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<ul><li><p>A good LinkedIn Recruiter Index is crucial to your social recruiting success - reach out to your Customer Success or RelationshipManager to request your latest report. </p><p>For an explanation as to how the LRI is calculated please visit</p><p>MAY 2016 </p><p>Marloes ArntsCorporate IT Recruiter at Login Consultants</p><p>LinkedIn Recruiter Index</p><p>Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsInformation Technology And Services</p><p>Current LRI Score</p><p>89How You Compare</p><p>Top 1%out of 100</p><p>among Recruiter users in theInformation Technology And Services</p><p>industry in The Netherlands</p><p>LinkedIn Recruiter IndexYour LinkedIn Recruiter Index measures howeffective you are at building your professionalbrand, finding qualified candidates, engagingwith candidates, and managing your talentpool.</p><p>Buildyour professional brand</p><p>100%</p><p>10 out of 10</p><p>Establish a professionalpresence on LinkedIn with</p><p>a complete profile</p><p>Findqualified candidates</p><p>100%</p><p>30 out of 30</p><p>Efficiently identifyqualified candidates usingsearch and research tools</p><p>Engagewith candidates</p><p>86%</p><p>43.2 out of 50</p><p>Start a personalizedconversation with</p><p>candidates</p><p>Manageyour talent pool</p><p>60%</p><p>6 out of 10</p><p>Collaborate and organizeyour work to maximize</p><p>team effectiveness</p><p>TOP TIPS</p><p>ENGAGE: Listen well. Ask about goals and interest level in newopportunities, and uncover their needs and motivations. Reflecttheir input as you explain why your opportunity is right for them.</p><p>MANAGE: Prioritize where you pipeline. Focus on skills yourbusiness recruits for repeatedly and roles that are hard to fill. Thiswill increase your chances of filling these roles quickly, reducingcost per hire and time to fill.</p><p>YOUR LRI TO IMPROVE OR MAINTAIN YOUR LRI BY MONTH</p><p>0</p><p>8781 84</p><p>93 89</p><p>Dec 2015 Jan 2016 Feb 2016 Mar 2016 Apr 2016 May 2016</p><p></p></li><li><p>LinkedIn Recruiter Index</p><p>YOUR ENGAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (IN THE PAST 1 YEAR)RECRUITER ACTIVITY SUMMARY</p><p>433M+ profiles on LinkedIn</p><p>6,122 profile views</p><p>643 candidates saved as your talent pipeline 459 candidates approached via InMail</p><p>MEMBERS YOU HAVE RECENTLY HIRED THROUGH LINKEDIN</p><p>MembersWim MiltenburgBusiness Consultant / ProjectManager</p><p>Robert Da Costa GomezConsultant</p><p>Jan JonkerConsultant</p><p>Companies</p><p>Pink ElephantNetherlands</p><p>Atos</p><p>Gemeente Rotterdam</p><p>Seniority</p><p>10%</p><p>70%</p><p>20%</p><p>ManagerSenio rEntry</p><p>DETAILED LRI BREAKDOWN FOR MAYYOUR PERFORMANCE COMPARED TO RECRUITER USERS IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES INDUSTRY IN THE NETHERLANDS</p><p>Your profile completionscore is in the</p><p>top 1%of Recruiter users in theInformation TechnologyAnd Services industry in</p><p>The Netherlands</p><p>BuildHow strong your profile is</p><p>Profi</p><p>le C</p><p>ompl</p><p>etio</p><p>n All- S ta rprofi le</p><p>FindHow you score on Recruiter search</p><p>22Login Days</p><p>229385Searches</p><p>made</p><p>8801,903Profiles</p><p>viewed</p><p>Benc</p><p>hmar</p><p>k To</p><p>p 10</p><p>% fo</p><p>r Fin</p><p>d</p><p>EngageHow you score on Recruiter outreach</p><p>11769</p><p>InMails sent</p><p>4234InMails</p><p>accepted</p><p>49%Acceptancerate B</p><p>ench</p><p>mar</p><p>k To</p><p>p 10</p><p>% fo</p><p>r Eng</p><p>age</p><p> You Benchmark Percentile</p><p>0 searches saved out of 385searches made</p><p>Bottom 50%</p><p>72 profiles saved out of 1,903profiles viewed</p><p>Top 17%</p><p>ManageHow efficient you are in talent pipelining</p><p>Current LRI ScoreHow You CompareLinkedIn Recruiter IndexBuildFindEngageManageyour professional brandqualified candidateswith candidatesyour talent pool</p><p>TOP TIPSTO IMPROVE OR MAINTAIN YOUR LRIYOUR LRIBY MONTHYOUR ENGAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (IN THE PAST 1 YEAR)RECRUITER ACTIVITY SUMMARYMEMBERS YOU HAVE RECENTLY HIRED THROUGH LINKEDINMembersCompaniesSeniority</p><p>DETAILED LRI BREAKDOWN FOR MAYYOUR PERFORMANCE COMPARED TO RECRUITER USERS IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES INDUSTRY IN THE NETHERLANDSBuildFindHow strong your profile isHow you score on Recruiter search</p><p>EngageManageHow you score on Recruiter outreachHow efficient you are in talent pipelining</p></li></ul>