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  • 1. Frankie Painter & Margaret Sheridan

2. Write down one goal you have made this year that relates tonutrition, exercise or a lifestyle habitORif you havent made a goal this year, write down one youvemade in the past that you did NOT succeed in meeting 3. Specific instead of I want to be healthier say I want to lose 20 lbs bythe end of August Reduce the amount of added sugar inmy diet by not eating dessert eachday Measurable how do those pants fit?; chart 4. Attainable to take brisk walks around my neighborhood 3 days per week Reduce the amount of added sugar inmy diet by eating dessert only 4days/wk Realistic/relevant dont train for a marathon if youve never run a 5k 5. Timely have specific deadlines; short term & long term Short term by the end of Feb, eatingdessert only 4 days/wk Long term by the end of May, eatingdessert only twice per week 6. Make changes that become a part of your life notones that last only long enough to reach your goal Diets dont work for this reason Choose one small thing to change work on it untilit becomes a habit then choose something else Find support family, spouse, co-workers, friends 7. Reward yourself when you reach your goal! Explore new options until you find something you like (groupclasses instead of exercising alone) Do a scaled down version of the real thing so you dosomething instead of nothing (allow yourself to walk instead ofrun) 8. NO!YES!Think of your sandwich as a saladbetween 2 pieces of bread 9. 30 minutes too much? exercise in 3 ten-minute segments Move more! Dont put away your gear visual cues are a wake-up call Invest in more workout clothes having the right clothes removesthe hurdle and reinforces your identity as an exerciser. Log your workouts online or use a journal accountabilityFacebook, DailyMile, Spark People Involve your causes Make friends with class regulars social fix + physical activity Create an exercise contest Biggest Loser; office wars! 10. Stand up to take phone calls Swap your chair for a stability ball Have walk and talk meetings Stairs! Use the restroom farthest away and drink lots of water soyoull have to walk there more often Send your documents to a printer on another floor or on theother side of the office Create a screen saver that reminds you to stand up and stretch Pace! 11. Womens Health MagazineWomen who sit for more than 6 hours a day have a roughly 40%higher risk of dying from any cause, regardless of their fitnesslevel, versus those who sit for fewer than 3 hours.2011 study found that every hour of TV you watch after age 25shaves 22 minutes off your life span. 12. An effective program is one towhich the client adheres. Questions?