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433M+Membersworldwide+2 New members per second


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stay informedthrough professional news and knowledgeconnect with the professional worldget hiredand build your careerLinkedIn empowers members to connect to opportunity

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2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |

The 400M+ members come to LinkedIn to:

Connect with the professional world. On LinkedIn, members can not only connect to personal connections (friends, classmates, colleagues, mentors) but also to companies and influencers. They can establish a professional footprint comprised of the people, companies, and opportunities that most interest them.Product updates: LookUp, ReferralsOutside of the homepage, profiles are the most heavily trafficked pages on LinkedIn.Stay informed through professional news and knowledge. Through their connections and through products like LinkedIn Pulse and Elevate, professionals can stay up to date on industry news, company news, and inspirational content to help inform and drive their careers.Product updates: Lynda Acquisition, Elevate, PulseGet hired and build a career. And of course, members come to LinkedIn to find their dream jobs, to research potential employers, and discover new opportunities. And here is where LinkedIn is really unique. On LinkedIn, we dont want our members to have to look for jobs we want to bring the right opportunities directly to them.

2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |470% of professionals today are passive candidates433M+Members worldwidePassive CandidatesWork on doing their jobs betterDevelop networksOnly listen to the right opportunities30%70%ActiveCandidatesWork on their job searchSearch job boardsSeek out many opportunities

2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |

Passive candidate recruiting is a key to success.

Because LinkedIn is a professional network, its home to both passive and active job seekers Getting passive candidate sourcing right is critical to achieving your recruiting goals Many of todays best candidates are not looking for a job

However Recruiting passive candidates requires a very different approach from recruiting active candidates While active candidates frequent job boards and seek out many opportunities, passive candidates spend their time networking. Theyll listen to opportunities, but only if its the right opportunity for them.

Active candidates are also an important source of hire, but LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and these tens of millions of passive candidates cant be reached anywhere else

LinkedIn is the only platform that can help you recruit both passive and active candidates



How can I leverage LinkedIn?

Why should you care about your employer brand?Its something your talent peers are thinking about and investing in93% are investing in it this yearEven if it hasnt been a priority for your company, it is for your peers, and it will impact your ability to hire

2) Why are your peers thinking about it? Having a strong talent brand makes it easier for you to hire talent A strong brand means that talent is more interested in working at your company It can reduce your overall cost per hire by up to 50%

Today we want to talk about how LinkedIn can help you measure your employer brand and strengthen it to engage the talent you are looking to hire.

(Discovery questions you can use to intro the discussion) How do you think about your employer brand? How do you measure/track your employer brand today? How would you rate your employer brand vs your peers? How easily would you say you attract talent to your roles vs your peers? Are there groups where its harder/easier? Who are your biggest competitors when it comes to hiring top talent? Why are they more effective? Is it related to brand?5


Faa ofertas de emprego directas aos perfis que lhe interessamIdentifique os profissionais que quer em cada mercadoCom LinkedIn poder localizar e contactar todosActivosPassivos


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LinkedIn RecruiterAcesso a todos. Acesso aos melhores

Acesso ilimitado aos +433 Milhes de membrosContacte directamente, 150 Inmails mensaisPartilhe os seus projectos e candidatos com a sua equipa e os Hiring ManagersAutomatizaes que fazem a sua vida mais fcil. Buscas guardadas e actualizadas em tempo real No tem de passar o dia a ler CVs que no encaixemSe o candidato est no LinkedIn, poder contacta-loAssegure-se que no deixa os melhores de foradirija-se tanto ao talento activo como passivo.A empresa detm os dados e os contactos.



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