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  • 1. Talent SolutionsLinkedIn Recruiter:Resources for Success Welcome to LinkedIn Recruiter! Here are some tips, best practices and training resources that will help you get up to speed and finding quality talent in no time.Getting Started Use your first month to become familiar with all the platform has to offer. Here is a suggested plan of activities to integrate Recruiter into your workflow: WEEK ONE Log into Recruiter at least two or threeWEEK THREE Practice writing great introductory times. Explore the platform and visit the Training LinkInMails and set up a few key InMail templates. at the top of your screen to visit the Learning Center.Suggested trainings: Suggested trainings: Self-paced tutorial: Boost Your Self-paced tutorial: Recruiter Foundation (15 min.) InMail Effectiveness(15 min.) Live Webinar: Recruiter 101 (60 min.) Live Webinar: InMail Best Practices (45 min.) WEEK TWO Try working a requisition, includingWEEK FOUR Become your companys crafting and saving searches and project folders.brand ambassador by developing a professionalLinkedIn profile. Suggested trainings: Self-paced tutorial: Search withSuggested trainings: LinkedIn Recruiter (10 min.) Self-paced tutorial: Build your Brand Live Webinar: Advanced Search 101 (60 min.) on min.) Live Webinar: 101 for Recruiters (60 min.)Quick Tip( The Learning Center also has a numberof Tip Sheets available for easy reference.)

2. Working a RequisitionRemember these three key steps for quickly finding and engaging the best talent:1Search 2Save 3SendUse keywords and BooleanSave the search and createCreate an InMail templatemodifiers to pull a list of profiles. an alertwell tell you when newto save yourself time in the future.candidates meeting that searchRefine and qualify based on key Send a conversational messagecriteria become available.needs of the requisition. to one or many candidates.Save candidate profiles youvefound to a project folder for therequisition and tag them with skills.Quick Tip( Recruiter supports Boolean search modifiers like AND, OR and ().Use these to narrow your search from the start! ) InMail: Getting the Conversation StartedInMail is a great way to get the conversation started with potential candidates. Here are some quickDos and Donts for great introductory messages.Do:Dont:Be brief and to the pointCut and paste a job description or linkMake the message about the candidate to a job postingand their career goals Direct a passive candidate to send youAdopt an enthusiastic tonethis is the start a resume or look at a jobof what will hopefully be a longer conversationRequest a resume from a passive candidateMake a template of a successful InMail to savetime in the futureQuick Tip Your 50 monthly InMails come with a response guarantee.( Successful Recruiter users seeInMail response rates of ~15%.) If you dont receive a response within 7 days, the InMailis credited back to your balance to use again! Talent Solutions 3. Resources Available to Ensure Your Ongoing SuccessTraining Phone and Email Support Live Training, Self-Paced Tutorials and Our support team is available to you: Downloadable Tip Sheets are available By phone at (855) 653-5653 from 7AM4PM PST. in the Learning Center. Via email at Click the Training link at the top of your Recruiter screen to view these resources. Talent Solutions