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<ul><li><p>infographic5sWHAT IS 5S</p><p>5S is a system to reduce waste that optimises productivity and quality by maintaining an orderly workplace. 5S forms a solid foundation upon which many organisations base their drive for CI. ?</p><p>The company that can do well with 5S can also do well with all the other </p><p>practices. The company that cannot even implement basic 5S will not be able to </p><p>do any of the other things required of a competitive organisation.</p><p> Takashi Osada, Five Keys to a Total Quality Environment</p><p>Improved quality</p><p>Reduced costs</p><p>Increased safety</p><p>Increased factory up-time</p><p>Enhanced customer confidence</p><p>Reduced repair costs</p><p>6BENEFITS OF 5S</p><p>critical elements that drive 5S3 Teamwork Establish a cross-functional team to drive the initiative1Brainstorming Brainstorm ways to reduce waste and improve performance through workplace organisation3</p><p>Gemba walks Walk all areas associated with the manufacturing process under review2</p><p>How to sustain 5S with a staged implementation approach</p><p>The secret to sustaining 5S for the long term is execution. 5S is not a list of linear activities its a dynamic process of continual evaluation and standardisation.</p><p>Download How To Guide: Sustaining 5S for CI Success for a comprehensive look at the tips, tools and techniques you need to make 5S second nature in your organisation. </p><p></p><p>HOW TO MAKE 5S STICK</p><p>3. Waste of correction </p><p> e.g. defective parts </p><p>were not separated </p><p>properly and were used </p><p>by mistake.</p><p>4. Waste caused by </p><p>too much inventory </p><p>resulting in unsafe </p><p>conditions e.g. </p><p>boxes of supplies </p><p>are left in a walkway </p><p>causing someone to </p><p>trip and get injured.</p><p>1. Waste of motion </p><p>e.g. the person sent to </p><p>get a part or tool could </p><p>not find it.</p><p>2. Waiting waste e.g. </p><p>no one can find the key </p><p>to the locked cabinet </p><p>that contains needed </p><p>tools.</p><p>4wastes you need to eliminate to safeguard your 5S future stateThe </p><p>THE TERM 5S REFERS TO FIVE STEPS:</p><p>1S2S</p><p>3S4S</p><p>5S</p><p>Sort</p><p>Shine</p><p>Set in order</p><p>Standardise</p><p>Sustain</p><p>This state can be achieved by implementing the 5S elements in a staged approach, i.e. 1S-4S-5S, followed by 2S-4S-5S, and finally 3S-4S-5S, to help embed a sustained 5S implementation. </p><p>5S is about:</p><p>SORT</p><p>SHINE</p><p>SET IN ORDER</p><p>SUSTAIN</p><p>STANDARDISE</p><p>Taking ownership of an area or process</p><p>The freedom and autonomy to </p><p>improve</p><p>Taking pride in an orderly workplace</p><p>The ability to control outcomes</p></li></ul>