protected] or 1-866-352-3776 If you have questions about a payment, contact the DFS Ombudsmen Section (850) 413-5516 For questions about a minority certification through the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD), contact OSD [email protected] or To verify registration information with the DOS, visit SunBiz
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  • Vendor meetings are a great way to become more familiar with MFMP, responding to bids, searching for bids, or just staying updated with whats new Join us for monthly, online meetings via WebEx Meetings are free of charge Register at Page - 24 Resources: Vendor Meetings
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  • Contact the MFMP CSD at 1-866-352-3776 or [email protected] Contact Us Team MemberE-mailPhone Number Communications Analyst [email protected](850) 294-3080 F&A Process [email protected](850) 294-0739 Operations [email protected](850) 766-7670 Purchasing Process Analyst [email protected](850) 294-0494 Vendor Management Analyst [email protected](850) 445-3894
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  • Page - 26 Thank you for your participation today! Questions? 8/14/2015