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  • 1. 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Recruiter Product updatesMay 2013
  • 2. ORGANIZATION NAMEContent:2 Create your custom Fields, pg.3-4 Add to project, pg.5-6 Inmail attachement, pg.7 People you may want to hire, pg.8 Notifications, pg.9 Smart To Do List ,pg.10 Recruiter Inbox and Inmail Templates, pg.11-12
  • 3. ORGANIZATION NAME 3Custom FieldsRecruiter users can now create custom fields to hold specific information relevant totheir company. With these extra definable fields, users can set unique identifiers requiredto meet the needs of their specific organization.
  • 4. ORGANIZATION NAMECustom Fields4
  • 5. ORGANIZATION NAME 5Add to ProjectRecruiter users will now have the ability to add/remove a profile from aproject from the profile view, easily view which profile is added to aproject and which one(s), & easily add a status to profile. See belowfor images.
  • 6. ORGANIZATION NAME 6Add to project
  • 7. ORGANIZATION NAMEInbox attachments: Recruiter users now have the ability to send and receiveattachments through inmails. Additionally, users will also be able to send attachmentswhen replying to an inmail7
  • 8. ORGANIZATION NAME 8PYMHPeople You May want to Hire (PYMH) is a feature in Recruiter where the tool suggests profiles of candidatesthat may be of interest to users. This feature is located on the right rail of the homepage. How are PYMHsuggestions based on? Prior search facet usage Prior inMails sent (those accepted and Similar Profiles to those) Job requisition details Company and Company brand Recent hires made at your company (and Similar Profiles to those) Jobs that you or recruiters on your account have posted COMBINED WITH Prospects propensity to seek a new job Prospects company follower facet, page views, interests, work experience and school.
  • 9. ORGANIZATION NAMENotifications:Notifications on the LinkedIn Recruiter navigation bar is designed to present users with the flag of theimportant alerts.Alerts include: Saved search notifications, Hiring Managers review notifications, Bulk Import, Jobexpirations, and new applicants for job openings.9
  • 10. ORGANIZATION NAME 10Smart To-Do ListSmart to-do is an enhancements that allows users to create to-do list while inproduct. This feature is intended to increase a recruiters efficiency.To-do list is the check mark icon located at the top of the recruiter homepage. Userscan click on the icon to start creating their to-do lists.Key features:- Ability to utilize @ to relate to dos to profiles, projects, or jobs- Linking a prospect with @ will link to their profile and show their image (if pictures inrecruiter are activated)- Previous reminders will be translated into to-do items with dates assigned- Users can drag and drop items to reorder
  • 11. ORGANIZATION NAME 11Recruiter Inbox LTBDs (Little Things, Big Deal)The below features have been added to the Recruiter InboxFeature 1 Show my templates Only this feature will allow user to filter by theirinmail templates.Feature 2 Inbox Timestamp and when replied date
  • 12. ORGANIZATION NAMEINmail Templates12Feature 3 Ability for admins to delete Templates This enhancement will nowallow recruiter admins to delete any template on the contract. In the past onlytemplate owners had the ability to delete templates.
  • 13. ORGANIZATION NAME 13Thank you