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BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) PROJECT DATE PROGRAM: FEBRUARY 2014 MASTERY: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIP Main Goal: Learning strategies on how to focus on my field of being a great mentor and teacher Read dierent strategies in attaining mastery in Robert Greene’s ‘Mastery’ Watch Dr. Randy Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture’ Watch Tom Kelley’s ‘Do What You Love’

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  • 1. Main Goal:Learning strategies on how to focus on my eld of being a great mentor and teacherRead dierent strategies in attaining mastery in Robert Greenes MasteryWatch Dr. Randy Pauschs Last LectureWatch Tom Kelleys Do What You Love PROJECTMASTERY: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIPDATEFEBRUARY 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT)

2. Main Goal:Learn more in-depth techniques in being a great leaderWatch Leading with Emotional Intelligence with Britt Andreatta on lynda.comFollowing Jack Welch on twitter and learn about why he was so successful with GE. This will also expand on my PLN.Read articles on dealing with leadership PROJECTEXECUTIVE LEADERSHIPDATEMARCH 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 3. Main Goal:Knowing how to create a productive teamListen to iTunes U topics on Psychology & Social ScienceWatch Becoming a Triple-Threat Project Manager with Bob McGannon on lynda.comJoin the International Association of Venue Managers ( Women in Film & Television Florida (WIFT) to network and meet leaders in the industry PROJECTPROJECT & TEAM MANAGEMENTDATEAPRIL 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 4. Main Goal:How to have an eective BrandWatch Leading with Stories with Paul A. Smith on lynda.comWatch the Business Storytelling course with C.C. Chapman on lynda.comFollow Harvard Business Review on Twitter PROJECTBUSINESS STORYTELLING & BRAND DEVELOPMENTDATEMAY 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 5. Main Goal: To not be scared when I hear the word FinanceWatch Making Investment Decisions with Rudolph Rosenberg on lynda.comUse Lexis Nexis Company Info search to identify other business nancesTake advantage of any free courses on Finance in iTunes U PROJECTENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS FINANCEDATEJUNE 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 6. Main Goal: To feel condent when I walk into a room and wanting to negotiate a deal Search through subcategories of Business & Academic in EBSCOhost for other strategies on negotiating.Watch Making Decisions with Todd Dewett on lynda.comFollow Mark Cuban on twitter. A leader in marketing and deal-making PROJECTNEGOTIATION & DEAL-MAKINGDATEJULY 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 7. Main Goal: Figure out what types of side jobs I can create w/ a Sports Management Degree Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook to look up dierent job typesTake advantage of the Sports Business Journal in Full Sails Library to research Sports Management topics and stories.Utilize Career Development to help share opportunities that are out there. PROJECTSPORTS MANAGEMENT & OPERATIONSDATEAUGUST 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 8. Main Goal:Learn and understand licensing in the sports world.Take advantage of the Sports Business Journal in Full Sails Library to research Legal topics. 10 Sports Law Cases Worth WatchingJoin the North American Society for Sports Management (NASSM) to network with people who have dealt with Licensing in sports.Follow Roger Cossack on Twitter. A Legal Analyst on ESPN. PROJECTLEGAL ISSUES IN SPORTSDATESEPTEMBER 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 9. Main Goal:The steps you have to go through to get a sponsor on boardUtilize my contacts at ESPN to reach out to the Marketing Department for any guidance and understandingFollow Hubspot on twitter and take advantage of their Academy page Im an organizer and member of the ESPN Sessions here at Full Sail, which gives me access to projects that ESPN brings to the table. This also gives me industry experience. PROJECTSPORTS MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP SALESDATEOCTOBER 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 10. Main Goal: I want to put my Social Media skills to a better business use Check out Marketing Tips video with Justin Seeley on Utilize the subject Online Marketing on lynda.comUse to discover new ideas in the digital world. PROJECTDIGITAL MARKETINGDATENOVEMBER 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 11. Main Goal:Create my own business ideaThrough Additional Resources, Ill use the New York Times to read articles under BusinessFollow Jack Dorsey on Twitter and research his innovative ways of creating a business. This will also expand on my PLN.Watch Nine Steps to Developing a Business Plan on PROJECTBUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENTDATEDECEMBER 2014PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT) 12. Main Goal:Execute my own business plan!Follow Forbes on twitter and search their site for ideas on business plansWatch iTunes U episodes on Business PlansWatch Insights From a Business Coach with Dave Crenshaw on PROJECTFINAL PROJECT: BUSINESS PLANDATEJANUARY 2015PROGRAM:BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT (SPORTS MANAGEMENT)