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Learn about new LinkedIn Recruiter enhancements and how they can help corporate recruiters track, share, and manage talent more efficiently. Also, learn how to increase your InMail response rate and strengthen your employer brand. Learn more about LinkedIn Talent Solutions: Subscribe to the LinkedIn Talent Blog: Follow the LinkedIn Talent Solutions page: Tweet with us:


  • 1. Talent Solutions August 2014 LinkedIn Recruiter: New Product Enhancements EMEA

2. LinkedIn Talent Solutions Product Webcast 3. Webcast Format Introductions Whats in Store? Spotlight You: enhancements for you So you just got the new enhancements to Projects Let the machine do the work for youLeverage our recommendations Dining at LinkedIn Recruiting Restaurant Tips from LinkedIn Recruiting team expert Q&A 4. How much do we love you? Let us count the ways. 5. 5 Recruiter Customer: Profile Enhancements For You Premium Profile (with Premium Badge) Custom Keyword recommendations Full Whos Viewed My Profile Larger customizable images and more. Changes to your profile pages in Aug. 6. Spotlight Product Features Profile backdrop photo for a more appealing Profile Full-width top card 30% larger profile photo Expanded image gallery 7. Spotlight Product Features Custom Keyword Recommendations Tailored recommendation on keywords added to Profile Summary to increase your chances to appear in relevant search results 8. Spotlight Product Features Expanded Search Listing 2x bigger search listing that features more of ones Profile summary 9. Spotlight Product Features Detailed Whos Viewed My Profile Analytics Check out who has been checking you out Full list of WVMP within last 90 days 10. 10 What Action is needed from you? Nothingexcept to pick a picture for your backdrop How much does this cost? Nothing! Check it out at 11. Leverage our Recommendation Engines 11 12. Points of Recommendation 1. People You May want to Hire 2. Similar Profiles 3. People Also Viewed 4. Job Matches 5. Suggested Professionals 6. Jobs You May Be Interested In 13. People You May Want to Hire Candidates based on your most recent activity are automatically sourced The more you engage with Recruiter, the better the recommenda- tions 14. Similar Profiles Quickly find clones without having to perform another search Enhanced business logic searches our 313M+ members 15. People Also Viewed Gain insights into potential org structure, peers and previous coworkers Crowd sourced candidates based on your fellow recruiters views and searches 16. Profile Matches: Job Match Recommendations Quickly find potential candidates for your job listing Improved search algorithm finds candidates that match the job title and geography 17. Suggested Professionals in Projects (Coming Soon) Find candidates who have similar work experiences and educational backgrounds to people in a project Profile suggestions based on commonalities across profiles in the project 18. JYMBII: Jobs You May Be Interested In (For Members) Jobs that match member work experience are automatically displayed on targeted pages 19. 19 Recap: Leverage our recommendations 1. People You May want to Hire 2. Similar Profiles 3. People Also Viewed 4. Job Matches 5. Suggested Professionals 6. Jobs You May Be Interested In You can also set reminders and receive notifications when new professionals match your needs 20. Re-designed Projects: Organize, manage and share profiles more easily 20 21. Projects: Powering your hiring workflow 1. Centralize all relevant candidates into the project 2. Organize candidates automatically by detecting activity 3. Collaborate with recruiting peers and hiring managers 4. Stay updated through smart notifications and email digests 22. LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 23. LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 24. LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved 25. 38 Projects enhancements: Roll out plan Expect new experience to be available now Check out the product updates page LNKD.IN/productupdates 26. Eating at our own restaurant: Using Recruiter for LinkedIn Recruiting 27. 40 How do I excel at what I do? 1. Reference connections in common 1. Use 100 words or less Remember recipients on mobile 2. Have my network/hiring team share jobs with their networks 3. Reference a group or a company in common (increases chances of getting a response by over 20%) 1. Target candidates who follow my company (LinkedIn) Members who follow your company are 81% more likely to respond 28. What else is coming? 41 29. Upcoming Recruiter Enhancements 1. Streamlining your profile views Connection Path Stay updated Organize 2. Improving your InMail Experience Recipient Experience Personalization Insights Branded Messages 30. 2 things you can start doing NOW Download LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile Now on Android Its free!!! LNKD.IN/RecruiterMobile Bookmark the product updates page LNKD.IN/ProductUpdates 31. Talent Connect London 2014 12 13 November, 2014 Held at ExCel Convention Centre Limited Time Offer: 450 through September 26 32. LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 45 Continue to provide your Product feedback: