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Introducing the new LinkedIn Recruiter Home page... take the tour and find out how it will change how you use Recruiter!


  • 1. Introducing the new Recruiter Home Page1Haimee CodeTeam Lead Product ConsultingLinkedIn Talent Solutions

2. Introducing the new Recruiter Home PageThe redesigned homepage introduces new tools foreven more efficient hiring,prioritizes the features you usemost, and loads faster to helpyou be more productive in yourdaily recruiting activities.Its look and feel more closelyresembles,which makes the userexperience more intuitive andsimple.Lets take a closer look.. 3. Saved Searches and AlertsSearch bar remaining front andcentre on the navigation bar.Weve made it more prominentand added an additional searchdrop-down that gives you instantaccess to your saved searchesand search history. 4. NotificationsNotifications alerts you to urgentitems like job applies & new resultsfor saved searches 5. TasksSmart-To-Do list. This helpsimprove your workflow efficiency byallowing you to create to-do itemsthat connect with a profile, project orjob, just by using the @symbol. Any unchecked to-dos willremain at the top of the list untilcompleted.Profile Reminders you previouslyset in Recruiter will move directly intoyour Smart-To-Do list 6. Activity FeedUpdates - provides you with the most urgentitems you need to get your day started likeInMail replies and profile changes made bycandidates you follow.Activity Feed - has a history of your ownactivity in Recruiter, or a summary of yourteams activity across the entire Recruitercontract. 7. Project Activity SnapshotProject Activity now showcases the most 3active projects and recent activity includinghow many new profiles have been added andthe activity against profiles 8. InMail EnhancementsAttachments You can now addand receive InMails withattachmentsPipeline candidates straight fromthe inbox with tags, status &projects.In common reminders to helprecruiters craft engaging InMails, byshowcase how they are connectedto a candidate 9. Help, Training & Linkedin.comTraining - Help & areall located under your photo on theright hand side of the home page.If you have any queries about thenew homepage please feel free tocontact 10. For a detailed walk through check out