june 20031 overview of operations & the inis record inis training seminar 2-6 june 2003 vienna,...

Download June 20031 Overview of Operations & the INIS Record INIS Training Seminar 2-6 June 2003 Vienna, Austria Seyda RIEDER INIS Section Supervisor, Bibliographic

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  • Overview of Operations & the INIS RecordINIS Training Seminar 2-6 June 2003Vienna, AustriaSeyda RIEDERINIS SectionSupervisor, Bibliographic Control Unit

  • Method of Operation Decentralized:Collection and Selection of literaturePreparation of input records National INIS CentresCentralized:Merging and Quality Control of dataProduction & Updating INIS Database (Bibliographic & NCL) INIS SecretariatDecentralized: Dissemination & Utiliziation National INIS Centres

  • Major Goal High quality of the INIS Database Comprehensiveness (full coverage) Timely announcement of data Consistency (adherence to rules, standards) Retrievability of references NCL fulltext available from INIS

    Only achieved with the cooperation of National INIS Centres

  • must be within the scope of INIS selection: primarily the responsibility of the subject specialist at national centre discussed in detail in Subject Analysis part of this seminarSelection of Publications

  • PublicationsRule which country catalogues a publication:

    publications are reported by the country in which they were published International Organizations: responsible for all publications of the organization

    INIS context of publishing: making public or making generally known

    by presenting a paper at a conference by being host country of a conference

  • Submission of Inputby e-mailvia FTPon CD-ROMon disketteon DatTapeon magnetic mediaon worksheet

  • Data Processing at INIS

    Registration and Processing of input data INIS Data Processing System = IDPS Quality Control (online) Bibliographic Indexing NCL Fulltext inconsistencies, errors, verification of data validation of full text

  • 1-Week Processing Cycle

    Correct records (successfully passed checking programs)

    Ready to create the new update of the INIS Database

  • Pending Records due to ... Errors Bibliographic Indexing Missing and/or incomplete data, full text,

    National Centre contacted for clarification Leads to Processing delays Impacts the timeliness of database

  • The INIS RecordINIS Record: Unit of information containing the description of the piece of literatureprovided by the National INIS Centre Consists of: Header Bibliographic description Subject descriptorsAbstract in English

  • Concept of Literature in INISDistinction between:

    Conventional literature Non-Conventional literature

  • Conventional Literature Literature that is commercially available through normal distribution channels, i.e. booksellersmagazine tradespublishing houses

    eg: books, journals

  • Non-Conventional Literature (NCL) Literature that is not available through normal commercial channels (grey literature) produced in print and/or electronic format disseminated in limited numbers appears before/without formal publication process difficult to locate available from issuing organization or a clearinghouse (eg. INIS Clearinghouse)

  • Non-Conventional Literature (NCL)Examples:scientific and technical reports (incl. pre-prints, research, progress, advanced, final, annual reports) conference proceedings/programs (non-commercially published)theses & dissertationstechnical specifications & standards government reports and documentsbibliographiesBrochures, pamphlets, etc.

  • Types of Records in INIS

    B: Books J: Journal Articles I: Miscellaneous (Conferences, Thesis, etc.) R: Reports P: Patents F: Audiovisual Material T: Computer Medium

  • Literary IndicatorsENo abstract PreparedKConferenceNNumerical DataQLegislative MaterialTTranslationUThesisVComputer Program DescriptionWStandard/SpecificationXNCL - Not Available from INIS YProgress ReportZBibliography

  • Main Data ElementsAuthor (+ Affiliation and/or Corporate Organization)Title (English + Original language)Identification Numbers (eg. Report No., ISBN, ISSN)Date of PublicationPhysical Description (no. of Pages, Size)LanguageDescriptorsSubject Classification codesAbstract

  • First steps to input preparationDecisions required: In INIS scope? Conventional / Non-Conventional? What Type of Record? Which Bibliographic Levels? Lead Record? Literary Indicators? Need to assign a Report Number? Conference data? Full-text available? Hardcopy scanSoftcopy download/upload?

  • A publication can contain: several individual chapters parts written by different authors different subjects

    In addition to the individually described chapters, a monographic record (M level) has to be prepared to descripe the complete publication. The record that describes the publication as a whole is called a Lead RecordLead Record

  • When the publication consists of individual chapters, parts, etc., prepare:

    a lead record for the complete publication analytic records for the individual chapters, parts, etc.Lead Record

  • Attn:do not prepare a Lead Record for journal articlesfields that are specific to each analytic record that is being described: subject category codeauthor(s)title, size, date of article, notes, etc..descriptors abstractLead Record

  • INIS Input Preparation SoftwareFIBRE: Friendly Inputting of Bibliographic Records thorough checking of records ensure consistency of records rapid processing at INIS

    1) High Quality2) Comprehensive: FULL COVERAGE on-going efforts electronic purchase of missing references voluntary contributions (Nevyjel)3) Timeliness: as early as possible4) Consistent data: cataloguing = systematic process: rules to strictly follow5) Retrievable: accuracy essential researcher finds relevant publ.s in INIS6) NCL fulltext available from INIS


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