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Whether you are the leader of your organization, a parent, a teacher, or a team player -- you must be able to establish trust through see-through and mouse trap stories before you gain permission to share your vision and move it forward.


  • 1. If your listeners are comfortable with who you are and why you are here, then they are ready to listen to what you think is in it for them [the vision]. Annette Simmons, The Story Factor

2. A VISION STORY illustrates for your audience Whats in it for THEM. 3. But Before you can lead, you must have a succinct VISION STATEMENT that guides YOU daily. 4. What story can best illustrate it? Exercise: Write your personal vision statement. 5. Lessons from leaders who make Vision STICK? 6. 1 State your vision simply. 1 + 1 = 2 7. 2 Cast the Vision Convincingly. Defining the Problem Offering a Solution Explaining why and why now 8. 3 Repeat It Regularly. 9. 4 Celebrate It Continually. 10. 5 Embrace It Everywhere. 11. DONT FORGET 12. Vision leaks! Make sure vision sticksDAILY. 13. Take the time to find a STORY OF YOUR VISION paint a picture that people can see. . 14. Inspired by the brilliant ideas of Andy Stanley: Making Vision Stick & Annette Simmons: The Story Factor