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<ol><li> 1. Make your Message Stick! 1. Simplicity 2. Unexpectedness 3. Concreteness 4. Credibility 5. Emotions 6. Stories </li><li> 2. #1 Keep it Simple Find the core Dont bury the lead! Use the inverted pyramid </li><li> 3. #2 The Power of the Unexpected Whats unusual about the message? Break the guessing machine Share the rebuilt message </li><li> 4. #3 Be Concrete (v. Conceptual) Concrete ideas are easy to remember. Curse of Knowledge: The main difference between an expert and novice is that the expert is able to see things abstractly. </li><li> 5. #4 Make it Credible Use Details &amp; Statistics! </li><li> 6. #5 Emotional Content Self-Interest = Make it about them </li><li> 7. #6 Tell your Story Stories encourage an internal reenactment on the part of the listener which burns the idea into their mind. </li></ol>