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  • Ask the Experts (aka: LinkedIn products you want to know more about)

    November 2015

  • Todays agenda

    LinkedIn Recruiter to make that hire

    More of your questions

    Key takeaways

    New Search Facets

    Unveiling Next Generation Recruiter

    Enhancements to Job Seeker Experience

  • New Search Facets DEMO

  • Skills Filter Coming in November

    Filter by the specific skills that people have

    explicitly listed on their profile

    Profiles Viewed Filter Q4

    Filter out profiles that youve viewed in the

    last 3 or 6 months

    Languages Filter Q1 16

    Filter candidates by the languages they list

    on their profile, and by proficiency

    New Search Facets We heard You: New facets let you quickly target top talent

  • Next Generation Recruiter DEMO

  • The Next Generation of Recruiter is a smart and

    intuitive new search experience

    New search bar seamlessly

    guides you through the initial

    search, providing suggestions

    along the way

    Find more people like

    lets you create a search

    based on ideal

    candidates you may know

    * The product is currently in Beta final feature set and designs may differ from mocks provided here

  • that empowers recruiters to go from searching to

    hiring, in less time

    Spotlights allow you to easily

    filter results by candidates who

    are likely to engage based on

    relationships & interactions on


    Smart Suggestions help you

    identify the best talent pool to

    recruit from by surfacing

    relevant skills, companies, etc.

  • New Job Seeker Experience

  • The most successful job seekers look for

    What are we doing for candidates?

    Do my skills fit with this role? Do I actually have a shot

    at getting hired?

    Who can connect me to an opportunity? Who do I

    know at this company?

    What is it like to work there? Who will my future

    coworkers be?




  • Helping members assess their fit with your jobs

    Members can

    easily assess

    skill fit

    Seekers can see

    who they know

    and whether they fit

    with your hiring


    New Job Details Page

  • Bringing your jobs to life with people and culture

    New Job Details Page

    Showcase your companys

    unique culture with:

    Meet the Team members in this

    role at your company

    Integration with Company and

    Career Pages

  • Personalized recommendations for every job seeker

    New Jobs Home



    based on: Skills & title


    Employer & school

    Job activity


    Launching Q1 2016

  • Showcasing why your job fits with each seeker

    Launching Q1 2016

    New Jobs Home

    Job flavors highlight why your job is a fit for each


    Companies hiring people from your company

    Companies hiring people from your school

    Trending among professionals like you

    Hidden gems where youd be an early applicant

    Jobs based on your history

  • Now, for more questions from you!

  • View all product enhancements

    Two things you can take away

    Download Global Recruiting Trends


    Download e-book:


  • So what else is the team working on?

  • Redesigned Recruiter Inbox


    Coming in Q1 16



    Full Context



  • Redesigned Mobile App


    Launching in November

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