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1. Recruiting SolutionsLinkedInRecruiterGet VIP access to theworlds best talentFind and contact your ideal passive candidates faster and morecost-effectively than everGet unlimited access to names andManage your pipelinefull profiles* Use Project Folders to stay on top of each search.Expand your reach far beyond your personal network Set reminders on profiles to follow up withto search the widest, most qualified talent pool and candidates of interest.get all details to better assess candidates. Keep your team on the same pageFind the best, much faster Team members get visibility into their colleaguesAce even the toughest searches with the most projects, notes and communication history withadvanced search interface on LinkedIn, withcandidates, avoiding duplication of effort.exclusive refinement filters such as years atcompany and more. Maintain your sourcing activity The sourcing activity and history of a seat holderContact candidates directlydoes not vanish when a recruiter leaves: justGet 50 InMails per month per seat to contact anyre-assign it to another team member. We alsocandidate you like in a trusted environment. We credit support your OFCCP compliance efforts.InMails back to you, if unanswered within 7 days, androll them over if unused. Think of this as 50 repliesper month. Get help from the experts Your account manager and our training experts will help you leverage LinkedIn to the fullest.Boost your recruiting productivityUp to 50 search alerts let you spot new talentautomatically. 1-to-Many InMails and saved templateslet you contact more candidates faster.* Recruiter offers complete access to all confirmed profiles in the LinkedIn database. 2. No more post-and-pray. We find better depth and breadth of candidates, plus were saving over $1 million this year . Director, Talent Acquisition, U.S. CellularSee names beyond See full profile with career your 3-degree network Directly contact multiple history, education & morecandidates at onceStay on top of your projectswith jobs, folders, search &messaging historySee your and yourteams past activitywith candidates Premium Talent FiltersRefine by Company Type NEW Recruiter Years in Position NEWBETA See names and profiles beyond your 1st andFunction 2nd full degree networkFull name visibility* Seniority Level BETA Zero in faster on your ideal candidatesPremium Talent FiltersAny LevelVP (360) Contact anyone directly with InMail messages50 InMails**CXO (146)Director (80) See more profiles in search results1000 profiles per searchOwner (68) Set up search alerts to find new candidates50 alerts daily Partner (23) Years at Company NEW Manage candidates with project folders 200 folders, team sharing Years of Experience NEW See your teams activities on shared projectsCollaboration toolsAll Durations Less than 1 year (0) Contact more candidates faster 1 to many InMails & templates 1 to 2 years (0) 3 to 5 years (0) Get Premium customer service Dedicated support and training 6 to 10 years (128) Retain data on historical team activityAdministrator optionsMore than 10 years (589) Audit activity to support OFCCP compliance Enabled * Recruiter offers complete access to all confirmed profiles in the LinkedIn database. ** InMails have a response guarantee: if you dont get a response to your InMail message within 7 days,LinkedIn will return that InMail credit to your account. Unused InMail credits will roll over. | Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright 2010 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-006-G 0710