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<ul><li><p>Ask the Experts (aka: LinkedIn products you want to know more about) </p><p>November 2015 </p></li><li><p>Todays agenda </p><p>LinkedIn Recruiter to make that hire </p><p>More of your questions </p><p>Key takeaways </p><p>New Search Facets </p><p>Unveiling Next Generation Recruiter </p><p>Enhancements to Job Seeker Experience </p></li><li><p>New Search Facets DEMO </p></li><li><p>Skills Filter Coming in November </p><p>Filter by the specific skills that people have </p><p>explicitly listed on their profile </p><p>Profiles Viewed Filter Q4 </p><p>Filter out profiles that youve viewed in the </p><p>last 3 or 6 months </p><p>Languages Filter Q1 16 </p><p>Filter candidates by the languages they list </p><p>on their profile, and by proficiency </p><p>New Search Facets We heard You: New facets let you quickly target top talent </p></li><li><p>Next Generation Recruiter DEMO </p></li><li><p>The Next Generation of Recruiter is a smart and </p><p>intuitive new search experience </p><p>New search bar seamlessly </p><p>guides you through the initial </p><p>search, providing suggestions </p><p>along the way </p><p>Find more people like </p><p>lets you create a search </p><p>based on ideal </p><p>candidates you may know </p><p>* The product is currently in Beta final feature set and designs may differ from mocks provided here </p></li><li><p> that empowers recruiters to go from searching to </p><p>hiring, in less time </p><p>Spotlights allow you to easily </p><p>filter results by candidates who </p><p>are likely to engage based on </p><p>relationships &amp; interactions on </p><p>LinkedIn </p><p>Smart Suggestions help you </p><p>identify the best talent pool to </p><p>recruit from by surfacing </p><p>relevant skills, companies, etc. </p></li><li><p>New Job Seeker Experience </p></li><li><p> The most successful job seekers look for </p><p>What are we doing for candidates? </p><p>Do my skills fit with this role? Do I actually have a shot </p><p>at getting hired? </p><p>Who can connect me to an opportunity? Who do I </p><p>know at this company? </p><p>What is it like to work there? Who will my future </p><p>coworkers be? </p><p>Fit </p><p>People </p><p>Culture </p></li><li><p> Helping members assess their fit with your jobs </p><p>Members can </p><p>easily assess </p><p>skill fit </p><p>Seekers can see </p><p>who they know </p><p>and whether they fit </p><p>with your hiring </p><p>patterns </p><p>New Job Details Page </p></li><li><p> Bringing your jobs to life with people and culture </p><p>New Job Details Page </p><p>Showcase your companys </p><p>unique culture with: </p><p> Meet the Team members in this </p><p>role at your company </p><p> Integration with Company and </p><p>Career Pages </p></li><li><p> Personalized recommendations for every job seeker </p><p>New Jobs Home </p><p> Personalized </p><p> recommendations </p><p> based on: Skills &amp; title </p><p> Network </p><p> Employer &amp; school </p><p> Job activity </p><p> Preferences </p><p>Launching Q1 2016 </p></li><li><p> Showcasing why your job fits with each seeker </p><p>Launching Q1 2016 </p><p>New Jobs Home </p><p>Job flavors highlight why your job is a fit for each </p><p>seeker: </p><p> Companies hiring people from your company </p><p> Companies hiring people from your school </p><p> Trending among professionals like you </p><p> Hidden gems where youd be an early applicant </p><p> Jobs based on your history </p></li><li><p>Now, for more questions from you! </p></li><li><p>View all product enhancements </p><p>Two things you can take away </p><p>Download Global Recruiting Trends </p><p>2016 </p><p>Download e-book: </p><p> </p><p>Bookmark: </p><p> </p><p>;veh=tcanaheim</p></li><li><p>So what else is the team working on? </p></li><li><p>Redesigned Recruiter Inbox </p><p>17 </p><p>Coming in Q1 16 </p><p> Efficient </p><p>messaging </p><p> Full Context </p><p> Organized </p><p>Workflow </p></li><li><p>Redesigned Mobile App </p><p>18 </p><p>Launching in November </p></li><li><p>More questions, comments or ideas? </p><p> Drop a note via our Help center </p><p> Take our Training Module for a spin </p><p> All the content is searchable </p><p> Check out weekly product tips </p><p> LNKD.IN/product-tips </p></li></ul>