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infographic5sWHAT IS 5S5S is a system to reduce waste that optimises productivity and quality by maintaining an orderly workplace. 5S forms a solid foundation upon which many organisations base their drive for CI. ?The company that can do well with 5S can also do well with all the other practices. The company that cannot even implement basic 5S will not be able to do any of the other things required of a competitive organisation. Takashi Osada, Five Keys to a Total Quality EnvironmentImproved qualityReduced costsIncreased safetyIncreased factory up-timeEnhanced customer confidenceReduced repair costs6BENEFITS OF 5Scritical elements that drive 5S3 Teamwork Establish a cross-functional team to drive the initiative1Brainstorming Brainstorm ways to reduce waste and improve performance through workplace organisation3Gemba walks Walk all areas associated with the manufacturing process under review2How to sustain 5S with a staged implementation approachThe secret to sustaining 5S for the long term is execution. 5S is not a list of linear activities its a dynamic process of continual evaluation and standardisation.Download How To Guide: Sustaining 5S for CI Success for a comprehensive look at the tips, tools and techniques you need to make 5S second nature in your organisation. TO MAKE 5S STICK3. Waste of correction e.g. defective parts were not separated properly and were used by mistake.4. Waste caused by too much inventory resulting in unsafe conditions e.g. boxes of supplies are left in a walkway causing someone to trip and get injured.1. Waste of motion e.g. the person sent to get a part or tool could not find it.2. Waiting waste e.g. no one can find the key to the locked cabinet that contains needed tools.4wastes you need to eliminate to safeguard your 5S future stateThe THE TERM 5S REFERS TO FIVE STEPS:1S2S3S4S5SSortShineSet in orderStandardiseSustainThis state can be achieved by implementing the 5S elements in a staged approach, i.e. 1S-4S-5S, followed by 2S-4S-5S, and finally 3S-4S-5S, to help embed a sustained 5S implementation. 5S is about:SORTSHINESET IN ORDERSUSTAINSTANDARDISETaking ownership of an area or processThe freedom and autonomy to improveTaking pride in an orderly workplaceThe ability to control outcomes